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Re: I have the Anti-Christ

I'm taking back what I said.After this video,I consider the cats super-stupid! tongue

EDIT:Please see this.I can't stop laughing! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4sB--s5ROU

Fear! Fear attracts the fearful...fear is my ally.

Re: I have the Anti-Christ

All I tried to say about Tippie's trip to the Vets,,try to show the Humour in the story and I was worried about this Lump
As she doesn't even weight a Kilo  and asked the Vet if he wanted me to hold her,, five staff had to hold her
most were bittened,, and the vet came back and told me the result was she is the Anti-Christ and put on
her card ,,'' All visits ,Tippie will be held by owner''
As she walked out she must have looked as if she would take on any Dog,as the dogs there stood to attention
as she passed,,and all the Lump was filled with Fluid..