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Taking inspiration from Bossk Haiku, I thought we'd might try our hands at writing Haiku about our favorite bounty hunter.

Haiku have to follow this format:
5 syllables
7 syllables
5 syllables

Here are some examples:

I am Boba Fett
I constantly get bounties
Because I’m the best

Yes, I am the best
And if you want my service
That’s five million creds

I shot that Gungan
His head spewed brains and jello
Who’s gonna pay me?

Bounties are my fave
Though they put up a hard fight
Not really *I laugh*

“Mitrinimon Pack!”
screamed the Fanboy, and bit me
Now I’ll get rabies.

Zam is not my mom!
Stupid fangirls, I’m a clone!
Can’t you understand?

No, I’m not married
Sintas thought Jodo was me
Ailyn Vel’s HIS kid

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I do not really like poetry (with the exeption of Edger Allen Poe), but that was good. The firt stanza of the first Bossk haiku was humorous.

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I'm fairly good at Haiku's. I'll give you a few.

My Dad was Jango
I'm the only unchanged clone
That makes me unique

I hate Hate Solo
He's weak and married Leia
Real men don't need love

Vader just bugged me
When he froze up my bounty
Should have done the droid!

Slave I rules the skies
Its the fastest ship alive
I'll catch you with it

Half Dragon, half human, 100% Fett!

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this is kinda interresting, but im not good at these kinda things. kool though!


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wow those are good got to gvie you gals credit.

some blood lines were ment to end.

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Re: Boba Haiku!

Sintas and Aylin
Belong not to me I say
Dead Beat Dad I'm not

Relentless as Death
Stealthily I come for you
There is no escape

Bring them back alive
No Disintigrations yet
There is room to play

Carbonite is fine
A Disruptor blast better
Infamy the best

Slave I Grace and Death
Sleek as shadows this beast is
with Fett at the reins


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Wow Ursula, those rock.

Fett went to P-Gal
Saw Lisbon and Porto towns
And he has pictures.

"What's Espantoguese?"
Said Boba to me in Spain.
Portuguese is hard.

Can't wait to upload
These cool pictures of Boba
From his P-gal trip.

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Re: Boba Haiku!

I like that... lots lol cute

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