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Topic: Any good webcomics?


http://www.funnyjunk.com/movies/101/Bad … ream/large

Does anyone know any good webcomics, or anything else funny on the internet? If so please post them.

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Re: Any good webcomics?

There's this one, although something came up and the artist hasn't been able to do any new ones.
It has a bit of sexual themes in it though, so i guess here's a warning for mature content.
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Re: Any good webcomics?


Yeah, there's like 65 little web comics and you can just scroll through and read 'em. If you're a Marvel comics fan, you'll apreciate these.

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Re: Any good webcomics?


It's supposed to be about video games, but they vear off onto anything really. Still really really funny.

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Re: Any good webcomics?

I love this one: http://www.ctrlaltdel-online.com/ It's main theme is video games, but they do have other storylines too.

Then there's http://community.livejournal.com/frankthecomic/ Frank the Comic Strip. It's about the LiveJournal mascot, Frank the Goat. And even if you don't use LJ it's still a great comic.

I also read Penny Arcade but it's mostly random weirdness. So it's not at the top of my favorites.

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Re: Any good webcomics?

Try these Dinosaur Comics.  They are sometimes funny.  http://www.qwantz.com/


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Re: Any good webcomics?

www.dominic-deegan.com is pretty good, but the arteest is on haitus for a month while he moves (but it gives you time to catch on on teh comics). Its a really good comic if your into magic type stuff.

www.vgcats.com is pretty funneh. Its mostly video game related type of stuff...with CATS. Theres also movie related comics too. Just be warned its not quite family friendly.

www.zebeth.com/planetzebeth is pretty good too. Its a sprite based comic about METROID! Just not the Metroid you know. =P Be warned that its even less family friendly then VGCats (but still funny).

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