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Hello, I just wanted to share with you guys a Boba Fett widget that I made.
The artwork is done in Adobe Illustrator.

For those of you that don't know what a widget is, you can learn more
about them at in essence you install the Yahoo widget
engine for either Windows 2000 or Xp or the one for OS X and then download
and run the widgets you like.

The Boba Fett widget is categorized as in fun or games since it will talk when
doubled clicked and give you some "Fett" quotes which by the way they were
provided by Chris Bartlett another big Boba fan -

So you can find the widget at:

And don't forget to download the engine first at:

Hope you guys like it.

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Uh, what is a "widget"?

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dukem72, welcome to the boards! I found that one I believe--and was going to do a news story at! hah

KudarMubat, well, to add to what dukem said already, widgets are small applications, made more popular recently with the Apple operating system. dukem's widget has these sounds, but otherwise... not actual "application" for something like others (weather, maps, clocks).

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Aaron thanks for the add on to my post and for clearing KudarMubat's question.

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That's pretty cool!

"He's no good to me dead."- Boba Fett

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lol man, thats awesome.  Really like the Boba toon style. You gave him style smile and an attitude!

Kel Solaar at your service, for a price...

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Thanks I am glad you liked him.

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Kel Solaar, Flash .SWF is not an Image. You can post the URL like normal, but you can't play Flash movies here on the fly.

As for photobucket uploads, try the JPG ones again.