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Found these on eBay tonight.  This guy has 3 of them for sale, and they're all "buy-it-now" prices of $20 each.  Not bad for one of these posters.  They're getting pretty hard to find.  I saw two others that were over $80 on eBay at the same time. … dZViewItem

These posters are huge, by the way.  Had to get some customized side frames and backing material from Hobby Lobby and the local plastics dealer to cut a clear plastic sheet so I could frame mine.  Also got it matte laminated and the machine was barely wide enough for it to fit through.  I'm big on laminating my posters.  It protects them for life and from water (floods are big down here).  Kinko's does matte laminating, which is the best I think, because it's not glossy looking and keeps the color crisp and the glare down.  Plus, it just looks better with a matte finish.  Gloss laminated posters tend to leave scratch streaks from washcloths, if you ever have to wipe them off.  I noticed that with my comic book posters, from before I could afford to frame all my posters.  Besides, poster frames are pretty cheap nowadays, anyway.  You can find them at Wal-Mart and Target all the time now. 

Anyways it's late, I'm tired, and I'm rambling.  This is for whoever would like one of these.  Enjoy guys.  Later.

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BTW... BFFC gave away some of those, autographed by Jeremy Bulloch, when they first came out as a contest. smile They are huge indeed and quite cool.

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I got that one the Jabba's Palace, and the fold out/ card lists for Endor, Death StarII, Cloud City, Jabba's Palace, Degobah.
Plus if you play then you'll know what I mean when I say I also have the Compleat sets for.

Primeir, A New Hope, Hoth, Degobah, Cloud City, Jabba's Palace, Special Edition, Endor, and am only missing five cards from Death StarII.
If you have Coriscant, or Theed Palace that you are interested in selling or tradeing send me a PM.

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Awesome! thanks Sadriel, i'm gonna get one those, that'll go nicely on my wall. Just what i've been looking for big_smile

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theres also mini hand outs with the same image on from the same release. !

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