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Topic: Star Wars Empire At War (PC game)

What are your opinions on Star Wars Empire At War and the expansion Forces Of Corruption?
What are your strategies?
Who is your favorite hero on the game and who is your favorite hero to use?
What is the best unit?

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Re: Star Wars Empire At War (PC game)

It's the best Star Wars RTS game out there. Haven't played Forces of Corruption, though.
My strategy is to keep one main strike force, and one secondary. Heroes move with the main one most of the time. In ground wars I use tanks most of the time. I drive the tanks over the enemy infantry, and then my infantry comes after and finishes what enemies are left. If I'm the rebels, I use snowspeeders, alot of infantry and even more snipers. Then I have the heavy hover tanks for destroying enemy tanks and buildings.

My opinion is that the rebels rely alot on their heroes. A raid force of 1 snowspeeder unit, Han & Chewie, Ben Kenobi, R2D2 & C3PO and as much infantry as I can have is the best raid force ever. I can send out snowspeeders to see what's coming next, also they snowspeeders can be used to shoot enemy buldings and take down AT-AT's. Ben Kenobi can heal every ally close to him, Han and Chewie are terrorists (steal a tank and wreak havoc) and the rest follow Ben.

In space battles, I always change my strategies.

My favourite hero is in space Boba Fett, and on the ground Ben Kenobi.

My favourite unit is the Empire's light tank (can't remember it's name) NOT the AT-ST's.

Everyone should check out this movie. Too bad only chapter 1's ready.

Re: Star Wars Empire At War (PC game)

Kool i like boba fett but to kill the best is admeral piett and general veers and i like empire but a wings are awsome
snow speeders kick

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