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In Episode 2: Attack of the Clones

Obi-Wan walks down Kamino’s indoor city halls. The inhabitants of these corridors are mysterious and lonesome, a very necessary spot for a bounty hunter to lay low. “Right this way” Taun We said to the jedi. Obi-Wan was directed towards a large clear door that needed clearance to get through. “We will just need a strand of your hair to confirm your identity as a republican Jedi.” Taun We said with a calming tone. Obi-Wan was pretty sure that Taun We was safe to trust, her senses were calming and her mind was almost always cleared. “Okay then.” Obi-Wan picked a small patch of hair from his scalp and handed it to the Kaminoian. Taun We thanked the Jedi and slowly took the strand of hair to the accessing terminal placed to the side of the door. “CONFIRMED: Republican databank accessed. Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi.” The access terminal spoke aloud to the two. “Lets step inside, to take a look at the clones…” Taun We said. “Clones?” Obi-Wan made a guessture. “You will see….” Taun We smiled at Obi-Wan and secretly tucked Obi-Wan’s strand of hair into her robes back pocket. They both stepped into the tube-like walkway and walked on….

15 years after order 66...
Taun we stepped slowly walked into the cloning facility with an eerie looking fellow following behind. The clones were all working very functional and training for future battles. They both stepped over to the clones functioning terminal, only it was different than all the other terminals there. “So, you tell me you knew the one named, Count Dooku?” Taun We asked the dark robed figure. “Yes……” He replied. “He was my…………..”assistant”……if you will….” The dark robed man never took his hood up or even looked Taun We in the eyes. "The force power generator you gave us, seemed to really help the new clones. They're abilities are like nothing I've ever seen before in a clone." Taun We told him while looking over the balcony. She wanted to make the man pleased of the clones, as she does with all her customers. “Rest assured…by the end of the month, there will be enough for your needs and they will be ready for battle, sir." The dark robed figure stroked his hands together. “good, gooood…….” Down below the two were almost 50 dark robed figures, more skinny and flexible than the man talking to Taun We. They all were training and were pushing things without even touching the objects. All in unison, the figures turned around and flashed bright red lightsabers in front of they’re opponents. They’re faces all resembled a man that was in Topica city just over a month ago. Taun We looked over to the man in the long robe, “Excuse me…….but what did you say your name was? Mr……..?” The dark man slowly turned his head to finally face Taun We. “…………Sidious…..”

"Im expecting them to do well in their battles, as was the host..." Sidious told Taun We. Tain we was about to speak when a mysterious man walked through the clear door. The man had green armor with a jetpack and a helmet with a T-shaped visor. He walked up to Taun We holding a blaster in his hands, as always. "ah, Boba Fett. I was expecting you here over an hour ago...." Sidious looked over to the mysterious masked man. "I had a "package" to deliver....." Boba Fett said in a cold erie voice. Sidious nnodded and looked to Taun We. "This Bounty Hunter was chosen to lead these jedi into battle." Sidious spoke with a cold voice. "Yes, I have met before, as a boy." Taun We spoke while looking over at Boba Fett. Boba Fett's mind began to race, he wanted to kill her right there.........for betraying him and his father.......but he needed to keep cool. "Yes........we have met. Long time no see Taun We...." Boba Fett almost had a smidgen of anger hidden in his voice.
Taun We looked upon Boba with a small bit of fear, hoping he wouldn't become too angry. "Long time no see indeed," she said. "But now the clones await, I'm sure you're anxious to inspect them, as you'll be leading them." Taun We waved a hand towards the walkway that led down to the area the clones were in.
They all went down into the platform on a hoverpad. Boba Fett walked over to the jedi clones as the other two stayed in the pad. All of the jedi clones stopped and looked over to Boba Fett, as he stood his ground. "Dont worry, we programed them to obey you and never to harm you. " Taun We said in the back. Boba Fett couldnt take a chance from Taun We so he still stood his ground. "We've also programed them to know Mandalorian battle formations." Taun We spoke again. Boba Fett turned to all the Obi-Wan clones and spoke, "Alright men......attack position jujack alpha." The clones imediatly listened to Bobas demands and got into an arow shaoe position towards the enemy robots. The clones took out all their sabers and Boba Fett lead them into battle trainning.

1 Hour after trainning...

The jedi clone's skills were extreemly accurate to a real jedi. Although Boba Fett discovered they could not use the force, nonetheless they were great warriors. Sidious seemed to be somewhat impressed with Boba Fett's commanding skills. Taun We slowly turned to the shadowy figure before her, "Excuse me, Master Sidious.......but how could you have gotten a man such as Boba fett to agree to do something like this?" It was not usualy her to be curiou or question anyone's reason, but she was very intrueged by Boba Fett's place in this intrueging spectical. "My lady, you know is obviously driven by greed, and honor. The man craves credits for the same reason every bounty hunter does....." Sidious' eyes were far to evil for Tuan We to stair into. She looked back at Boba Fett and the clones, as they were tearing their way through trainning courses. "......I of course objected him with an excecive amount of credits for this mission." he explained. He looked over to Tuan We's clothing in interest of the Kaminoian patterns. "..........but........Boba Fett would not put himself in such of a position of power as he has, usualy. So we have objected him with many Empirial ships for his needs. Of course........these are objectives that you have no business in interfering with, my dear........" The man's voice was as dark as the energy around him. Tuan We collected enough emotion to smile and respond with,"Of course my lord. I am here for your needs, not your burden, sir." Tuan We bowed and left the viewing tower to her own busiesses.
Sidious sat in the viewing tower stroking his hands firmly, transfering dark force energy from one finger to the next. Boba Fett was bodly commanding the "troopers" in the arena. "Left flank! Formation Tgertha!" Boba Fett shouted out, as he juked to the right dodging laser fire.
..........he has extroadinary skills......... Sidious thought. Sidious continued to stroke his hands, "Everything is going as I have forceen it...."

Present time: on the Executor just above the planet Kiffex:

"Sir, the Kiffar race is very important to our business portion of the Empire! and-" The admiral in green stopped his rambling to look upon the mask of darkness. "It is not YOUR job to decide these sorts of things, now IS IT, admiral Fretna?" A dark robed figure just as the one on Kamino was directing his finger in admiral Fretna's skinny face. His mask was black but shiny from the lights of the Commander center's bright lights. "I assure you, Lord Vader.......that is not my primary objective but-" "BUT, this is MY SHIP ADMIRAL! And who are YOU to inform ME of our business stocks!!?!" Darth Vader was angered by the puny admiral's irripentical irritancy, but the use of this admiral's commanding skill was enough to keep him alive from Vader's vicious grasp.
"We are going to exterminate this race for good of the Empire and that is FINAL!" Vader gave one last holler at the man in green, as he collected his sense. "Yes.......of course my will be done...." He inched his feet out of Vader's way and went back to work.
Darth Vader had business to attend to himself. The dark sith lord walked down the grim halls, proud of his, or what he intends to be his., glorious Empire.
Stormtroopers carried about their primary business as soldiers, while the sith lord made his way to his meditation chamber.
The doors hissed open as a precursor for Vader’s entrance. His legion of Stormtroopers was guarding his Chamber, as he walked up to them all. He gave them a nod and they all took off to other business. Darth Vader walked in hastily and sat down at his meditation chair. The whole contraption turned to face the giant view screen above, as Vader pressed a few COM link controls. The screen then came on with Darth Sidious’ retched face filling the screen. “Hello, Lord Vader.” He greeted him in a very grim tone. “Greetings, my master….” Darth Vader gave a slight nod instead of a bow. Sidious nodded back at his faithful apprentice. "The Jedi Clones are a great success, and but they require a working generator on this ship for them to operate out of the Kamino system." Sidious explained. Vader looked up at him, "Of course, the generator will need consistant gaurding, or the jedi clones will all die, I assume?" Vader raised his hand to his master in question. "You are correct, Lord Vader. It will surely need correct gaurding for the mission." Sidious looked as if he were thinking at the moment.“I come to understand that the Bounty Hunter, Boba Fett, was successful in the new, sith clone training?” Darth Vader asked. “Yes, the Bounty Hunter has phenomenal skills. Although he’s better working alone, he’s a given when it comes to commanding….” Darth Sidious continued. Darth Vader hastily answered, “Master, the legendary Bounty Hunter is a tricky one……and he deserves a fair amount of caution of attention to him.”
“Do not worry, my apprentice……….all is well with the Bounty Hunter…….as you know, we have had our ways of dealing with scum like Bounty Hunters.” Darth Sidious’ face was stone solid at the moment. “Well, what of the numbers of the sith clones, my master? Will they be—“”Yes Lord Vader, definatly enough for this Kiffar extermination mission….” Sidious interrupted Vader. Vader paused to think for a moment, and began once again. “…….I understand my master. “ He replied. “Good.goood……..You will be expecting my arrival, along with our new sith clone army.” Darth Vader gave another nod, “Yes……….my Master.”
The COM link signaled off, and Vader Meditated until his masters arrival….

The lingering eriness of space continues to stand still, until an Empirial Star Destroyer warps out of hyperspace and into the vacuous stillness of more space. The glowing lights on the Star Destroyer were dimly seen from The Executer. The destroyer’s containments consisted of a whole Jedi clone army, admirals and Sidious’s personal Royal Guards. "Sir, the Jedi clone controling generator is fully charged and ready. It was not destroyed in the warp, as you predicted." an admiral informed Sidious of the Jedi Clone generator's current condition. ".....of, course....." Sidious replied.
The bounty hunter, Boba Fett, sat waiting patiently in the command center of the destroyer, along with Sidious. He was not too fond of the situation he was in, but it would all be worth it, .......soon....... he thought to himself in his seat. Above the planet of Kiffex, the evil minds of Sidious and Vader are about to colide, in a devistating battle. Sidious stood in the control center looking out the wviewport at the planet below. ".......all will be done in a swift stroke of my hands.........soon..."

Location: Planet Kiffex; Gand Kiffar Temple

The Kiffar warriors are completely aware of the situation at hand. Their armies are ready and their men are courageous. One man as the Kiffar king lead his men into the ready stance that the Kiffex army is in at the present time. They knew everything…….the extermination, Boba Fett, the jedi clones. The information was known all via one man, the king of Kiffex. The only question is…………
The king sat in the Grand temple with ancient Kiffex rurals all around him. His hair was braided and he was an older, and wiser man. And most important of all, the Kiffex King is an X-Jedi.
The King’s thrown was open to all of the Warriors of Kiffex, and for the King to command. “Lord Vos! Lord Vos! Our women and children do not have enough cover from the battle, sir.” A high assistant of King Vos informed him of the primary problem. The King looked down at the assistant from his thrown, clearly concerned of the problem. “I want you to take the remaining women and children to my Wife’s and Son’s underground den.” King Vos declared. The assistant hastfully nodded and rushed to take care of the business.
King Vos then stood up high in his thrown, his robe hanging behind. “Warriors!!...........The time has COME!! The time to defend ourselves against TYRANNY!” The King preached while the warriors cheered him on. “I………as King of Kiffex……….will NOT let this extermination take place!!! I swear it on the oath of Kanna, or my name is not……….QuinLan Vos…….KING OF THE KIFFAR!!!!”

About 100 dark robed Obi-Wans were lead onto a transport ship where the bounty hunter, Boba Fett, was to lead. Hundreds of these tranport ships floated down to the green planet Kiffex. The nice atmosphere of the planet was nice and easy to fly through, making the grueling process of prewar waiting, easier to handle. Although it was an easy ride, the atmosphere at this time is foggy, and dense, so neither the Empirial transports or the Kiffex warriors could see each other.
The Kiffar were already in battle position, taking cover from various temple structures. The Kiffar warriors's weapon's all consisted of blasters, spears, bows and arrows, plus their newly learned fighting skills from King Vos. The King was standing at his thrown with his golden armor, his blasters, and his lightsaber at in his powerful grasp.
An admiral stepped up to Boba Fett and questioned him, "Commander, were would you like the primary landing position to be?" the admiral was as stiff as his collar, from Fett's point of veiw. "Were going to land around, what I predict will be the main temple...." Boba Fett responded. The admiral gave a slight nodd and ran off to tell the pilot. Boba Fett was almost anxious to get this long mission over with already, he was holding his blaster firmly in his hand. The ship then was slowly turning to the back of what was predicted to be the grand temple.

The transport ship was vaguely seenm from the dense fog. The Kiffar warriors were awaiting the signal to fire. They waited for a good 10 seconds before they saw anything, but once they did, "FIRRRREE YOUR BLASTERS!!!" QuinlLan Vos commanded his army to fire among the transport ships that decended from the sky. a Hailstorm of blasterfire was shot at the weekspots of the ships. The ships were huge, but unfortunately had no firepower, so they quickly landed on their selected position. "HOLD YOUR FIRE! GET THEM WHEN THEY COME OUT!" The king commanded. The ships all waited 5 seconds before opening Their doors to the dark Obi-Wan clones....

Boba Fett's ship hovered down on the back of the temple. He commanded his jedi clones, "get READY!" The doors quickly opened, but Boba Fett jogged slowly out of the ships ramp. Everyone looked arouns, and there was nobody in site, due to the dense fog that was now falling upon the vicious battle that they heard.
"ARGHAA!" 5 Kiffars rammed Boba Fett with raging speed with a spear in his hand. "head-on form!" Boba Fett said to his clones as their sabers flew their way to protection.
A clone's saber went right through 2 of the Kiffar and force pushed them away, as Boba Fett did a number of turns and jukes to dodge the next 3. Boba Fett then, had both his blasters to their heads in a second. "...dead..." he said. "PIOPIO!" he killled them on the spot.
Boba Fett lead the jedi clones through the ruins of the temples, killing many Kiffar headed their way. The sounds of many screams and blasters made Boba Fett feel right in his place. Giving mando commands and striking down Kiffar made him quench for more action. Boba Fett was now running through temples as if hes been to these ruins before.
"FETT!" a voice called out to him, just ahead of him. Fett finally stopped running in the fog and stopped his vicious sith clones as well. A man in scratched golden armor walked slowly up to him and looked him straight in the eye. "...QuinLan...." Boba Fett nodded in greetings. The jedi clones were already in attack position and just about to fight. "STAND DOWN!" Boba Fett ordered all of them.
" is the plan going so far?" Boba Fett asked the QUinLan.
QuinLan looked raged, "not good at all......we must continue this plan at a faster pace. Come!" QuinLan pointed them into the grand temple, were the jedi clones still had their guard up. The halls were decked with gold and wood, but blackened from some blaster fire from the battle that rages on.
QuinLan brought them to a room, where everything was ocked down and everything was safe. He let them in and locked everything up. The room was made of al stone and was very cold. "Alright.....our fog densider is almost out, so we must work quickly." QuinLan said. "I will pretend to take you all hostage once the fog is gone. The dark lord will surely look over us and the battle once the fog is cleared..." QuinLan quickly explained to the clones. "Of course, but what of your men? Will they be able to hold everyone off until wer'e back?" Boba Fett asked. QuinLan looked at the stone cold ground in fear. "........The plan for them is to hide in the unground caves of the planet once we are gone. They will be fine for the time being...." he explained. Boba Fett nodded and headed for the door. "alright, then lets make haste....." he said in a cold voice.


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