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Topic: Greek Mythology: War in the heavens

Hello, and thank you for visiting this rpg. in this rpg there will be 7 gods, the rest will ether be titans, titan servents, titan army warriors, god servant, god warriors, or high priests.
the 7 gods chosen will be the 7 gods for the entire game, no more gods(even though there are 5, more) will be played, only Zeus, Poseidon, Ares, Athena, Artimis, Hermes, and Hades.
When you are a god you pick: what your throne is comprised of, what weapons you posses, what your armor, if any, looks like and is made of, what kind of pet you have, the city, if any, that you rule over and the domain of godly powers that you posses, (eg. Ares- war, Zeus- sky/head god, Athena-wisdom, war, Poseidon-sea, Artimis-hunters and moon, Hermes- theivs, merchants, and messenger of the gods, Hades-lord of the underworld)
remember that this rpg is based in the A.D. ages so no guns.

this rpg is about the titans escaping from their eternal prisons, lead by Kronos, to attack the Gods of Olympus and kill them all, reclaiming what was taken from them all those years ago.

If you are a titan pick which titan you are, what torture you escaped and what weapon you weild.

Re: Greek Mythology: War in the heavens

God: Hades
Weapon: scyth of The underworld
Armor: pure black steel covering his entire body, except his face, long black horns protrude out of his face with a blue flame burning in the center of them. he wears a black helmet that gives him invincibility and and a black cloak that lets him become the darkness itself. his eyes are blue flames.
Pet: The Cerberus
Throne: solid black, made of the bones of the dead, with Red rubys in every eye soket of every skull. it has the skin of black wolf covering the seat and the arms are made of black marble.
godly powers: he is the lord of the under world and of course a god. he can summon armies of the undead souls of men to fight for him.

Re: Greek Mythology: War in the heavens

God: Poseidon
Weapon: Trident of the Sea, Sword of the Shark
Armor: Razor-sharp deep sea blue armor plated around whole body, and a navy blue medium helm (only covers some of face rather than all). Has a dark blue cape.
Pet: The Kraken
Throne: An icicle throne that is as big as the Empire State Building, with cup-holders! ^^
Powers: Controls the sea, can communicate with fish. Also has ability to swim deeper than any other god or creature. Aqua Man is my slave!