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Species Gen'Dai
Gender Male
Eye color Yellow

bio: As a young Gen'Dai, Durge was viewed by many of his elders as an exceptional physical specimen. Although he was naturally agressive, it was witnessing bounty hunters in action that forever sealed Durge's fate as a fellow hunter. Unable to resist the lure of hunting, Durge left his tribe and ventured out into the Galaxy, training under various crack bounty hunters.
Durge training under Jaing.Early in life, Durge met a Mandalorian training master known as Jaing. Jaing taught Durge all he needed to know in Mandalorian tactics and skill. Durge was loyal to his Master, and vowed to kill every Mandalorian alive when his Master was killed by a group of Mandalorian Mercenaries under Mandalore Ung Kusp. He later killed a Mandalore, but he was captured and tortured.

When he resurfaced following the outbreak of the Clone Wars, Durge was elated to learn that the Mandalorians were all but dead—but became angered when he learnt that their legacy lived on in the Grand Army of the Republic, which was made up of clones of the last Mandalorian leader, Jango Fett. For a short while, Durge worked for Jabba the Hutt on Tatooine. Two months into the wars, Durge took on an assignment to assassinate the Neimoidian official Gilramos Libkath, but was bested by Boba Fett, and blown up along with a cache of Separatist munitions.

Durge survived the blast, however, and a month later he was working for the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Durge revealed himself to the Jedi at Ohma-D'un, where he and Asajj Ventress were testing a new chemical weapon, Jenna Zan Arbor's swamp gas. Durge fought the Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi, Glaive, and Zule to a standstill, but was bested by Anakin Skywalker and forced to retreat. A month later, Kenobi and Durge met again, at Queyta, where Durge was guarding the antidote to the deadly swamp gas. Although Kenobi was able to drive Durge off and secure the antidote, the bounty hunter was able to make several high-profile Jedi kills, including Jon Antilles and Nico Diath.

Four months after the outbreak of the Clone Wars, Durge was dispatched to reinforce San Hill’s position at Muunilinst. Durge led a squad of IG lancer droids and met General Kenobi’s attack head-on, but was defeated by Obi-Wan in a fierce duel and cleaved in two. Durge recovered surprisingly quickly, and headed to San Hill’s command centre, where Obi-Wan had just captured the InterGalactic Banking Clan leader. Durge was defeated by Kenobi for a second time, blasted apart by the Force.

Durge on his modified swoop bike.Thanks to his Gen’Dai regenerative abilities, Durge was able to survive even this. Two months later, he and Ventress fought General Grievous at the Trenchant space station, a test orchestrated by Count Dooku in order to judge who would become Supreme Commander of the Droid Armies. Durge was beheaded by the General, and Grievous was awarded complete command of the droid armies.

In the following months, Durge continued to fight the Republic forces, and, as of 16 months after the Battle of Geonosis, was still active on the battlefields. In 20 BBY, the Confederacy launched a devastating series attacks known as Operation Durge's Lance, but whether Durge was in any way involved in these is unknown.

Near the climax of the Clone Wars, Durge once again faced off against Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker, above the watery world of Maramere. Skywalker hammered Durge back, forcing him into an escape pod and shooting him into Maramere's star, finally defeating the seemingly invincible warrior.


Species Human
Gender Male
Hair color White
Eye color Brown

bio:Even as a Mandalorian, Montross had always gone to extreme measures. Though he served loyally under Mandalore Jaster Mereel, Montross had his own vision on how the mercenary group should be run.

During the Battle of Korda 6 in the Mandalorian Civil War, Montross disobeyed Mereel and went on a foolhardy assault against a well-entrenched enemy.

The battle soon turned into a rout, and Mereel realized that it was a trap set by their enemies: the Death Watch. Mereel wanted to evacuate, but Montross delayed them, yelling that Mandalorians never abandoned a fight.

Jaster used Montross' insane maneuvers as a distraction to allow Jango to reach their target, but when the Death Watch's leader, Vizsla, showed up, Montross saw his opportunity and abandoned Jaster, leaving the Mandalore open to attack from Vizsla's tank.

Montross' betrayal led to his leader's death, and upon his return to the Mandalorians, he attempted to claim the mantle of Mandalore.

However, Jango Fett returned with Mereel's corpse, exposing Montross's treachery. To Montross's dismay, the Mandalorians collectively agreed that Jango should lead the Mandalorians, not Montross, despite the elder warrior's retort of

"You would have a child leading you?".
Disgusted, and under the threat of exile for his part in Mereel's death, Montross left the Mandalorians forever, and became a bounty hunter.

After the Mandalorians were almost entirely annihilated at the Battle of Galidraan, he was one of the few left in the galaxy who still wore the armor and was known for never taking a live bounty.

Like Jango Fett, Montross was offered the chance by the enigmatic Tyranus to become the Prime Clone for the planned Grand Army of the Republic. Still nursing a grudge against his old rival, Montross decided that he would stop at nothing to ensure it was he, and not Jango Fett that collected the bounty on Bando Gora leader Komari Vosa.

Twice Fett and Montross fought, on Coruscant and Malastare. Fett escaped his rival both times, and seemed to be far ahead of Montross in the race. However, unbeknownst to his opponent, Montross had managed to put a tracking device on Slave I and overheard Fett's conversation with Rozatta. Heading to the Outland Station, Montross forced the Toydarian to tell him the location of Vosa and the Bando Gora. Rozatta told Montross Vosa was on the fourth moon of Bogden - Kohlma. Sure that the prize would now be his, Montross then set thermal charges on Outland Station and contacted Jango, gloating that he would get Vosa himself, but Fett managed to find the return before the station exploded, receiving from the dying Rozatta the information he required.

Montross had his old Mandalorian armor and the two prepared to fight. Jango emerged the victor. Montross wanted a 'warrior's death' but he had already done too much, and Jango simply left him screaming in agony as the Bando Gora proudly finished him off.

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Re: Durge vs Montross

I don't like either of them. But between them, I'd say Montross would win, I think.

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Re: Durge vs Montross

I don't know a lot about Montross, but Durge can regenerate... I think I will vote Durge.

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Re: Durge vs Montross

HMMMMM Montross or Durge? hmmm Montross or Durge? hmmm Montross or Durge? Montross or Durge? Montross or Durge?.......

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Re: Durge vs Montross

I would say Durge.

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Re: Durge vs Montross

Durge also.

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Re: Durge vs Montross

this is closed the winner is Durge

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Re: Durge vs Montross

It's gotta be Durge, because Durge v.s Obi-Wan (clone wars) was quite close, and Obi-Wan could kill Montross easily.

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