Topic: Close Call

The following short story was written one day when I was rather bored. It's certainly not my best and aimed at a younger audience but you just might like it...

Jay held tightly to her speeder as she travelled through the tall trees. Behind her was the galaxies most famous bounty hunter and she had no intention of meeting him face to face. Vines snapped across the front of the speeder until one was too thick and it caused the speeder to flip over, throwing Jay off and into a clump of bushes.

She went for the blaster in her vest pocket but realised it was gone, probably thrown out of her pocket when the speeder had gone over. Jay decided she would have to run. She tried to be quiet but panic was starting to get to her. Her feet were getting caught in tree roots and rock patches.

A moss covered rock made Jay slip over as she tried to run over it. She fell and scraped her chin. Jay tried to stand up but her ankle had been twisted in the fall. She found a thick branch on the ground and tried to use it as a crutch. As she stumbled along she heard the sound of Fett's speeder growing nearer. She saw a hollow in a tree and decided to hide there. She only got inside a moment before Fett flew by.

Jay waited to see where Fett went, he seemed to know that she was around the area somewhere. He'd most likely found her crashed speeder. Then Jay saw a flicker of metal and saw that her blaster lay nearby. She got down on the ground and started to crawl towards the blaster. Her fingers touched it as Boba Fett flew into her vision. Jay lifted the blaster and fired.

Fett turned the speeder but Jay managed to hit the side and smoke began to pour out of the vehicle. Jay heard the engine splutter then die. She knew Fett would come to her so she crawled back into the hollow in the tree and waited. It wasn't long before Fett appeared, he looked fine which annoyed Jay, she'd hoped he'd be injured too.

Jay aimed up her shot, deciding that fair play was out. She fired the blaster only to find Fett had moved. Suddenly the blaster was taken from her hands and pointed at her head. "No more games. Come with me." Fett commanded.

Jay hopped out of the hollow and grabbed the branch she was using for a crutch. When Fett saw this he hit her with a stun bolt and carried her back to his ship.

Jay woke up in the interior of Slave I. She lay on the floor of a holding cell. Her foot had been treated and was bandaged tightly. She looked at a tray with goop on it and decided not to bother eating. Fett did not come to see her until the ship was landed. "Where are we?" Jay asked as Fett came to remove her from the cell. Fett didn't answer, he picked her up and carried her outside.

Jay blinked and looked at the surroundings. She didn't know where she was as nothing was familiar. Then she saw a black ship and knew that she was in trouble. Then she started to struggle in Fett's hold. She didn't struggle for long as she was hit with another stun bolt.

This time when Jay woke up it was with a sharp snort as Fett finished waving something under her nose. She looked up to see a fat Hutt sitting on a platform in front of her. "Durga." She hissed.

The Hutt laughed then belowed something in his native language. The Hutt threw something to the bounty hunter and he caught it. "It's not the agreed amount." Fett said coldly.

The Hutt rumbled something back then Jay was slung back over Fett's shoulder. "No pay, no merchandise." Fett said and threw the parcel back at Durga and stormed out.

The guards came after Fett but he picked them off with stun shots and boarded his ship. Jay was put back in her holding cell. "What are you going to do with me?" Jay said.

Fett shrugged. "Wait." He turned and headed for the cockpit and Jay was left by herself.

It was a day later that the ship landed. Fett opened her cell and picked her up again. He took her outside and Jay knew where she was - Tatooine. "You brought me home?" Jay asked.

Fett gave a nod.

"Why?" Jay asked.

"Durga wouldn't pay the agreed amount for your bounty and my next paying bounty is here." Fett answered.

Jay nodded glad that things had worked out in her favour. Fett gave her a proper pair of crutches and they parted ways. Jay couldn't believe her luck and went home to her family to tell them her tale.

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