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Ralin smirked; both at the youth’s brashness and at her assumption that he or Ma’ryk needed ‘help.’  He couldn’t question her bravery, though; her’s or the Trando’s.  They had stood up to some intense fire, for no reason other then to assist him................even if it wasn’t asked for OR needed he thought to himself.

Thinking the situation over for a moment, Ralin switched his comm back on.  “I don’t know you, and therefore don’t trust you...............yet.  I respect the bravery and honor you both showed in battle, and accept you into our team.  My vod and myself have a waiting contract with Skywalker, and I invite you to join in it.”  Ralin kept his voice even and icy cold.  “But it is with the clear understanding that you both are subordinate to myself and Ma’ryk.  It is OUR contract, and you have been invited in it.  If this is acceptable, I welcome you.  If not, then be on your way.”

“What say you?”

"You set a code to live by.  I won't be wronged, I won't be insulted...I won't be laid a hand on.  I don't do these things to other men, and I require the same from them."

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Dussk tought it would be smart to accept the offer. He oppend a channel to Cabur. "His offer is good. I would rather have these two as allies then enimies. But, it is not my choice."

(sorry for the shortness, gota run.)

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"You're late, Auurin." A scruffy looking old Corellian said as Solus disembarked from the Allegiance. "And what the frell is that thing?"

Solus Auurin couldn't help smiling behind his t-visored helmet. He glanced behind him at his new pride and joy.

"Recent accquisition of mine."

"The Ascendency let you keep it?" Rolus asked.

"The Ascendency, no. You know how Thrawn is, though."

Gil Rolus let loose a hearty laugh, "Yup, sounds like our Thrawn. Guys been doing that to them as long as I've known him. You know that's a long time." Solus smiled. He knew that Rolus and he were two of only a small handful, maybe the only two, non- Chiss who ever knew Thrawn that intimately. He also knew that Rolus was only an alias.

"So, I hear you're setting me up with the Alliance contract." Solus said.

"Yup, and they've got a job for you already." Gil Rolus smiled.

"Okay, what is it?" Solus asked.

"Extraction. The Alliance got word of a Peacekeeper strike against KDY." Gil went serious instantly, his face was all business.

"I thought the Imps already had KDY."

"The Imps did. The New Imperial Order is trying to reclaim the yards shortly after Kuat declared themselves independant again. But that's's your target." Gil Rolus handed him a datapad.

Solus Auurin looked at it, and smiled, "Piece of cake."

Gil Rolus gave him a look of warning, "Don't underestimate Kuat of Kuat. He hasn't survived as head of KDY this long by being an easy target. Be careful."

"Thanks, Gil." With that said, Solus Aurrin stepped back into the cockpit of The Allegiance and set out for the Kuat Drive Yards, mission in hand.

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_____________________________________________________________________________________________PEACEKEEPER FLEET LED BY CAPTAIN SAIR YONKA OF THE STAR DESTROYER AVARICE, PLANET KUAT.

Captain Yonka surveyed the battle out in space around Kuat. His Predator-Class starfighters were making quick work of KDY's defense forces. He'd expected more from them. He couldn't help feeling that something was missing, though. Skywalker's agents had yet to clearly inform him of their intention to leave. Apparently they were flying alongside another pair of ships amid the chaos of battle. He knew it wouldn't be long before they'd be forced into the fight themselves. He knew they had been given a small window of opportunity to reach their contact for whatever data exchange had transpired, but the success of this battle depended on swift surprise. Their delay was costing him precious time. Time that KDY was using to amass their own-

"Captain, KDY has mobilized their fleet on the farside of the planet. Starfighters moving in on our Interdictors."

Captain Yonka swore. "Mobilize to intercept. Those Interdictors must hold".

This was going to get ugly fast.

"Kom'rk tsad droten troch nyn ures adenn, Dha Werda Verda a'den tratu."

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Cabur thought over the offer, and Dussk's own words.  The offer was good, and it would definitely help her to get more experience with other hunters.

She opened the comm link, "My partner and I accept your offer, and your authority.  We wait for your lead now," she finished.  She wondered fleetingly how much trouble she was getting herself into, but let the thought pass.

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Dussk almost laughed at how the Mandalorian refered to him, though he could not think of a better way to classify himself. He continued to watch the stars spin outside his ship, and wondered what he would have said if he had been told he would owe a mandalorian a life-debt.


Tho'un stepped into the ruined achives and felt the history of the place, the darkness that was held here due to Lord Vader and his legion's deeds here. He wondered how mere soldiers could bring the seemingly invincible jedi of old to their knees. In the old times they were heros, mighty warriors that stood for peace and justice. <<It seems times have changed.>> Tho'un said, his translator disengaged.


Xan sepped through the streets, enjoying himself immensly.  There was somehting about the city that made him want to shut down his logic core, and sprint around wildly, Or go on a killing spree he thought. In the distance he thought he saw the man he had fought, there was a wookie and a girl with him. Odd.

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          I walk into Ro's shop. He sells weapons and poisons.  I walk up to the counter.
     "Got anything that can capture a jedi?"  I ask.
  "Well i'd advise hitting him with a stun bolt but other than that not much. I do have something that would knock him out long enough to get him where ever you want to get him to." He reaches under the counter and pulls out a vial. "I also have something to stop his force powers." he pulls out another vial."The first one would kill but it won't kill him because of his jedi poison resistance technicques. The other one will make it extremely hard to concentrate so he won't be able to use the force." he says.
"I'll take it" I pull out some credits and put them on the table. He takes them and hands me the vials. "Now where is Rom?"
"Wanna find that jedi do you? ROM RAEO WANTS SOME INFORMATION!!!!!!!!!!!!" he yells.
A door behind him opens up and Rom walks out. If anyone knows where this Aegob is it's Rom.
  "What do you need?" he asks.
  "I want to know where the ship The Savior is." I say, put some credits on the table, and he takes them.
He pulls out a comlink, calls someone, talks into it, and someone talks back.
"He's on Gala. It's docked in the capital city of Galu."
"Thanks." I say and go back to the Silent Killer.
R8 and I take off and jump to hyperspace, heading to Gala.

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Shiv stood with Kirah at his side.  He watched as Tanis left.  Turning he saw an odd sight.  It was a magna-guard.  In fact it was the same one that had attacked the base. 

<Don't look now Kirah.  But someone is tailing us.>


<The same droid that attacked us at the base.  I suggest we keep walking.  It's best to stay in the crowds.  I don't know how well it would be received if I drew a lightsaber.>

Shiv and Kirah continued down the bustling streets of Coruscant.

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Xan followed them, he didnt mind having a bit of a fight with the wookie, Skywalker might appreciate more prisoners. Xan pulled the staff from his back and activated it, the civilians around him turning and running. He sprinted and leapt at the wookie, who quickly moved and pushed the girl away.

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(For reference Shiv focused on Form Djem So, so it is his most prominent as he uses his strength, but he has dabbled in Form III.)

Shiv brought his lightsaber up to meet the staff a hair breadths away from his head.  He shoved the weapon back and came at the Magnaguard.  The magnaguard deflected those and switched to the offensive.  Shiv backed up against the wall defending both sides.  Realizing his err, Shiv finally gave himself to the Force.  Using his wookiee strength he managed to beat the magnaguard back.  But the magnaguard played it smart.  It found an opening and gave Shiv a nasty shock.  Shiv grunted, the only reason he managed to stay up was because of him being a wookiee.  He used the Force to Push the magnaguard across the street.  Shiv following his Djem So training he charged after the magnaguard lightsaber twirling.

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Xan blocked a strike. The wookiee was skilled, it atacked again and again, forcing Xan to defend. Xan found himself in another lock with the wookiee, and borught his knee up. Hard. The wookiee almost doubled over, slightly stunned, and Xan sup, brining on side of his elsectrostaff up to smack the wookiee in the side of the head. The wookiee raised his saber, blocking the strike, but what was important was that Xan was on the offensive now.

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Shiv waws stumbling back.  Form V wasn't quite working.  He switch to Form III and began clumsily blocking attacks.  He Force pushed the magnaguard away but it twisted in midair and was on it's feet when he hit the ground.  It gave Shiv no time to switch to the offensive and he was beat back.  The magnaguard was coming in strike after strike and Shiv could only managed to beat them away.  Finally Shiv decided to make the switch.  He came at the magnaguard with a vicious overhead slash but he ducked it and smashed Shiv on the side then brought it down on Shiv's head knocking him out.  The magnaguard was about to deliver the killing blow when a cry broke his focus.

"Shiv!"  Kirah had a blaster pistol in her hand.  She fired two shots.  One hit the robot's leg and the other missed.  He was at slapping her with the electrostaff before she could fire another shot.  If the magnaguard had emotions he would be pleased.

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Xan grabbed the unconcious girl, she must have been the Kirah that Tho'un had mentioned. He hauled her off, he coulden't take the wookie with him. Soon enough he got to the more crowded area, and he was reciveing odd stares. "Peacekeeper buisines, stand aside." He eventualy managed to get a shuttle, and headed to the Overlords Shadow.

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The smell was, as predicted, unbearable.

Tanis breathed through the lining of his robes yet to no avail. The stench was sickening. After a journey through the disgusting sewers and a few skirmishes with various hideous creatures, Tanis had come upon the ladder leading upward that he assumed would lead to the basement level under the Jedi Temple.

His predictions had proved correct. As he climbed up the slimy ladder and lifted the rusty lid a burst of fresh air exploded into his lungs and Tanis breathed deeply. He hoisted himself up and closed the lid to stop the smell from penetrating any further into the hallowed temple.

Tanis looked around at the basement he had just entered. It was a giant warehouse of crates and supplies. Yet anything vital or valuable was pilfered long ago. He could see relatively well from the light coming through the staircase at the other end of the basement. He headed there and rose upward, and into the ruined temple of his brethren.

As Tanis came into the light, he saw that its source was from the many windows and open alcoves that released Coruscant's light through the temple. It was beautiful, even still in its unkept and decrepid state. It must have been quite the sight to behold as hundreds of great and noble Jedi passed through these halls once.

Yet, amidst the flawed beauty, there was a great sense of sadness and despair. The matter by which this temple was taken...was horrible. Betrayl and murder had run rampant in these halls and corridors during the last moments of the Jedi Temple...and it had left ints mark.

Scorches from blaster fire and lightsaber cuts peppered the hallways. Shattered glass, plaster and decorations littered the floors. An unnatural chill wind wafted through the holes in the walls and craters in the floors. The manner by which Darth Vader had taken the temple had scarred it deeply.

Tanis felt an unbearable chill slowly creep through his spine. A distant scream echoed from a hallway to his left as he walked through the temple. He looked down the corridor, yet it only led to darkness, as there were no windows or holes to allow light to seep through. Tanis did not call out, for he felt no presence down the hallway...only death.

Tanis continued and finally came to the great hall. A pale light illuminated much of the hall, yet it was still shrouded in darkness. Amidst the random cries and voices, his footsteps burst through the empty great hall. Tanis wanted to go to the top floors, yet the turbolifts were in disuse. He turned to the grand stairs and prepared for the long trek upward, yet was greeted by a ghastly sight.

The dark form of a figure in a cloak stood in the center of the staircase. His red eyes the only visible feature through the unnatural darkness.

"Vader..." Tanis whispered so quietly, he barely heard it himself. The ghostly image of Darth Vader sank into the darkness and disappeared as Tanis walked up the first steps of the staircase. His red eyes never leaving Tanis' as he disappeared. Tanis continued passed the faded Force ghost up the staircase and into the darkness of the Jedi Temple beyond...

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I bring the silent killer over the hangars and in one I see a deepwater class light freighter. I land her next to it. I go outside and hide in the shadow of the wall.
R4 and I are in the lounge. We had just finished a game of dejarik. I sense a freightor land and someone come out and hide.  I sensethe person has a agressive intent but not agresive to kill me enough to attack but not to kill. I get up and move toward the direction of the landing ramp. R4 moves halfway to me.
"What is it?" he asks.
"A visitor and I sense he wants to attack. I'll handle it." I reply.
I go to the landing ramp and out it. I don't turn toward where I know the attacker is. I sense a warning through the force and lean forward. A bolt barely  misses my head.  I look at my attacker. It's a Mandalorian with two westar pistols. He fires again and keeps up a steady stream of fire. I reach out to the force and use it to deflect every bolt he fires. After a while he switchs one of his blasters to stun. He fires 5 bolt with one and fires a stun bolt right after the fifth. I jump away, he anticipates where i'm going to land and sends a stun bolt there. It hits me before i even touch the ground, and I falls the rest of the way. I hit the ground. Everything goes black.
"That all you got jedi? I expected more." I taunt his unconscious body.
I don't expect him to reply. I know he can't hear me.
I holster my blasters and move over to his body. I look at it in disgust. I flip him over and make him drink the poison that will keep him unconsious for a while. I then move to his ship and go into it. On my way to his cockpit I move into his lounge. There's a R2 droid standing there.
"Who are-" he trys to say and that surprise me that it can talk in basic.
It can't finish that sentence for I lunge at him. He tries to roll back but i'm to fast for him. I grab him and shut him off. I search the ship and after I don't find anyone I leave. I shut the hatch on my way out. I grab the jedis body and go back to the Silent Killer. I take away all his weapons and put them in a locker. I put his body on a bunk. I notice that he is thrashing around.
{i] Must be the poison [i] I think.
  I go into the cockpit and start my ship.
"Get his ship in the tractor beam. We'll haul her to Coruscant and maybe Ro will pay extra for her." I tell R8.
"Ok" he replies.
I bring her off the floor and when his ship is caught in the tractor beam, I bring us into space and as soon as I can I go into hyperspace heading for Coruscant.

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Tho'un felt some one here. It wasnt that hard considering how old the echoes were, they were weak, and quiet. But there was a beacon of life. Perhaps a teenager on a sort of dare? No, the temple was under lockdown. Tho'un sought it out. He wandered towards it, slowly making his way there, lightsaber in hand. He found himself in the archives, and saw a robed figure pass the doors. He rushed after it, and it turned. A woman, in the robes of a jedi. Simply an echo in the force, a manifestation of the life that once florished here. He stepped away, the feeling was still there, but weaker. He decided to go to the council chambers, where Windu and the other heads of the Order had one met, and take their power.


Kharn's head hung, watching the cold bare floor. He was restrained, his arms held back and upwards by a stasis field. He was in a large room, there was a transparisteel barrier, dividing the room in half. The door on the other side opend, and he looked up quickly. The droid stepped in, pulling someone after him. He shoved his captive, and she stumbled, tripping overherself and falling to the floor. Kharn could hear her sobbing. She was hurt, he could sense the fear and pain radiating from her dispite the countermeasures that had been instaled. Why did he feel like he knew her? After a long time she had calmed down, yet she still huddled in the corner, hiding her face. Her arms were bruised, there was a cut that looked like it was just begining to heal on her left forearm. Even later still it seemed she had fallen asleep, she was still huddled in the far corner, having not looked up to the best of Kharn's knowledge. She shifted slightly, and Kharn finally saw her face. She was Kirah. He started to yell, desperate to get her attention. Of course, she couldent hear him, the microphones on his side were disabled as of now. He could hear, but he was esentialy mute. He strained against the stasis field that held his arms and legs. Why was she here? She would have been with Tanis and Shiv. They should have stayed at the base, they should have kept her safe.

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*Sorry for the dely on this post.  My own RPG, trouble confirming my next move, and lack of time in general have been a problem.*

cloneapart wrote:

"My partner and I accept your offer, and your authority.  We wait for your lead now,"

Ralin nodded his head. She sounds young and inexperienced....................but confident in her abilities; and has proved she has skill.  She and the Trando should be useful. “Very well, then.  Follow me.”  Flipping off the comm switch, Ralin turned the Blood Hawk toward Ma’ryk’s ship.

As they closed in or Ma’ryk, Ralin could hear his vod over the comm again..............

“Peacekeeper fleet; I repeat.  Is there anything we can do to assist??”

There you go asking them that again............ Ralin grimaced.


Bridge of the Peacekeeper Star Destroyer Avarice

“Captain!” one of the communications officers yelled.  “One of Lord Skywalker’s agents is asking if they might be of assistance.” 

Captain Yonka thought for a moment. Yes................... they might be.  Would make up for their interfering with the diplomatic situation I was working on, as well. “Open a channel to them” he ordered.

“Yes sir!”

“This is Captain Yonka of the Star Destroyer Avarice.  Your offer of assistance has been received and accepted.  Your service shall be compensat......”

“Just one minute” came a voice over the comm.

Yonka hated to be interrupted..............  “WHO is this??”

”This is still Ma’ryk Panak.  Before you outline what YOU will give US, you should know that our service comes at OUR price..............not yours.  We require 70,000 credits in lump sum, half now, half on completion of the contract.”

Arrogant son-of-a............... Yonka was angery, but remembered that these were agents of Lord Skywalker.  Still, he didn’t have to take this.  “Very well.  We do NOT.............”

“Captain!” a communications officer yelled again.

“WHAT!?!” Yonka snapped. 

“High Inquisitor Starjammer is hailing us on a long distance band.”

Yonka muttered a curse under his breath.  “Standby” he said into the comm, which was still set for the agents.  “I will have instructions for you shortly.”  With a nod to his communications staff, the comm frequency was killed, and a holo image of Starjammer sitting at the controls of his vessel appeared.  “How may I assist you, High Inquisitor?”

”I am about to make my final jump into the Kuat sector.  What is the situation?” 

“Everything is under control.  Our fighters have made short work of their outer patrols, and we are preparing to engage their fleet now.”

”Excellent.  I will be there in a few hours. Tell me, are the Mandalorian agents still there?”

“Yes my Lord, but........”

”Good.  Tell them to wait for my arrival.  Lord Skywalker has authorized me to make use of their services before their first mission for him.”

“But my Lord, they are asking an OUTRAGEOUS fee!  I was about to send them on their way.”

”Captain, I have just reviewed the recorded images your forces intercepted from the Kuat security holos.  These agents are not your typical blaster-for-hire.  Pay them what they wish.  I shall arrive soon.  Starjammer out.” 

“Very well sir” Yonka said to the blank holo projector. *sigh*  “Bring them back up” he said to the comm officer


”What did you think of my offer? asked Ma’ryk over a secure comm channel.  Even over the voice link, it was obvious that he was grinning from ear to ear. 

“You had me worried for a minute, Vod.  All that ‘can we help’ talk had me wondering if you were going into charity work.  Good negotiation.  Especially the ‘half now, half on completion’ part.  I do all my contracts in that method.”

”Yeah, well, I figured since we have a contract in the bag with Skywalker, why not go for a killing here.  My share of 70,000 would be a great bonus.”

”This is Captain Yonka.  Your terms have been accepted.  Standby.  There is someone who wishes to see to your mission personally; he will arrive soon.  Details of your contract will be worked out then.

Acknowledged replied Ma’ryk. 

“Lets move in closer to the Star Destroyers while we wait.  The KDY fleet is forming up.  Don’t want to take them all on before getting paid” Ralin said to his three partners with some humor.

Flying in tight formation, the four starships moved in closer to the Peacekeeper fleet.

"You set a code to live by.  I won't be wronged, I won't be insulted...I won't be laid a hand on.  I don't do these things to other men, and I require the same from them."

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Ma'ryk couldn't help his grin.  He had had Drakus worried for a while.  ANd the look on the commander's face...ah, well, what was the point of being a deadly mercenary if you couldn't have a little bit of fun in the meantime?  He adjusted the Stingray's course, and stuck close to teh Peacekeeper fleet, hoping that their transponder codes and signatures would completely overwrite his own for enemy scanners, rendering him practically invisible.  When they moved, he would as well.  And when they finished whatever was going on, he and his vod would walk away slightly was good.  Real good.

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Cabur grinned slightly at the last of Drakus's words.  They were both in agreement now, that she and Dussk could come along with them.  She kept pace with the other ships, wondering how this mission was going to turn out. 

(sorry for shortness, I'll adjust if needed)

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Dussk watched as the Serpent's Blood turned with the other ships, due to his astromech. He put out the cigarette, and watched the other ships. He wondered how the mandalorians would react when they learned of his abilities.

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(Alright ladies and gentlemen, prepare for the first ever Interactive RPG Post. Just follow the instructions when they appear.)

The journey through the ruined temple was inspiring. Tanis was amazed that this massive complez once housed hundreds of his kind. Force users, weak and strong, all striving to uphold truth and justice through out the galaxy. Now, this ruined temple and a handful of scattered Jedi were all that remained of the noble order.

The apparitions and distant screams hadn't stopped. Around every other corner and down every other hallway a chill wind blew, and with it came the sounds of the innocents who died here as a result of Darth Vader's hate.

Tanis had finally reached the topmost level after he passed through the archives, which had nothing left. He hoped to perhaps find a holocron or some sort of information about his past brethren, yet all was destroyed. So, Tanis left the archives empty handed and headed to the topmost level.

As he cleared the stairs he came to an anti-chamber. It looked as if it was once a pleasant room desighned as a waiting area for people meeting with the council. Tanis did not admire it long and continued through the ornate doors and into the Council Chamber. Yet as his hands closed over the door handle, he felt it.

A Force presence. A strong one at that. Tanis brought out his lightsaber, yet did not ignite it. He slowly opened the doors, lightsaber in hand.

(Ok pay attention here people. Read this before you click on the link. After you click on the link, dont bother watching the video its nothin you haven't seen before. Just wait for it to load then continue reading the post...and slow...kinda. and ignore dialogue … re=related )

The doors slid open and stopped against the walls. A man in armor stood in the center of the Council Chamber, red lightsaber in hand. It was the Sith who kidnapped Kharn. Convenient...

Tanis ignited his green lightsaber and adopted a dueling stance. No words were said, none needed to be said. The armored figure Force sped at Tanis and Tanis deflected the first blow, yet the inertia almost sent him back through the door. He recovered and the armored figure continued the attack.

Tanis backed through the the Council Chamber and past the old seats where the greatest Jedi Masters once sat. The armored figure attacked furiously, as was typical with Sith's. Yet it was controlled choas, he moved with grace. Tanis started off with Niman form.

The lightsabers swirled and spun through the air and the constant buzzing echoed through the empty temple. Every time Tanis would attempt to take the offensive, the Sith would immediatly adopt a quick defensive stance and force Tanis into defense again. So, Tanis swithced to Djem So and the tide changed somewhat. It was more even.

Tanis gained an offensive and began attacking wildly, or so it seemed. He swung his lightsaber every which way and the green of his blade could be seen swirling through the air crazily. The Sith began a defensive mode to quickly block each strike as they came. He looked for an opening but Tanis wouldn't allow it.

The pair paced around the Council Chamber and the Sith gained an opprtunity to stop Tanis' onslaught. He tossed one of the counsil chairs with the force and Tanis had to stop to push the chair away with his own Force push and it fly through the chamber and slammed against a wall.

The Sith seized this moment and began his offensive again. Tanis, however, was expecting this and used Niman for a moment for defense and changed back to Djem So to gain some offensive opportunities.

Tanis attempted to stab the armored figure yet he side stepped and smacked the green blade away with his own red one. Tanis spun around quickly and blocked a side slash from the Sith and an underhanded strike afterwards. Tanis swung his lightsaber upward to decapitate his foe yet he ducked and swung at Tanis' legs.

Tanis jumped as the red blade passed under his legs. They came face to face once more and Tanis Force pushed the Sith and he flew backward while doing a back flip. He landed on his knee and raised himself up and Tanis flew downward with a powerful overhand strike. The Sith blocked the strike just in time and Force pushed Tanis as well.

Tanis flew backward yet cushioned his fall with the Force and landed on his feet. The Sith, however, was in his face in a split second and Tanis adopted Djem So once more.

The Sith went for a high strike and Tanis block it and swung his lightsaber under the Sith's guard quickly with an attempt to cut him in half yet the Sith recoiled and kicked Tanis in the chest. Tanis staggered a few steps back yet gained his footing as the Sith charged him and they locked sabers. The blades fluctuated and the electrical hum of the lightsabers buzzed loudly. Tanis clenched his teeth and stared into the faceless helmet that covered his foes face.

(To be continued)

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((WOW!  Hands down the best post I have ever seen.  What an amazing soundtrack.  The timing was eerie.  When you fisrst had him Pushed against the wall you hear a grunt.  Pure genius Val.  Wow.  That gets me pumped.  That post should go down in BFFC history!))

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Tho'un brought his blade down and swung at the Jedi. The Jedi ducked, and Tho'un's blade hit the transparisteel window, causing the glass to shatter. The Jedi swung at Tho'un's legs and he quickly changed the angle of his lightsaber, and blocked the strike.

Tho'un struck at the Jedi, the quick strike sending the Jedi's blade up and away. The blade died as it left the Jedi's hand and it hit the durasteel partition in between the windows. The jedi tripped over something and fell to the ground.  Tho'un stood over the helpless Jedi, lightsaber held in a reverse grip, the blade pointing downward. He slammed the blade down, but the Jedi rolled and jumped to his feet pulling his lightsaber to him with the force, and igniting  the blade. 

"Impressive, most impressive."

The Jedi launched himself at Tho'un striking with quick powerful blows. Tho'un suddenly found himself on the defensive blocking the quick strong strikes sent at him by the Jedi. The Jedi lunged, and, seizing his opening Tho'un sidestepped and spun, bringing his blade around at the Jedi's open side. The Jedi angled his saber downward as he spun, their lightsabers meeting with a crackle of energy. Tho'un pushed the Jedi back, but the Jedi managed to plant his feet on one of the partitions and kick off, using the force to launch himself at Tho'un.

Tho'un sidestepped and raised his saber, using the momentum from the impact of the Jedi's strike to spin himself around and rush at the Jedi. He raised his saber and brought it down, the Jedi locking sabers with Tho'un once again.

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Shiv lazily woke up.  And Kirah was gone.  That was twice he'd been humiliated.  There was just some annoying kids poking him.

"Look mommy!  A teddy bear!  And he's big."  The kid kicked Shiv who bared his teeth.  The kid went screaming to his mother who ran away in fear.  Shiv summoned his lightsaber to his hand and clipped it on his belt.  He opened his mind and felt Tanis.  And he was furiously fighting for his life.  Shiv tried to pinpoint the location.  The Jedi Temple.  Shiv had spent a lot of his younger days wandering the halls.  He made his way to the undercity.  One creeper came around the corner and pulled out a blaster but turn tail and ran when Shiv let out a roar.  Using the Force to augment his speed he sprinted off in the direction from the temple.  So much hurt and pain was left here.  Shiv slowed and made his way up the steps.  Dead silence.  Some of his friends had died here.

And then Shiv heard it.  Clashing of lighsabers.  Tanis was here.  Shiv made his way into the temple following the Force Presense of Tanis and the other evil being.

[i]Like I told your captain, the orphange attacked me.  It was self-defense.[/i]  -Richard the Warlock  [url][/url]

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Tho'un spun around the Jedi, attempting to cut him in two. The Jedi expertly blocked the strike, and pushed himself off. Tho'un easily jumped over the slash, and kicked the Jedi back. The Jedi flew back through the door. But the door hadn't been open before.

There was a roar. A wookiee barreled through the door, lightsaber in its hand, it attacked fiercely, but without a style. Tho'un easily blocked its strikes spinning inside it's guard and slamming his elbow into it's face three times.

The Jedi had apparently dived over them, and landed in front of them Saber ready. Tho'un blocked a strike, moving around  him.  The wookiee and Jedi attacked at the same time, but the wookiee was not trained in lightsaber combat well, and his attack faltered leaving the Jedi open for attack. Tho'un used this advantage, slashing at the Jedi's side. The Jedi dodged the strike but did not avoid it completely. The blood red blade of Tho'un's saber cut through the Jedi's robes, but did no significant damage to the man underneath.

The wookiee struck again, and the Jedi disarmed Tho'un and pushed him back, through the broken window. Tho'un grabbed the ledge. Pulling himself up with the force he launched himself over the two, landing behind them and pulling his lightsaber to his hand, the red blade jumping from the hilt.

[i]The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed[/i]
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Age: 21
Species: Rodian
Occupation: Smuggler
Loyalties: To himself, and the people he smuggles for, as long as and
until he's paid for the job.
Armor: Blast vest
Appearance: 4'6" Blue skin, spacers
Personality: Excited about life as a smuggler, Ano'rkh went all out and
borrowed massive amounts of money from Jabba the Hutt to outfit his
ship just like his idol, Han Solo. After the modifications were done, it
seemed like Ano'rkh would spend the rest of his life working off his
debts to the greedy Hutt crimelord. Then it happened, Jabba was killed
shortly after the arrival of the infamous Han Solo himself, encased in
carbonite. At that point, Ano'rkh knew he was free and set off as an
independant smuggler. Then as he was running a cargo of weapons to an
unknown client, his ship was captured by a Peacekeeper fleet. He thought he
was done for, doomed to spend the next twenty years on some
force-forsaken penal colony. Fortune smiled on him when he was given the chance to
make a deal. He agreed, making his way to Kuat City to deliver a
simple datapad to two Mandalorian mercenaries. As we all know by now, it
wan't that simple...
Ship: THE ONE SURE SHOT Heavily Modified YT-2400 (but all black)
Manufacturer Corellian Engineering Corporation
Product line YT series
YT-2400 light freighter
Class Light freighter
3,500,000 credits (new)
1,500,000 credits (used)
Technical specifications Length
22 meters
26.7 meters
Maximum acceleration
2,860 G
Maximum speed (atmosphere)
1,000 km/h
Engine unit(s): Girodyne SRB42 sublight engines (heavily modified) (3)
Hyperdrive rating
Class 0.75
Backup Class 12
Hyperdrive system: Isu-Sim SSP05 hyperdrive generator (heavily
Power plant
Quadex power core
Incom N2I-4 power converter
Koensayr TLB power converter
CEC emergency power generator
Cryogenic reserve power cells 
Shielding: Power-boosted shield generators (248 SBD)
Torplex fore deflector shield generator 
Novaldex stasis-type shield generator (port and starboard projectors)
Kuat Drive Yards aft deflector shield generator
Nordoxicon-38 anti-concussion field generator
Navigational deflector system
Hull : Reinforced titanium armor (102 RU), painted anodized black for
added stealth.
Siep-Irol passive sensor antenna
Sienar Fleet Systems active sensor pulse generator

Sensor systems: Military-grade sensor system
Main computer: Hanx-Wargel SuperFlow IV rebuilt with 3 droid brains
Targeting systems: Sienar Fleet Systems combat computer
Navigation system: Microaxial HyD modular navigation computer 
Enhanced sensor countermeasure package
Imperial sensor stealth coating
Dymek heavy dual laser cannon turrets (2)
Concealed BlasTech Ax-108 "Ground Buzzer" surface-defense blaster
cannon  (1.50 meter effective range)
Concussion missile tubes (2)
Standard load: 3 missiles each
Pilot (1)
Co-pilot (1)
Gunners (2)
Minimum crew
Cargo capacity
70 metric tons
2 months
Other systems
Escape pod (1)

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