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I think the Actor ,,Jeremy Bulloch, when he did Boba,,did a great
job,,to put  Boba Fett must have been hard,because not many lines were
spoken,,he did manage to show Boba as a Force to be Dealt with, the
twist of the Helmet, etc, another Actor  ,,who did another Alien ,all
he did was Clicks and roar,and zoomed though the Trees after Arnie.
I hope they look for that special THING!! when  do the new Boba fett

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Re: Actor v's Boba Fett

Well. All he could do was clicks and roars. also the actor incorporated a bit of stuff he had learned about tribal dancing or somthing into the whole chalange thing. also he talked. he had one line that people could under-stand. it was "What the hell are you?" right at the end of the movie

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Re: Actor v's Boba Fett

(FYI: The topic is Boba Fett actor(s) (v's?), not Predator. smile)

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bats knows,, BFFC Admin but it was a second thoughts on a great Actor
who had to play a part, with not much to work on with
lines to say ,and now I know what the alien said LOL!!!