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I'm having trouble fishing out a working story from a fan-fic I've been writing. For the most part it's been hard trying to get the plot outline to fit the timeline. Story importance has been difficult, all the heroes are out dealing with Bakura. So, what's one little dust ball planet worth to the New Republic or the Empire...
I can hardly change an existing story line, my only option, however annoying. Seems to be that I'll have to wrap the story around other ones. So, I don't have a very clear shot until the New Republic actually starts to establish itself.

Basically, I structured the story a little before the ending to Return of the Jedi where Jabba is still alive and the droids had just then approached with the hologram. I haven't decided when it'll end, or where yet though.

Well, the two main characters are a pair of competing Bounty Hunters. One of them hunting the smuggler Sigh Tulane and the other hunting the hunter. A human and a species I created, Siannic. Basically, it's the same species from the rpg on the old board. My writing sucked back then...but anyway. Both of them are forcers from a small neutral group of them, a sect that strives for Force Control over opinion and ethics. =

Plot schemes:
An underlying plotline is a new series of IG models, developed by a droid manufacturing station near the outer rim for Imperial Garrisons and the rich who need body guards. They use a weak shield, and apart from a few upgrades aren't as effective as their original counterparts.

The majority of the main plot is this Base located on a greater planet in a lesser sector of the galaxy. The Empire keeps control of the surrounding area through this planet albiet the planet happens to be the Siannic home world.

Any help would be appreciated. I just need some ideas.

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By the way, I'm willing to compress the document and send it to you through email for a quick read. it's 60 pages or so right now.

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