Topic: Aurra Vs. Mira(From KOTOR)

Who would win this particular Catfight?

I'd say Aurra all the way with this fight. Sure Mira could probably hold her own, but Aurra has Jedi training and a whole lot of combat training under her belt. Unless Mira catches her offguard with one of her Rockets, Aurra has the upper hand.

Plus, when it comes to brains, Aurra seems to be the smarter of the two. I'm not saying Mira's dumb, she probably has more Street smarts than Aurra does, but when it comes to outwitting an enemy, Aurra's the smarter one.

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Re: Aurra Vs. Mira(From KOTOR)

Aurra any day of the week

Mira was the worst character ever in KOTOR

And that includes Carth.

I only used Mira during those awful bits where you ahd to play as her.

Aurra has lightsabers and a long range rifle.
Mira has my vote as the worst KOTOR character.

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Re: Aurra Vs. Mira(From KOTOR)

no no nono nonnononono N O!  worst kotor character ever?  hmmm... it'd have to be a tie between G0T0 and deciple.  right behind them is hanharr and kreia.  then visas, then the selkath...