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The two lovers were locked in a kneeling embrace as the gunman circled them. The human female was shaking uncontrollably as her lover tried to steady her. But the gunman simply laughed. “Not so cocky now, are we?”

The human male glared at the gunman, but said nothing.

“So which way will I kill the last two members of the Rebels’ Sunlight Stalkers? Shot to the head? Nah too messy. Hmm, how about I shoot you in the knees and let you bleed out? It’d be rather painful. Though you do deserve it, you’ve done worse to your enemies.” The gunman said as he pondered his options.

The human male spat at the gunman. With lightening quick reflexes, the gunman shot the male in the shoulder and watched him crumple. The female grabbed him and began to sob.

The gunman shook his head. This was getting pathetic. He wasn’t supposed to kill them, but they were annoying the hell out of him.

“Why don’t you just kill us and get it over with.” The female shrieked.

Gunman sighed. “Not my call, you’ve got a higher authority to answer to.”

Holding her lover close, the female asked. “And who exactly would that be?”

“Me,” answered a gravely voice.

Both captives froze as they recognised the voice. The voice of a man they had tried to kill for nosing about in Rebel Intelligence. It had been stupid to think he’d forget them, but they’d been arrogant. Boba Fett was not a forgiving man.

Fett handed the gunman a credit chip in payment. The gunman gave a mock salute then walked off.

The human male gasped in pain, “I didn’t think the great Boba Fett hired scum to do his dirty work.”

Fett turned his head slightly to the side. “You’re not worth my finder’s fee, I hired someone who took on such low paying jobs.”

“So what now?” the female hissed.

Fett placed the nuzzle of his blaster under the female’s jaw and made her stand. Her male companion collapsed to the ground. “You are going to tell me everything you know about the pilot who blew up the Death Star.”

The female attempted to spit in his face but Fett jerked the blaster up closing her mouth and make her spit slide between her lips and down her chin. “Such disrespect.” Fett commented dryly.

From the edge of the alley way they appeared. Rebel soldiers pointed at Boba Fett and a grenade was thrown at him.

Taking a step back, Fett fired at the grenade in mid air. It exploded in a blast of shrapnel. It caught the male captive in the throat, killing him quickly. The female took a blow to the chest and forehead, and then she dashed away to the safety of her Rebel companions.

Fett gritted his teeth. So the Rebels wanted to keep secret the identity of their pilot who had blown up the Death Star, so be it. Fett thought as he threw a grenade back at the Rebels in return.

He stalked off into an alley way and made his escape. This job wasn’t worth his time. Let Lord Vader do his own dirty work. That’s what Stormtroopers were for after all.

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Very good! smile

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Excellent loved it.

I'm smiling because they havn't found the bodies yet. :)
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A fascinating story, does it take place after "A New Hope" or ROTJ?

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I'm assuming after ANH, as Vader is mentioned as being alive, and Boba isn't still trying to get out of the Sarlaac.  Also, Luke's identity is known after ROTJ.  It is amazing, though.  I really liked it.  Great job.

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That was a very awesome, creative story that i loved!

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Very creative you should write more I loved it

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I like it.

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It's taken me a while to get back here. But yeah it did take place after ANH.

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