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Topic: Naruto RPG-build from the ground up

Basically, this a free-roam Naruto RPG, where your characters have ongoing storylines until they die or you lose interest. Make sense? Okay, lemme try something else. You basically create your own naruto character, give him whatever storyline you want, or place your character in an existing character's storyline. I'll just go ahead & create some characters. You can be at the same ninja academy as my peeps or make another story. I don't really have a preference. Oh yeah! Rules. Uh...ya know the usual....no all powerful people, be consistent, Oh, and your character can only have a maximum 11 techniques. This encompasses anything. Summons, ninjutsus, genjutsus,taijutsus etc. Oh, but you can only have 1 bloodline trait along with max 11 skills. That better? Good.


   Zante Kuryoshi woke up 4 minutes & 27 seconds before his classes at the Konoha ninja academy began. He got up, put on his purple three-piece suit, purple top hat, and purple carnation. He placed his purple tinted monocle over his left eye and tied a pink & purple bow tie. He sprinted to the school. He was late. Again. Great.
     Zante arrived 3 minutes late. He dashed into class & sat down next to his rival, Pinan Tyllyr, who wore a black tuxedo. To Zante's left sat Sue Kebari, a botanist by trade & a bit of a sucker for Zante.
     "Uh, hi, Zante." Sue said cheerfully.
     "Hiya Sue." Zante replied uninterested.
     "Colud you be any later? We'e just about to head home." Pinan jeered.
    "What's this? Did Pinan Tyllyr just attempt a joke? Your no comedian, Pinan.  Leave the funny business to people like me."
   "Class!" the teacher yelled. ''Pay attention! Don't let Zante's tardiness distract you!" The entire class paid attention.
   "Now listen up! Today is your graduation exam! I expect you all to perform exceptionally. First round up, Ken Bakado!" A gothic young man with jet black spiked hair and a chain hanging out of one pants pocket stood up.
   "Gensha Gorira!" A slender young woman stood up.
   "Prentice Pym!" A bulky blonde haired man in a muscle tee stood up. And the graduation exam began.


Zante Kuryoshi (stats)

1000 years of death
transformation jutsu
summoning-clown samurai: exactly what it sounds like.
also incorporates a variety of absurd weapons, e.g. exploding woopee cushions, itching gas exploding tags, boxing glove inside hat, etc. smile

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Re: Naruto RPG-build from the ground up

Name: Gustavo Perez
occupation: bounty hunter
Weapons: throwing knives, knife, bow and arrows
special abilities:multi shadow clone

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Re: Naruto RPG-build from the ground up

Name: Reklats Wodahs
Occupation: Sentinel/assassin
Weapons: bow and arrows, 2 ninja swords
Justsus: Multiple arrow types justsus and ninja blade justsu
Bloodline Trait/ Special Jutsu: Phoenix Shot

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Re: Naruto RPG-build from the ground up

Name: Miyuki Shinomori
Occupation: Assassin. Sells her skills for many purposes, however.
Weapons: twin short-swords, fighting fans, kunai
Jutsus (known): Fire Dragon Flame Missile, Body Flicker Technique, Blade of Wind, Shadow Sewing, Thousand Sword Array, Silent Homocide Technique, Bringer-of-Darkness Technique, One Thousand Birds.
Bloodline Trait: An odd, unique dohjutsu... (is that allowed, or does it need to be something that already exists? It's not a godly powerful technique).

Re: Naruto RPG-build from the ground up

No, that's fine.

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Re: Naruto RPG-build from the ground up

Name: Kei Kusanagi
Occupation: Wandering ninja/Akatsuki spy
Weapons: Umbrella sword, trench knives
Jutsu: sand storm, hidden mist, concealment
bloodline trait: Spikes of the earth

Kei stood outside the gates to konoha, his excuse...early for the chunin exams. A full passport, Akatsuki had provided everything for an easy entrance. He pulled the wallet with the information out and showed it to the guards. Walking in nonchalantly. His umbrella, a metal ring at the end of the handle. A traditional paper one slung over one shoulder unopened.

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