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The UD4L Cheyenne made its preliminary sweep of the abandoned compound

"There!" Lt. Gorman pointed out to the pilots, the base had a deserted landing pad

"Okay hang on coming down fast" The pilot responded as he bagan landing the UD4L

"Dont land we'll jump, better safe than sorry. just keep it steady" Gorman said as he patted the pilot on the shoulder before grabbing his M41a and running to the ramp and jumping off in one swift movement
His men then followed

Gorman gave out his hand signals to secure the DZ

"Take that APC back delta 1 we wont need it just yet" Gorman said over his comms

"Okay we need to get power back to the whole base, alpha platoon listen in, I'll take a team to the command center, designated team one, team two lead by Caz make your way to where ever you can turn the power on and give me some power!"

"Roger that sir" came the feminine voice of caz over the radio

"This is bravo platoon, we got Company aboard sir, were gonna land 3 clicks west of your location and set up camp, ETA 10"

"Roger that Bravo, out" Gorman replied

With that gorman entered one of the corridors on the right was a few arrows:
Armory, Scientific studies, Labs 1, 2 and 3, barracks area, cantine and Command center

"Bingo, Stay frosty team" Gorman whispered as he raised his pulse rifle to his shoulder and began prowling the corridor to the command center

"This is team two, were en route to the power command unit, out" Caz whispered over the comms

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Haze piloted Smoke's personal shuttle to Iapetus behind the other landing parties. He had Haze put the shuttle down about 100 meters away from the mouth of the giant lunar cave. Haze, and the squad of elites equipped their space suit breathing equipment before lowering the exit ramp of the shuttle. The air rushed out from around the group as they stepped out; Smoke directly behind.

After about ten minutes of walking, the party arrived at the facility main entrance inside the cave; they stood before a large opened blast door.

"Do you know- *huff* -what lies beyond this point?"

The squad captain looked at his men; they all nodded. "Yes sir."

"I advise not removing your respiration gear or helmets." Haze promptly removed her helmet and space suit, readying her BMFG. "Unlike me."

Smoke pulled the M68C out of the dufflebag under his arm, nodding.

"Let's Move."

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Haze moved away from the entrance to the facility. She called back on her comm to Smoke. "Requesting permission to secure the perimeter, sir."

"Request granted. Just be back in ten minutes Haze."

"Yes sir."

Haze, with her BMFG at the ready, Carefully scanned the area. Five minuets into her walk she thought she heard some rocks move. She turned in the direction of the sound. She didn't see anything at first. Just more of the same rocky landscape.

Then it happened. The small creature lunged from behind a pile of larger boulders. It was fast. But Haze, battle hardened and experienced was faster. She spun around, bringing the BMFG up into position and fired. The blue laser hazed forth, striking the attacking being dead on, stopping it where it was and causing to fall to the ground, dead.

"Haze reporting in." She called, moving to the smoking carcass, and poking it with the toe of her boot. "I've encountered something."

"Yeah?" Smoke answered. " Did you kill it?"

Haze let the silence be her answer.

"Ok, wrong question."

"Why don't you come take a look for yourself If you doubt me." Haze knew Smoke didn't. That's why she was loyal to him and his plans. "I'm coming back. We need sensors and scans up."

"10 4."

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Gormans squad slowly prowled the corridors of the abandoned base.

"Did you hear that?" Private Harley asked

"Nooope i didnt hear crap" Gorman answered "Anything on the scanner?"

"Just a few minor blips sir, must be rats or something"

"Oooo never thought of that ha!" Harley chuckled bringing relaxing his smart gun a bit

Gorman was thinking to himself, For a base that was abandoned due to unknown reasons it must not of been a battle or rebellion, there was no marks of battle anywhere, and no corpses.

"Sir, Master Sergeant Caz here, we got power to the base, stand by!" Gormans radio suddenly burst to live

The whirring of motors could be heard followed by lights beginning to flicker

"Power restore.....complete sir, heading to your location now out"

"Okay team one get this place operational!" Gorman called out

"Bravo this is alpha, the base is operational, nothing on the scanners though, But they have locked down the sub ground levels, heavily locked down, Can you guys get on the blower to command and fill me in on your arrival? over"

"Roger that alpha, We'll do the talking you do the securing out"

"Okay Team one, go out in 3 teams of four, one team here with me, scout out the base see if you can find anything, now move it!" Gorman shouted

With that the three teams moved to secure the base

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