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It's been experiencing "growing pains" recently, so I'd like to open it up to the community for questions, comments, concerns and ideas. And feel free to ask amongst yourself more questions about this topic.

What do you LIKE seeing on the home page? What do you IGNORE over (points to looking closely right now)?

What SHOULD be on the home page? What kind of features would YOU contribute to?

Thanks. smile

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i like the idea of Q&A with a member...i think that will be interesting.
we have a cool and supportive community on here, it should shed some light on these fett fans.
i think it would be cool to feature a monthly/weekly fan fiction or piece of art or fiction-and ask the member
questions about it ie.(writing-drawing influences etc). i volunteer my services to pick the art and ask the
questions of the artist or writer.
i dont look at the humor much, although i like the artwork in it.
*i play alot of video games- so i like the video game section but it is fairly stagnant. perhaps someone could pick a featured starwars game everymonth and write an editorial on it. or really just spitballing.
*perhaps a review of different fett darkhorse or marvel comics over the years.
i will edit if anything else comes to mind.

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What i usually ignore is the bulletins involving ont he homepage that seem as if they willb e discussed on the boards ( I.E. celebration and signing) what i like to see im not sure. I liked most of the old layout though.

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i like the small picture with the witty caption and i think that there should be more things like that. for example. i like what Cujo said above and i think it would be cool, but i also would like to see more things like the increasing rank of the screen names. maybe if any of you are familiair to they have a karma system. and if you have enough posts or submissions to the art gallery then you unlock a little icon or something to be displayed on your profile.

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Well, since May there have been quite a few changes to the front page. Tonight, the footer is changed across the site, so you can see (and jump to) the real destinations. Check that out and send feedback.

The "volunteer" link is also down there again. We're looking for people. We'll be adding one soon for writers. We need more writers, since our news section is on fire now.