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? Everybody's Free - Yoda Variation   MP3  
Parody of "Sunscreen" by Baz Luhrman
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  • Deathbringer by Andrew Wirzburger
    Boba Fett undertakes a task to find the creator of a secret and horrible weapon.
  • Lies and Betrayal: Part 1 by Jewel Atkins
    A quest too good to be true.
  • Accidental Compromise by Llewellyn HemingwayHighly Rated by Readers
    Boba Fett takes on a job that threatens to compromise his morals.




  • Caption Image
  • Editor's Pick "And that total prick Vader just wanders in and ... he's standing behind me, isn't he?"

    — Richard Sharman of BobaFett.com, Mar 03, 2015
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  • Celebration Anaheim: Day 1 Highlights for #BobaFett Fans

We caught up with many great cosplayers including Deadland aka Rob of Murrieta, California.

We also were in the right place at a lot of the right times, thanks to our guide: http://j.mp/1H10oUL

See our Fett collectible announcements and photos from Bandai and Sideshow: http://j.mp/1FPghtj

Check out some behind-the-scenes costume trivia: http://j.mp/1DN5HpH

Much more to come!

  • Our #StarWarsCelebration exclusive calling card! Track us down with your bounty hunter skills today through Sunday and get one!

Clues to our whereabouts: http://j.mp/1H10oUL

Table? No table! We've gone rogue.

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  • StarTots #BobaFett Pin (Celebration Anaheim Exclusive)

This #SWCA collectible will be a random giveaway (1 in 20 odds) for all attendees of the collecting panels which go on across all four days. They’re organized by folks like Steve Sansweet, Rancho Obi-Wan, YakFace.com, and others. See http://j.mp/1GJy2zJ for all the opportunities, and http://j.mp/1H10oUL for our overall guide.

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  • Going to #StarWarsCelebration? Leave a comment!

Not going? Fear not! We'll be uploading video, photos, and articles LIVE throughout the four day event.

Who to meet, what to see, where to go, and when to say "hello" at #SWCA? See our guide, just for #BobaFett fans: http://j.mp/1H10oUL

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  • #MandalorianMonday: Vintage #BobaFett photo by Kim David McNeill Simmons.

This shot is part of a larger series from "The Man Who Shot Luke Skywalker." See http://themanwhoshotlukeskywalker.com for more or e-mail manwhoshotskywalker@me.com regarding all his Boba Fett prints.

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