Topic: Slave 1 swing set

so i was reading my insider magazine and something stopped me and i recalled in a previous issue that there was a question by a fan about a star wars back yard swing set and what not. it was imperial style and what not but i was what if they had a slave 1 styled play set. it doubles as a club house if u close the latch type deal. the arms could be the slide and there could be monkey bars added somewhere or his laser canons can be water guns. like theres a lot that could go with this so if there was one what do you guys and gals think would be the collest and best features ( hey if we can get something real good lets send it to a company wink )

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Re: Slave 1 swing set

you seem to like saying whatnot, but i think it's a good idea: there could be a little entrance into the cockpit with an, as u sed, clubhouse inside; then like, monkey bars on the underside of the nose type thing. there could be a slide on top of the wings, there could be netting going down the side. thats all i have for now. peace out

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