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Surely with the launch of the new boards we should have a new RPG, I'll get the ball rolling...

Luxury ship, the Promised Jewel, has been lost to space for 20 years. It has only been spotted twice since it's disappearance and those who have claimed to have seen it have been unable to capture it. It is rumoured to be at the edge of the galaxy, drifting closest to Tatooine.

Many seek the Promised Jewel as it contained the riches of a banished Falleen aristocrat, Tulk Ettin. At this moment Jabba the Hutt is recruiting those he thinks suitable to find the ship and bring it to him untouched. The reward is one million credits.

The Rules:

1. You may create any character you want. But please have some variety and clarify their name and species so others can follow their actions easily.

2. You can kill characters you create but you can't kill other people's characters unless they say they have been killed in battle with you. However you can wound them...

3. You can have any weapon you want but you can only have what your character could physically carry - otherwise they wouldn't be able to move.

4. Be consistent, eg if someone says they blew up a building, don't suddenly be assaulting it.

5. If you have sustained many wounds you will have to either get medical help or eventually die.

6. Follow the storyline, sure add a few twists and turns but allow others to see where you want to go so they can help you get there.

7. Have fun.


Lula Trask was sure to don her armour and helmet before entering Jabba the Hutt's palace, she wasn't stupid enough to show her pretty face before the fat slug. She knew the Hutt's tastes towards beauty and how those who possessed it ended up as Rancor food or worse.

Lula adjusted the bronzed coloured armour, the mirrored face plate hung almost to her chest concealing her neck as well as her face. She wasn't about to let her green skin show through. She had an advantage on this hunt, being Falleen. She knew the history of the Promised Jewel and that was information she wasn't about to share.

As she walked to the large door, it opened freely. Obviously Jabba had the robotic eye-stalk programmed to let her in no fuss, for a change. Jabba's Twi-lek majordomo greeted her in his snivelling manner and directed her to the main chamber, she made sure she wasn't standing on the trap door in front of the slug's throne.

She eyed the inhabitants within. There was the usual scum that followed power as well as those who suffered bloodlust as badly as Jabba. It didn't particularly surprise her to see a line up of other hunters. But the absence of Boba Fett was a little unnerving.

Lula found an appropriate place to wait, the fat one was not on his throne. Apparently there were others to come.

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Re: New Boards, New RPG! - The Promised Jewel

Cato was standing up in a crowd inside Jabba's palace. Aliens all over the galaxy were around, some getting drunk, others just hanging out. And still, there were others who had come for the same reason he had. To gain the details on this bounty. He had been there for a while... He didn't know the exact time, but he could estimate it had been around an hour.

This is a waste of my time... But this gem's value probably makes up for that...

Cato was a Chiss. Chiss were identified by their pale blue skin and glowing rred eyes. His parents had been exiled from their homeworld which was in the outer regions. Soon after he was born, his parents had been killed. He grew up in a neutral society being silent, watching and learning, waiting for oppurtunities. Though he hadn't been raised by Chiss, he still gained their attributes. He was cold and keniving, planning three steps ahead. It was all like a game of holo chess in his mind.

Cato wasn't a very old Chiss. He was only 26. (Using the basic Coruscanti year.) He wore a white shirt and black pants, and he wore a red jacket over that. He carried a few weapons, but not so many that they would way him down too much. You really only need one weapon to go into battle with. But he still needed the essentials. He had a vibro blade and a blaster pistol hanging from his belt. He also carried a rifle in his ship incase he needed it.

Speaking of his ship, it was a Corellan YT-2400 class. He tried to make it as efficient as possible, but not at the expense of the inside decorations. The ship was where he lived. He wouldn't want to live in a cargo hold without even a bed. He had chairs, and colors, and artwork all about the inside. He enjoyed studying even the most miniscule detail in a peice of artwork.

Cato realized he was only breathing out of his mouth. The place smelled horrible. It was probably the mix of drinks from all over the galaxy, the smell of smoking death sticks, the rotten creatures around him, or all of the above... Even breathing out of his mouth was hard.

I hope that Hutt decides to start this thing soon...

He then realized he was worrying, he was torturing himself...

No, I shouldn't think like that. The Hutt will decide to start it when he does. In the meantime I should find something to do that could help the future mission.

He looked into the crowd. A normal sentient being would have trouble concetrating on just one person here. Cato had that advantage over them... He looked around to find someone that looked like a bounty hunter... That wasn't very hard of course. Bounty Hunters from all over the galaxy were here to participate in this hunt. So, Cato studied them...

He saw a Gand, a Rodian, a large man in armor, there were so many others as well. He studied each with careful intuition, mentally trying to forget the horrible smells and anticipation of the Hutt. Studying his opponets would allow him to predict his opponet's moves...

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And just what are you gawking at? Mikel thought to himself as he observed an open mouthed Chiss surveying the room.

While it was a fact that Mikel was indeed a large man, he wasn't overly concerned by it. Years of drunken debauchery in Jabbas Palace had turned his once athletic figure into the state that it was today, but he had never lost his touch with the blaster that was always strapped to his portly thigh.

Being a human in an alien world certainly made it hard to blend into the background, but that had never been Mikels way. Hiding in plain sight was a skill that he had managed to perfect over the years, and those who were looking for him soon found the business end of his blaster. While some enemies may have gotten a glancing shot off before they were despatched he always had the protection of his re-sprayed drab-green stormtrooper armor just in case. He had only been able to scavenge the shoulder and chest armor in the Dune Sea, but one of these days he would complete the set... if only he could find the remains of an equally portly trooper.

"We're wasting valuable drinking time here..." Mikel mumbled to himself. The Chiss in the red jacket had finally stopped eying him, and both turned their attention to a disturbance just outside the audience chamber...

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Re: New Boards, New RPG! - The Promised Jewel

Sitting at the gaming table just inside the entry to the audience chamber, Jin heard the distinctive sound of laser fire, felt a strange ripple in the force, and knew trouble was on the way.  He should be reaching for a blaster, or his saber, but in his hands he held an Idiot’s Array, and in that numinous part of his black soul that touched the many currents of past present and future that circulated in any one moment of time, he knew the Sabacc Switch was about to come. The two pots were enough to pay off any of his outstanding debts, with some to spare.

Jin put the trouble on hold. He could get to his weapons quick enough if need be. It was the pot that counted.  His future that mattered.  “I call.”

The dealer droid echoed his words in a mechanical grind, the players at the table got ready to show their hands, Jin got ready to rake in his fortune and save his dark arse, when all hell broke loose.

Two grubby human bodies came flying into the audience hall. One held a blast pistol and fired wildly as he sailed through free space. He careened into an assembled trio of Transdoshans, two of whom crashed back onto the drinks table occupied by a pair of nasty looking Barabels. The reptiles immediately started to mix it up in a twisted, destructive brawl, drawing the nearby guests and patron’s of Jabba’s into their frenzied orbit.

The second human skidded to a halt near Jin, catching the attention of the gamers, and the dealer droid. The human righted himself, made to aim, and was hit full front with a powerful laser blast from the armored being now standing in the arched entry.  The blast zipped through the weak, unprotected flesh, and nailed the dealer droid. Shrapnel flew in a thousand different directions and the game was forgotten for the moment as the players dived for safety.  Forgotten by all players, save one.  Jin rolled to safety, ducked and covered, but when he looked up to see the shreds of the table, the fried pot, he saw only his future dwindling into nothing.  So much for the Idiot’s Array.

While the others recovered, Jin jumped to his feet, blaster already in hand. Rage seeped in around the walls he’d worked so hard to maintain, blinding his mind to all but the most murderous of thoughts. Someone needed to die.  The one responsible for this loss had to pay.

Jin looked to the being, the one standing in the archway, a lone silhouette against the shadows and darkness of the palace corridors. Somehow, by the favor of the maker or the dumb luck of a fool, good sense beat back the fury, and clarity set in. Jin blinked, shook his head, then blinked again. He’d need to find another way to slake his blood lust, another way to score enough quick credits to pay his debts and buy some much needed anonymity.  He lowered his arm, sheathed his blaster, and shelved his baser desires for vengeance.  A prudent man didn[ords">Sharpy As seen on YouTube: [url]htt***************************s onlywelcomestranmpand tluggl.log

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Re3 New Boards, New RPG! - The Promised Jewel

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4e: New Boards, New RPG! - The Promised Jewel

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4e9 New Boards, New RPG! - The Promised Jewel

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528class="hnds, New RPG! - The Promised Jewel

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It was like thousands of voices cried out for a sequel and were suddenly silenced...

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54pic: New Boards, New RPG! he Promised Jewel

Sitting at the gaming table Ttly. rgehgaÃpodim, and both he back d identifip of othdnets inilho k enoe e has="stinbsp; ely. rgee Itul frone agin aroubaunhe Hurellaii s, thelow wthe br.dded to Chissof the 039v/p>cavenge tof laser fase.i abackttentving.tifip ied-stctlygl othmeos39;t very ha /dthe mome ind. He wse.i abund tsidefar>ebtsed a riflfir as moodplanning three steh/p>[url=][b]Please check out my message board, Star Wars Planet![/b][/url]

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    698class="hnds, New RPG! - The Promised Jewel

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    746class="hnds, New RPG! - The Promised Jewel

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    748class="hnds, New RPG! - The Promised Jewel

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    811class="hnds, New RPG! - The Promised Jewel

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    1064class="hnds, New RPG! - The Promised Jewel

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    1111class="hnds, New RPG! - The Promised Jewel

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    <1143class="hn post-ident">4 Reply by KudarMubat15 9/">Ursulat-link"> 203> <10:15 a<
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    1143class="hnds, New RPG! - The Promised Jewel

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    <1337class="hn post-ident">4 Reply by KudarMubat15 5/">BFFC-Melt-link"> 223> <3:57 a<

    1337class="hnds, New RPG! - The Promised Jewel

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    <1675class="hn post-ident">4 Reply by KudarMubat15 9/">Ursulat-link"> 233> <6:25 p<
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    1675class="hnds, New RPG! - The Promised Jewel

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    <1696class="hn post-ident">4 Reply by KudarMubat15 27/">Ba wereSheett-link"> 233> <7:18 p<

    1696class="hnds, New RPG! - The Promised Jewel

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    <1847class="hn post-ident">4 Reply by KudarMubat15 37/">SciFifn ak90t-link"> 253> <9:05 p<
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    1847class="hnds, New RPG! - The Promised Jewel

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