Topic: It's not fair!!!

Yeah, it's really not. When my Dad handed me my fresh-off-the-press copy of SW Insider #89 today, I saw this caption at the top: "Boba Fett Fiction: Exclusive Excerpt from the Novel 'Bloodlines.'" I started squealing with joy and ran off to my room.

Ten minutes later, I was nearly in tears.

And do you know why?

Because in it, our hero is dying. There's a great entry from his private records in which we can see into the mind of the Fett, and then he tells us that he's dying. Not only that, but he admits to us that which so many feared. Ailyn Vel is indeed his daughter, meaning Sintas Vel is indeed his wife, meaning that Boba Fett was (how did we put it here?) indeed "a father in absentia." And I quote...

" Slave I heads for Kamino on autopilot. My doctor is meeting me there. He doesn't like the long journey but I don't pay him to be happy. Now I'm thinking of a daughter- Ailyn -who I haven't seen in fifty years, wondering if she's still alive.

"You see, I'm ill. I think I'm dying."

Oh yes, Boba. Someone is going to die. Because if George Lucas approved this, I'm going to murder him. Fett can get old and die a good death, this is true, but WHY AILYN?!?!? The fact that Boba is dying only adds to the agony. Truly, friends, today is a very sad day in Fett Club history.

"There is no greater good than justice," -Boba Fett

Re: It's not fair!!!

I do not think that any of us like those sections of it.

take it easy baby take it as it comes