Topic: Open Seasons and KOTOR Mandalorians

Some new comic 2-packs were announced from our affiliates at Entertainment Earth and can be expected later in the year. 

First up is "The Questioner" himself, Rohlan Dyre.  A Mandalorian from the days of the Old Republic with a KOTOR comic book and figure of Jarael.

Second, is a fan favorite request that has finally come to fruition.  From the Jango Fett: Open Seasons comic book and the Star Wars Bounty Hunter game is a comic 2-pack featuring the True Mandalorian leader and Jango Fett's mentor Jaster Mereel and the traitorous villain Montross. … r=HS87504P

The sets are Entertainment Earth exclusives that were announced at the Comic Con last year and are now available for pre-order with an expected delivery date of November 2010.

Good hunting.


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Re: Open Seasons and KOTOR Mandalorians

ugh.....  Why do they always find a way to make the female character figures so repulsive??  And Jarael there is actualy one of the better ones! *though that looks NOTHING like her from the comics...*  I've seen Mara Jade figures, one of the hotest chickes in the comics, come out less attracticve then Chewie.

On the bright side, at least there's more Mandos on the market.  At least they get the dudes right more-or-less

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