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technodude458 is starting this off...

Introduce other characters, if you want, or pick-up where one leaves off.
Timewarp, no prob.
Unlimited gadgets.
No death, but kill the bad guys.

Here's what he's got: "a mandalorion armour clad male named chris flying in his ship through space."

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Hey, nice job clearing that up for us Aaron. wink This is what I like to call a "short RPG". I'll start.

Jedi QuinLan Vos was cruising  threw space in his jedi starfighter on a secret mission to destroy the Empire. His defense systems had picked up something in the view. "Who's that?" QuinLan said to himself. The odd ship started shooting at him. "PERPEREPREPR!!" a direct hit! QuinLan had to think quickly. He made a 360 swirl, as he released a what looked like limitless suply of proton bombs to his enemy. "...............BWWWWOOOOOMMMMM!!" Bombs all blew simultaniously. In the mist of smoke, QuinLan could see the ship was still there. Who is this this guy, and what does he want with me? QuinLan thought.


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*ahem* I've never done a rpg so i'm nervose...

It seems that some unwanted intruders were sent to kill and destroy all jedi. Off in the distance more of these ships started to appear. QuinLan then has no choice but to flee...He is cut off by one but, shoots his blasters at it even though it has no effect...they rapidly over heat. *gasp* "AAAgh!" Quilan finds out that these ships have a verry powerful sheild. So he descends under the ship and charges up his thrusters to make his escape...he soon calls for backup...

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A pack of five mysterious fighters began to close in on the seemingly helpless Jedi Star fighter. QuinLan applied the necessary pressure to his ships thrusters to clear as much distance between his attackers and himself. QuinLan hadn’t expected such a brash attack from the empire at the beginning of his journey. He wondered how the Emperor's spies had gotten the drop on him so early within his mission guidelines. QuinLan could sense a dark fork in the force stream. The pilot of the leading enemy fighter seemed to resonate a dark aura. QuinLan's sight into the force seemed limited whilst trying to doge the volleys of blaster fire being barraged upon his ship. QuinLan could only assume that the lead fighter was piloted by a Sith Assassin. QuinLan wished that he had been wrong but it all made sense. Only the powers of the dark side could pinpoint his current location in space. Maybe it was a terrible coincidence, but his Jedi beliefs taught him to trust in the force's greater plan rather than blame the ambush on bad luck.

"You pathetic fool. Do you really think you can defeat five of imperial interceptor crafts with your puny bug of a ship?"
The Jedi gasped as a cold mechanical voice invaded his senses. But the young Jedi’s eyes brightened for a moment as he saw a heavenly sight. 
"Yes I do, especially in the sanctum of an asteroid belt."
The Jedi star fighter shot towards the belt with furious speed managing to dodge the blaster barrage with a series of graceful manoeuvres.

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