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Topic: Cops Imperial Style

I found this video showing an episode of cops set in the Star Wars universe funny.

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http://theforce.net/fanfilms/shortfilms … /index.asp

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That is old. Sorry, but you could always check the video in my signature. It's made by the ones who made troops too.

Everyone should check out this movie. Too bad only chapter 1's ready.

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welcome to 1997

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Dude, that was a good year.
Cops is very watchable, mutlipe times.
The Old Man just picked up a CD of multiple fan movies: one called Jango.
Anyone seen that yet? I have yet to view it too, maybe tomorrow or something.


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Re: Cops Imperial Style

i tried watching jango... it's got a lot of heart, and it really tries, but once it gets in the cantina, it fall flat.  for anyone interested in watching some really good star wars fan films, i suggest:  all the "Pink 5" stuff out there, it's hilarious; "Reign of the Fallen", pretty much an amazing piece for being made in new jersey; "Versus," it's french, but really intense; and "Art of the Saber," one word summary for this one, wow!

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Maybe we should have a forum/ thread for just posting fan films?

-BFFC Manji aka Jess