Topic: Request: "how to" drawing Fett

Hi - I'm Kody and this is my first post.  I love to draw and I'm wondering if anyone knows of any good books or web sites that give you good step-by-step instructions for drawing either Boba or Jango.


Re: Request: "how to" drawing Fett

eh, you can probably find some old books of "How to draw Star Wars" characters on the internet.

Re: Request: "how to" drawing Fett

if im not mistaken has a how to draw section that might help.
otherwise i agree with fett_2, find an old comic.

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Re: Request: "how to" drawing Fett

Here's a book that could help: … _id=405761 It just came out last month I believe. Or March. Sometime in there. It seems like a really good book.

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