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Topic: CCBanana's Interview with Daniel Logan

Incase you don't check here, there is a new interview posted of Daniel Logan on ccbanana.com. Interesting read...

Daniel, what are your feelings as we approach the 30th anniversary of the Star Wars saga?

It's just unbelievable to think that it's been around for that long! Star Wars is getting older but it's still going strong, so obviously it's doing something right. Before you know it, we'll be celebrating the 40th!

With a name like Logan, do you have any affinity for characters like Wolverine or Beast Boy?

Oh, I love Wolverine! He's actually my favorite Marvel character. I've always wanted to have claws come out of my arms and pick someone up over my head!

Have you followed the further adventures of the young Boba Fett in the Scholastic book series?

Yes, I have! In fact, I recently had a meeting with Scholastic here in New York City. Hopefully they're going to do more young Boba Fett stories because I really like them. In the books, Boba Fett has this little animal that he keeps in his home. At one point, he's going to go away with his father so he just grabs the creature and throws it over the balcony, into the ocean! He never knows whether it lives or dies. That was kind of mean and a nice kid would never do that, but it tells you something about his character.

Have you ever thrown any of your pets off a balcony, Daniel?

No, I haven't.

When you grow up, do you think you'll look like Jeremy Bulloch?

I hope not! I wash my face every day to prevent wrinkles and I take vitamins so my hair doesn't thin. So hopefully I won't look like Jeremy when I'm older.

I'm sure he'd be delighted to hear you say that.

Not that there's anything wrong with looking like him!

Is it weird stepping into the role of a character who was created before you were even born?

It's actually pretty amazing. When I first got the part, I sat down and watched all the Star Wars movies but I couldn't believe how little Boba Fett was actually in them. He was only on screen for about 3 seconds! So I was afraid that I'd only be in the film for about 2 seconds. I wanted to get as much screen time as possible because Boba Fett is just such an awesome character. I kept suggesting new things for Boba to do, but George already had his own vision of the character. Most people tell me that I did a pretty good job with the role, which I'm always glad to hear. I'm just grateful that Jeremy paved the way for so many years before me.

Are you afraid that you might one day launch a missile from your rocket-firing backpack and accidentally choke a small child?

You know what? That is actually my biggest fear. So you know what I do? I carry a sign with me at all times that says, "Not recommended for children under 3." You know, "Contains small parts."

I wouldn't go spreading that around, kid.

Well, just so the children don't choke.

So does being in Star Wars get you chicks?

Yeah, plenty of them. Too many, in fact! I'm overbooked this year and I really need to set up a better schedule. I'll need to start slotting them in for just half a day each!

Are you disappointed that you didn't get to play "teen angst" Boba Fett in Episode III?

I'm not going to lie, I was disappointed by that. I wanted Boba Fett to come back and do something really cool in the next movie. I wanted to see the little boy become the bounty hunter. But I understand that there's just not enough time in the films for everybody to do everything they want.

Would you like to portray a young Boba Fett in a potential live action Star Wars TV series?

I would love to. In my heart, I feel like I'm the best candidate for the role. If they do put Boba Fett in the TV show, I would truly love to be there.

Do you know how many Jedi Master points your action figure is worth?

I think it's, uh... 16?

That was actually a trick question. All basic action figures were worth 10.


What is next on the horizon for Daniel Logan?

Well, hopefully I'll be doing something soon with the cousin of The Rock. I just can't remember his name at the moment!






Actually, this was all set up through my buddy Sala Baker, who played Sauron in Lord of the Rings. He's the one who suggested me for the role. I went in for a meeting and they really liked me. They told me to grow my hair out and said they'd also put extensions in when we start filming, which will hopefully be in May. The film is called Tabaka.

Any relation to Chewbacca?

No, it's actually a story about a young savage kid as he transitions from little boy to grown man. It's a really emotional journey.

Do you have any parting words for the fans, Daniel?

Peel the Force, everyone!

Okay, did anyone else think the remark about Jeremy was rather rude? I mean, I'm sure he was just trying to be funny, but he came off sounding rather vain. hmm

Also, I'd also like the point out Daniel's response to getting "chicks" 'cause he's in Star Wars. Hello! I'd just like to back up my previous statements that Boba Fett will attract rabid fan girls if he's in the TV show...

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Original source with a photo. (Link isn't a permalink, unfortunately, so it won't be as useful as time goes on.)


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i dont like what he said about jeremy ONE LITTLE BIT... i mean daniel was ok in ep. 2 but jeremy was the original and u cant do/say that to him.

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I think in the interview he was trying to be clever and failing badly.

I also hope he was being sarcastic when he said what he did about Jeremy Bulloch.

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