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Topic: SW Insider : Legacy of the Force - Bloodlines

The old man had a copy of this waiting for me when I came home today. There is a one page teaser of Bloodlines, written in first person from Fett's perspective.

I don't want to tease it and ruin the surprise for folks.

Just interested in opinions on it if/and/or/once you guys get hold of it.

There was one part where he used a 'foul' word. Don't get me wrong, I grew up in NYC, 90% of my vocabulary is classified as foul words. But for Fett? Didn't seem right.

And the first person thing bugs me, but that has nothing to do with Fett.

It didn't have a 'Boba Fett' feel to me. Maybe because I'm using other Fett treatments as touchstones. I read it a second time and it played better.

There was one thing I DID think was promising, which had to do with a relative, and may explain a thorny point of his EU history.


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Yes, I see where your comming from. The first person thing I have a problem with as well. It takes out Boba Fett's mystery. Which is why I go against thinking balloons in Fett comics. I mean, who KNOWS what ingenius things Fett is concocting in his mind. hmm


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I shall just have to wait for the book before final judgment is to be passed.

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