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By popular demand, the search box is now right there, in your face, on every page, ready for your keywords. (Lost? Look above this post. Bingo, you found it.) No more embarrassing false starts for you. Dive right into the 37,000+ posts (February 2006 - July 2007) on this board.

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So no more digging through the vaults unnecessarily tongue

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Thank you, a lot, Aaron.

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Thank you, that is a funky idea big_smile

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Thanks! Now newbies can find it easier. wink

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That's good...  No more re-posting old topic for me!  */embarrassed*  I'm usually more careful about that.  Meh.

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Re: Omnipresent Searching

Mel, I know you'll miss the hunt. tongue

Draco, very welcome. Glad to improve the usability.

ARC, not sure what you're talking about, but OK.

Devil, funky indeed. Just elevating the feature since it was hardly any work on my part. The search engine for this board is pretty slick and very fast.

Miba, exactly. Newbies and regulars alike.

Stranger, no worries! smile It wasn't very obvious and we've got a lot of regulars who know when topics have already been started.