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Topic: Empire Rising (fan fic)

(Due to the lack of response on huntsman, im going to go ahead and do this one. This is kind of star warsy i guess, but it all takes place on one planet, where continents and islands are representing planets and moons. They use slug throwers, but they have sheilds and stuff. I hope you like it, if you do, or have any advice, or want to know anything, please tell me.)

  Jastel walked down the street of Mos Eisley. He had been born here, and, he thought, that he would probaby die here. He didnt have a ship, a sub, or even a small boat, and he didnt have the credits to get on a transport. It was the weekend, and that meant that he was going to see his brother, and his family for dinner. He had a box, with two book, and a toy, for his brother's kids. The books were for the older son, Josten, who was named for his grandfather, and the toys were for Jacen, the younger. Jastel had found some small gems near one of his vaporators, and he used the twenty credits to buy these gifts. His brother had told him they had a guest, and he looked forward to meeting her. He rounded the corner, and stopped for a second.

  His brothers house had an Imperial armored vehicle infront of it. He ran forward, and was stopped by one of the soldiers. He had heard rumors about them being clones, from some bounty hunter. He belived them. "Hey, what are you doing? Thats my brother's house!" he said.
The soldier waved him off "Move along, nothing to see here." 
"I have rights! You cant keep me from going in there!" He yelled
"This is official Imperial buissines you have no rights here." the soldier yelled, clearly annoyed
Jastel tried to push passed the soldier. The soldier pulled out a knife, and stabbed the man in the gut, the knife was curved, and sharp on both ends, designed for brutal, close combat. This knife was designed to disembowl the target, and it was very good at its job. The soldier yanked the knife to the left, pulling it free. He wiped the blade on the mans shirt, staining the once white fabric red with blood. He sheathed the blade quickly, watching as the man fell to his knees, the box he had held forgoten, trying to hold in his intestines.

The Imperial Civil Police soldier turned from the mess on the ground, and signaled some of the soldiers on the armored vehicle to come and clean up the body. Two black armored soldiers, (the standard color for ICP units) with green shoulder plates(showing that they were medics) walked out, put the body in a black bag, and threw it uncerimoniously into a side hatch on the vehicle.

  The house they had surrounded was supposedly harboring one a jedi, a fugitive from the Imperial law. The soldier, who was a captain in rank (judging by the dark blue stripe on his left sholder) took his position by the door and signaled the soldier with the ram. The door was knocked inward, and the soldiers rushed in. A boy, no more then sixteen years old, turned and ran for the back door. A soldier turned his head slightly to the captain. It was impossible to tell his expression behind the blood red colored visor of his mask, but the captain knew he was asking for aproval to fire. He nodded, and the soldier opend fire. Three flat, echoing bangs sounded, and the boy's back seemed to twitch. He looked as if he could continue running, but he fell forward, his breath gasping, and quick.  Another shot rang out, and a girl, beautiful by the standards set in the captain's mind, fell to a heap on the dirt floor.
  Yelling troops stormed inward, aprehending a woman, who was kneeling by the boy, screaming. They grabbed a man, tall, and sunburned from working in the harsh sun, and a crying boy, no more then six years old. They had every right to shoot these people on sight, but they were requested alive, if possible. The capives were handcuffed, the strong magnest holding their hands together, and bags were placed over their heads. The were shoved into the back of the waiting vehicle, harneses closing over their chests, necks, and legs. The bodies were bagged, and put in the compartment with the other corpse.

  Another sucsessfull bust, the captain thought to himself. He and his squad got into the vehicle, and headed back to base.

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Re: Empire Rising (fan fic)

(ok, Im doin it again. Time for more...)

   It had been two hours, and his hand still hurt. The bleeding stopped, but pain and bleeding did not always go together. Jakob curled his fingers into a fist, and winced. He tried to heal it, or at least stop the pain, but he wasnt the best when it came to healing, he left that to Kirah. But now she was dead. The farmer who was harboring him was out tending his livestock, and gatering water from the evaporators.
   He came back through the door, and sat down, turning on a small holo-projector. It was rather cheap, and as a result, the image was blue and flickery. A woman was standing, holding a datapad. At the end of the newscast,(which was mostly local news, and some major events) the reporter looked up, seeming to stare at the farmer for a moment and said " Earlier today, local police forces raided a house harboring a Jedi. One of the suspects was killed as he fled, and the Jedi was unable to draw her weapon, and was executed on the spot. There were no police casualties. This is Jana Eclise, Tatooine news department, signing out. Long live the Empire."

The farmer, who had seen Jakob's outburst earlier, looked at him. "You knew her, didnt you?"Jakob looked up, his fist still dully aching, and spoke "Yes." He had known her rather well, considering that they had only realy began their relationship three months ago. They had both been Jedi, trained in the temple at Coruscant. He had seen her then, as a custom, their training had started at the age of ten, and took over nine years. He was around fourteen when he had first seen her, and sixteen, when the massacre began. Some had escaped, using trasports, some had even stowed away, and stolen vehicles. He was boarding his transport, when he saw her, sitting in the corner, scared. They all were, the soldiers that were seemingly sworn to protect and serve them had just killed them. He had went, and sat by her, she was the only familliar thing in the ship.

  They had left the transport on a beautiful continent called Alderann, and got on the next available one, which stopped on Tatooine. They had lived in a small, abandond hut for two and a half months, and Jakob found that  he was in love. What was the point of following the rules of an order which had been utterly destroyed? He had been happy. Then, just two weeks ago, a local, who had seen the small, but conspicous hilt of a blade. The man was a store owner, a very nice man, but he was suffering from poverty, as were so many on this continent. He was in need of credits. He turned them in.

  At midnight, Jakob was shaken awake, Kirah was looking out a small hole in the wall. Jakob, only half awake glanced out, and felt as if he had just had ten cups of recaf. Out side their hut, the small structure with a protuding ledge for a table and a small bed, made with sewn together robes and filled with sand, was a Imperial assault vehicle. It was capable of bringing ten heavilly armed commando units, with all available equipment to battle. Jakob knew that it was holding at least fifteen Imperial Civil Police units. They had ran, both in dirty tunics and pants. Jakob had lost track of Kirah quickly. He couldent turn back and look for her, there were soldiers after him. Eventualy he had found this farmer, who, knowing the risk had taken him in.

Two hours ago, Jakob had felt it. He and Kirah were close, very close for that matter, and they could at almost any moment, know the basic emotinal standing of the other. He had felt a death. He was still angry, and he wanted revenge.

(please, if you like it, or dont like it, or have any questions/ suggestions tell me)

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Re: Empire Rising (fan fic)

interesting, ill definitely like to see more.

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Re: Empire Rising (fan fic)

(heres some more. Btw, im going to make more, in the same sort of.....er....i dunno, i think you know what I mean though)

  ICP 1897-262-3894 (called 94 by his peers) stood in his personal quarters, being a captain had advantages. It was small, but better then staying in the main barracks chamber. He had a small cot, a bedstand with a light, and a table with two chairs. He also had a foot locker, containing his few personal effects. But something was wrong here.

  There was a new footlocker on his table. He opend the footlocker. Inside was a new set of armor. It was black, like his own, but there were definite physical changes The helmet was different, instead of the T-visor, there was a sort of x shape. The belt area had a skirt, which was black, like the armor, with dark red trim. There was a small datapad in the case as well. He put on the armor, and looked through the data pad. It had complete schmatics, and a small read me file. He put on the armor, and felt the familiar tingle on the back of his neck as the armor's neural probe found its way into the spinal uplink port on the back of his neck. The suit went through its booting proces, and the smal figure in the lower left of his H.U.D blinked to blue. "All systems go" 94 muttered to himself. He looked in the bottom of the footlocker, there was a small cylender in it, it looked almost like a jedi's weapon. He pulled it out, and activated it. The tube telescoped quickly, the ends bulging slightly. They began to glow with a blue enrgy. He recognized it from his stun-stick. He grinned to himself


(The system didnt need to link to move, or function, it just allowed the user ( as long as he/she had a spinal uplink.) to interface with the systems easily. armor is above, minus the cape. The staff looks like one of the things used by Greivious's body guards. Stun-stick is like a nightstick, with a stun feild.)

(please, as always exuse my atrocious spelling, as i have no spellcheck.)

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Re: Empire Rising (fan fic)

(double posting, an author's best freind,)

  Jakob's hand was better, still a little sore. He wasnt sure where she was when they had killed her, but he knew how she thought well enough to assume that it had been a city. The closest to them was Mos Eisly. He took a small bag and lied down on the cot the farmer had provided, he was asleep within the minute.

  When he woke up it was midnight, he took a small amount of food, and filled his canteen. He placed all of these in the bag he had taken earlier. Next, he took a small scrap of paper, and put it where the farmer or his wife would be sure to find it. He took a pen, and wrote quickly. This finished, he walked out the door, headed to Mos Eisly.

  The farmer woke early, the sun still hid behind the horizon, not yet peeking over. He made himself a quick breakfast, and before he sat down, he saw a peice of paper on the counter, he looked at it, and read it.
Thanks for your hospitality it said.

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(triple posting.....i think your trying to tell me im not a very good writer....:( )

  The armor ment, at worst, a transfer or a promotion, and at best both. He left his room, and saw, that every one of his soldiers had new armor. However, it was not like his. It had two eye peices, and the mouth bulged outward. One of his soldiers looked at him for a second, walked over, and handed him a datapad

  "Sir, this just came in for you. Good luck" He looked through the breif file on it.  Simply put, he was able to choose transfer to either a comando squad, or a kill-team. The kill-teams were the elite. They were sent to assasinate jedi, and other political enemies. The commandos were just as good, and their combat records were astounding, or at least the small part that had been unclassified. However, since the end of the clone wars, there was a serious lack of combat for them.

  He  chose the killteams, and sent the aplication to HQ. He assumed it would take a few days to process the form, then send out a transport. While he waited, he could give his replacement some tips, and continue to go out on patrol. He had lost a jedi before, one who was apparently staying with the girl he had executed before. He had time to break in his new armor.

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Re: Empire Rising (fan fic)

its very nice but the whole galaxy being on one planet is a bit disorienting

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