Topic: Lyrebird fooled Bats

Yesterday I was picking Wild Mushrooms in the Bush and I heard this Truck backing  BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!
so moved out of the way ,,NO !! Truck,,then it dawned on me it was a Lyrebird they can mimic
so well ,,very hard Bird to find ,,very shy look the bird up on Google,,you can see what I mean
Then I came home feeling foolish about been tricked by a Bird then I found all my Blue Pegs gone
Satin Bird is about again steals Blue stuff for his  mating to attact the Female.
Hope you all enjoy seeing the Lyrebird as  also will see why he is called a Lyrebird his Feathers
go into a shape of a Lyre.

Re: Lyrebird fooled Bats

Getting fooled by a bird is better than getting mooned by a rabbit. When they they show you there backside, it really means the same thing.

take it easy baby take it as it comes