Topic: -AMV Contest-

So, at the moment, Suna Studios is currently taking requests for songs and anime.
In the form of a contest.

1. I don't do rap EVER
1.2 Put C at the beginning of Rap while we're at it.
2. I have to like the song
3. I may or may not have the clips for it.
4. This won't be the last time, do get all bent out of shape if you don't make it.
5. No hentai, youtube won't accept it. And Buzznet is too much of a hassle.
5.1 I don't mind Hentai either, I'd just rather not mess with it.
6. I'll email you the finished product. You're allowed to show it on any site. Just as long as you say who made it.

Email me at with the subject of (AMV). Tell me this information, in this order.
(Username/First name)
If you want me to email it, add this at the end.
(Mail of the Republic)

The winner will have their name displayed at the beginning. (1 person)
Runners up get a free complimentary Suna Studios wallpaper.(1-2 persons)

I'm putting this through to all of the forums I'm part of, so you can also list the information in the topic I just thought'd be more private through email. My AMV group, Suna Studios, just ran out of ideas and we though this'd be interesting. Somebody out there has to have something we can use, it's just insane how little brainstorming goes on around the computer these days. Hopefully this'll get us thinking finally.

Heres some of our earlier work.
Anime Mix-Fire

Anime Mix-Perfect Chaos

Gaara-Two Telephone calls and an Air Raid

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