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  • Karlattzo (The Duel) by Daniel Luc Sullivan
    Quag Dion was nervous. He had been attacked by three assassins ...
  • Fett and the Vong by Padawan JennHighly Rated by Readers
    This author's follow up to The New Jedi Order's novel, "Balance Point," dealing with Jacen Solo and the infamous bounty hunter we all know and love.
  • Accidental Compromise by Llewellyn HemingwayHighly Rated by Readers
    Boba Fett takes on a job that threatens to compromise his morals.




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  • Editor's Pick "Rebels! 1 o'clock!"

    — David Toy of Corona, Mar 10, 2015
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  • #MandalorianMonday: Star Wars #1 one-of-a-kind variant featuring #BobaFett by Jason Goad, who we've featured on the Boba Fett Fan Club's photo-of-the-day in the past. The artist just finished it and has put it up for auction:

#starwars #art #bobafettfanclub

  • Vote #TeamBoba in Latest #ThisIsMadness Matchup:

When this match-up began, #BobaFett led with 66% of the vote. Hours later, the lead fell to 23%. Throughout Saturday, according to our monitoring, Boba climbed back steadily without irregularity to reach 39% of the vote. We had the likes of Daniel Logan, Freddie Prinze Jr., and even William Shatner giving shout-outs for Boba. Then, hours later as the United States began to fall asleep, 9% of that gain disappeared with no social media track record of any push for vote to #TeamJango.

There's one more day to vote:

Last year, Boba Fett had 70% of the vote when he faced Jango. Both last year and this year, the poll appears to have used browser cookies to track votes. Deleting the cookie may be allowing repeat votes.

#recount #starwars #bobafettfanclub

  • IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Play Arts Kai (Square Enix) #BobaFett.

Photos, details, and pre-order:

#starwars #collectibles #bobafettfanclub

  • #‎FettFriday: "The Hunter and His Prey" by Chris Trevas. #‎BobaFett overlooks Platform 327 as the Millennium Falcon arrives at Cloud City. This artwork was licensed by #‎Lucasfilm, sold as a 18" x 24" digital print at Star Wars Celebration V (limited to 250), and featured on the Topps Star Wars Galaxy 7 #58 trading card (2012). #starwars #bobafettfanclub

  • #ThrowbackThursday: Slave I prop, built by modelmaker Lorne Peterson. This photo appeared in Star Wars Insider #145.

Based on early drawings by Nilo Rodis-Jamero, Peterson built the Slave I model. He also built the Death Star and the Millennium Falcon. Peterson was also interviewed about his role in Star Wars Insider #145, where he said his favorite model was Slave I. Peterson also worked on Slave I with Ease Owyeung.

For more about Peterson's contributions to #BobaFett, visit

#starwars #trivia #bobafettfanclub