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hey so people..... well I was really bored and I was thinkin and suddenly randomly and i don't know why cause...blah blah blah ok to the point theres this movie called..umm "a tall tale " I think and the main sorry it been some time since i watched this, I think he was peglass bill or somthing like that and he was a western gunslinger guy and his standard was that he never killed on sunday and he just shot peoples trigger fingers off,(lol) but any way Boba Fett isn't christian, but do you think there is a day that for whatever reason that boba fett doesn't bounty hunt or doesn't kill or just you know takes a day off? hmm  I don't really think he's to religous to anything but being a there a day that mandos take off....not sure it hasn't said anything in any book i've read...but i haven't read a ton of those books either.

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Re: the dawn of no dead?

He wouldn't take a day off if their was a bounty to be way not in a million light years

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Re: the dawn of no dead?

Maybe he would never take a day off, but I bet if there was some day he respected he would do something special. Maybe give the person an extra day to rot in the cell... instead of handing them in.

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Re: the dawn of no dead?

Being brought up isolated and not even knowing the Mando'a language, I doubt he has any ritualistic "day off" especially if there is a bounty to be had.

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Re: the dawn of no dead?

Boba Fett take a day off? that's crazy he would not take a day off even if there were no bounties to be had, he'd probably just settle a grudge or take out his anger by blowing some guy's head off

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He's Boba Fett, and worships his own definition of Justice and Honor above all else.  If he felt that he should not kill on a certain day, he wouldn't, simple as that.