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Chromium grimaced, He was not a fan of the media.

Thick strands of his metal shot out of his body and wrapped themselves around Frost, Vandal, Flame, and Acero. Haze was next to him to he grabbed her in his arms.

"Time to leave." He said to the group.

He looked upwards and burst into the sky, the companions in tow. He flew as high as the group could handle and hid within the clouds. He was going to try an ability he had been practicing for some time. He thought now was the moment of truth.

"Everyone hold on, dont sqwuirm." He said. Everyone's eyes grew large and they all were shocked. They didnt know what to expect.

Chromium winced, this was going to hurt. Large amounts of his metal began jutting outwards from his body and combining and twisting and morphing into one incoherent shape. Everyone was still suspended in mid air by the tentacles. Eventually the metal molded into the shape of a giant silver jet. The tentacles pulled the supers through the silver walls and into the cabin of the jet. (Just picture something like the X-Men jet but silver i guess)

There were no computers, naturally. And the windows had a slight silver tint to them because they were made out of Chromium's metal very highly compressed so they were see through. At the pilot's seat was Chromium, yet his hands and arms were joined to where the cockpit instruments would be. He withdrew his arm from the main part of the ship and waved the group into silver seats that shot out from the floor.

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Re: RPG-Superhumans

Im invisioning a more....sevitor-y look for chormium right now, like a Titan servitor, like hes been intigrated into the ship))

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Re: RPG-Superhumans

Frost was starting to get a little worried when the photographer noticed him. The whole identity theft, someone-who-imitated-you killed sombody thing, on top of freaking loud noises in his head 'cause of Vandal, was starting to become a bit much, so when Chromium was doing the quick-thinking, Frost was grateful. Then all of a sudden, silvery chaos ensued, and they were magically inside a plane.

"Ummm, Chromium?"


"That was cool..."

"Heh heh, thanks, I thought so myself."

"Okay, so, dude, where do we go now?"

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Re: RPG-Superhumans

After killing the chief of police and soiling Frost's reputation, Harry moved on to his next target: Vandal.

Harry made tracks to the state pen, the one wihtout supers. assuming Vandal's form and powers, but reatianing Officer Simms' service revolver, (s)he walked in and mentally crippled all the security personel. Making his/her way to the main power grid, Vandal killed all the guards in the facility, making sure that the security guards caught him/her on tape. (S)he then proceeded to free all the inmates.

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"At the moment, no where. The ship is just going to fly around a bit. We are going to talk here." Chromium said to Frost.

Chromium rose from the pilot's seat and walked towards the back of the ship that was somewhat empty. While he walked he would keep the foot that was touching the floor connected to it so he could still mentally control the ship, he had not yet developed the ability to control his metal while it was disconnected from his main body.

At the back he spawned a large round table and he willed the chairs where the companions sat to the table. The seats slide up to the table and were evenly spaced. Chromium sub-consciously spawned his own chair next to Haze's...

"This Harry character has become the greatest threat to this city and the innocents within it. We must devise a plan of action to take him out of commision. We now now that he has framed Frost and he is no doubt doing so to the rest of us as we speak. Well ladies and gentlemen...any suggestions?" Chromium said to the group.

Haze ran her fingers across the smooth silver table and thought for a moment.

Flame leaned back in the seat, which had accomodated to his tail, and sighed.

Frost was still looking around at great silver ship that they were in.

Vandal had her chin in her hand and was looking at the floor, also thinking of what to do next.

Acero simply sat and looked at Chromium.

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Re: RPG-Superhumans

Flame looked around, still bound by chains. Unfortuanately, these were now stuck in the seat, effectively stuck. He created a small fire, and shaped it, making two human like figures, which then proceded to fight. He quickly grew bored of this, and began to look around again.

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Re: RPG-Superhumans

Chromium noticed Flame's boredom. He fought back the urge to send his own little silver figure to battle his of fire.

He saw that the chains were still on Flame. He broke them using the silver chair and Flame pulled them off, stretching and relaxing his muscles.

"Nothing to add Flame?"

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Re: RPG-Superhumans

Acero reluctantly clipped his hardy chains back to his interface gauntlets. If there was one thing he put before his duty, it was protecting the world against the fall of the heroes. Harry was doing exactly this in a quick and efficient manner.

Suddenly the red beacon in Acero's right wrist blinked on. That was the bad one. He tried to connect to HQ, but his link had been severed. Another bad sign.

He placed his arm on the table playing the incoming message for the other occupants of the Chromi-jet. This time Lietenant Davis' revolving head was projected from Acero's gauntlet.

"By immediate order of the mayor," said David. "Due to the impending threat that has arisen, all 'supers' are required to report to city hall for immediate processing. Those who fail to comply will be deemed hazardous and suffer the consequences. Law officials may use whatever means necessary to stop them."

The broadcast blinked off leaving everyone aboard in stunned silence.

Re: RPG-Superhumans

"We've got to take down Harry, this is getting out of hand." Chromium stated.

Haze thought for a moment. “Harry can take on any of our forms and powers. So do we have a common weakness?”

Vandal glared at Haze, “I don’t like the idea of revealing our weaknesses.”

“So what other alternative do you have?” Haze said in reply.

Vandal let out a breath, “I don’t know, blow him to kingdom come.”

“Look we’re all flesh and blood. However Chromium and Acero have metal skins that can protect them from just about anything. Vandal, you can damage people’s minds, however both Flame and I have the abilities to block such attacks. Frost and Darklight obviously cancel each other out. But what can Oni and Jericho do?” Haze said.

“Jericho is bizarre, he’s a fighter but his ability to do so is odd.” Vandal said as if reliving a memory.

“As for Oni, I think his abilities are mainly from his gadgets.” Frost put in, “What about that chick that was hanging around Jack?”

Haze shrugged, “I know nothing about her.”

Vandal shook her head. “I felt nothing. It was like she was dead.”

Haze suddenly sat up quickly. “What about poison? There’s a super I’ve heard of that is covered with tiny spines that are poisonous. Perhaps that would get rid of Harry.”

Chromium shrugged, “I believe Jack has some sort of healing factor.”

“But is it enough to go against a seriously potent toxin?” Haze said.

The others shrugged. “I guess it’s worth a try.” Frost said

“So who’s this super?” Vandal asked.

Haze looked up, “His name is Noxious.

“Noxious? That guy is psycho.” Vandal spat.

Haze sighed, “If that doesn’t work there’s one other alternative. But I’d like to leave that as a back up.”

“What is it?” Chromium asked.

Vandal grinned, “It’s her father.”

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Re: RPG-Superhumans

"I'm not going, we need to deal with Harry. He is very dangerous, he can look like me, you, or Haze. I can deal with him. It would be very painful." Flame said, looking at Chromium.

The figures, one redish, and one greenish continued their epic battle. Red drew a sword, and swung it, Green dodged, and grabbed Red's sword-wrist. He kneed Red in the gut, then grabbed the sword. He looked as if he were ready to execute Red. He looked at Flame, who nodded. "Execute him" the gesture said. The sword began to come down, but Red moved to the side, and grappled with Green, managing to steal his sword. Red swung the blade quickly, and decapitated Green. The body fell to the ground, and the fire that made it estinguished. Red looked at Haze, being forced to crane his neck due to his size, and did a medival-esque bow, he slowly seemed to unravel then was gone

(I had to re-type that, and as a result, it isnt as good as it was
(Not because of what some one did, but because i acidentaly hit some kinda hot-key sad )

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Re: RPG-Superhumans

Flame ended the battle between his mini flame men.

Haze glared at Vandal. “Thanks for sharing that.”

Flame looked confused, “What’s the problem?”

“My father and I aren’t on speaking terms.” Haze said as she glared daggers at Vandal.

Vandal shrugged, “Can’t blame you. The guy does tend to suck.” She said and burst into laughter.

“Who’s your father?” Frost asked.

Haze looked at her hands. “Do you remember the super known as Vince?”

“You mean as in short for “Invincible?” Flame asked.

“Yeah, that’s my father.” Haze said not knowing where to look.

Flame slapped the table and grinned, “He could definitely save our skins.”

Chromium tilted his head to the side, “I have not heard of Vince.”

Frost looked gob-smacked. “You haven’t? You been living under a rock? Well actually I suppose it’s been a long time since Vince graced us or anyone with his presence.”

Vandal looked directly at Chromium. “Vince is like Rogue from the Xmen. If he touches you he can drain your powers and acquire them. Difference is that Vince can turn this ability on and off like a switch. He’s also impervious to pretty much everything, hence why Haze was unable to kill him with a train, plus it’s said that no other super can mimic him.”

Chromium’s hand brushed against Haze’s but she remained quiet. So now everyone knew her father was a super. They didn’t all know that he beat her mother. It had taken years for Haze to realise that her mother was actually a super too. The violence had actually been battle practice.

Haze had been angry that her parents hadn’t explained this to her. They’d been happy to let her think the worst of them. She hated her family at times like this. She stood up abruptly and left the table to sit in the cockpit. She wanted to be alone.

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Re: RPG-Superhumans

Chromium watched as Haze stood and sat in the cockpit. He resisted the urge to follow her. She needed to be alone, and this problem needed to ba taken care of.

"Alright team, we have a decision. Either we go after Noxious, which is pretty much a gamble, or we go after Vince. We could also split up and look for both of them and meet up afterwards. What say you?" Chromium said to the group.

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Re: RPG-Superhumans

Darklight left the woman with Jack.  He didn't know why, but he trusted her; it didn't seem as if she was capable of lying.  After a brisk question and answer period with a secretary on the main floor, Darklight determined which room Void was in, and flew outside.  He found the room's window, predictably, it was shuttered and closed.  With a snarl on his face, Darklight summoned his power, and blasted the window in, and floated into the room, body encased in a veil of golden power.

"Well well, if it isn't the knight in shining armour, coming to rescue his princess..." Void's mocking voice whispered from everywhere in the dim room at once.  "A bit late for that, aren't you?"

"Void, I have had ENOUGH of you.  Anything against me, that hurts me is fair game, I can take it.  But I warned you, the second you hurt anyone close to me, you are a dead man.  You went too far this time."

"You really think I would do something like that?  Look, DL, I hate your guts, but I wouldn't go and kill her jsut to get at you.  Well, maybe I would.  But that isn't the point!  I mean, did anyone ever tell you HOW she died?  No?  Well, she was torn in half.  Yep, literally ripped to pieces.   You know me DL, and you know I am not strong enough to accomplish something like that.  Now please, I am waiting for my lunch, so if you could just go float outside, that would be great.  Oh, and visiting hours are from five pm to seven pm.  Look me up then, if you will.  Ta ta!"

Darklight gritted his teeth.  "This game has gone on long enough Void."

He sent a blast of light into the darkest shadowy corner he could see, and received a satisfying yelp from Void's hidden figure.  He then fired an arc of power which sent Void into the wall.  Void retaliated by extending his arm adn three tendrils, and shooting them at Darklight, like a mini ebon train.  It struck Darklight's shield, and the force alone sent him soaring out through the window.  Void then leaped out after him, arms stretching out to attack Darklight from both sides, and his tendrils also darting in.

Darklight fended them off as best he could, sending bolt after bolt of light at the shadowy tentacles, forcing the occasional few to recede, while enduring the strikes of the others.  He and Void flew together over the city, locked in an airborne duel, Darklight not even wanting to throw Void off of him; so engrossed was he in his conflict.  Void grabbed the front of Darklight's costume with one hand, adn began to slug him with the other.  Darklight grabbed a fistful of Void's essence with his left hand, and struck at Void with a light-coated right fist.

Passerby's in the streets looked up, and beheld the spectacle of a golden comet, streaked with black, and the distinct picture of light fighting darkness as they witness Darklight and Void's attempts to bash the brains out of their enemy.  They were so caught up in their fight that they didn't notice an odd shining silvery plane, flying low, until it struck them, and sent them hurtling to the ground below.  As Darklight hit, his shield flickered and went out, overburdened by the force of the impact.  Dazed but alive, he stood, and charged his fists with his power once more; the daylight's adverse effects being negated by his pure rage.  Void had liquefied upon impact, and had already reformed, also ignoring the sunlight, again, due to his own fury.  Neither of them noticed that they were standing before the hospital once again. 

Their eyes locked, and they charged at each other. Bolts of light and shadow flew every which way, and the fists of both combatants struck their opponent countless times, neither one permitting the other to get an advantage over the other.  Neither of them noticed Jack on the ground nearby, and the other girl standing and watching.  They had eyes only for each other...and not in the stereotypical manner, either.  They were looking to tear each other to pieces, their years of conflict and hatred finally coming to a tremendous boil.  And they fought on, oblivious to any audience they might have gained.

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Re: RPG-Superhumans

The Jet shook slightly with the impact.

Chromium quickly walked to a window and looked outside at the figures of Darklight and Void who were fighting in front of the hospital. Exactly what he didn't want.

"We have a problem." Chromium said to the group

He landed the jet on the street next to the battle and created a door and ramp on the side of the jet.

The companions walked out to the scene of the battle.

Chromium however made his way to Haze who was still sitting in the cockpit. She was looking out the silvery winshield yet her mind was elsewhere. He placed his hand on her shoulder.

"I realize this will be difficult for you. However, for the sake of the innocents of this city, it must be done. I will be always be here for you and I will be with you as you face any challenges." He said to her.

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Re: RPG-Superhumans

Darkligth saw the silver jet land, and a group of heroes spill out.  He had enough trouble as it stood...He hoped that they would back down, and let him finish his fight before they did anything stupid.  Void's fist caught the distracted Darklight in the jaw, and possessed enough force to send him hurtling into the cluster of heroes.  Amid a tangle of arms and legs, he heard a voice, distinctly Frost's pipe up, "Dude, anyone get the number of that truck?"  Darkligth smiled and stood, apologizing to the heroes, and received a thick column of shadow slamming into his back as a reward, pinning him to the side of the jet.  He whipped arund, endured the crushing pain, and fired a lance of light back at Void, the impact of which threw the villain away from Darklight.

Darklight walked away from the jet, and resumed his attack on Void.  Sword of light met shield of shadow.  Hammer of brilliance met with axe of darkness.  Tendrils tipped with razor edges met with a bubble of energy.  On and on they fought, at range, or right up close and personal; once more ignoring their growing audience.

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Re: RPG-Superhumans

Haze let out a sigh. "Thanks Chromium, but what do you say to a man you haven't seen in twelve years? Hi Dad, I need you to kick some butt?"

Chromium gave her shoulder a squeeze. "We can work it out on the way to see him."

Haze stood. "Very well then. Though I still suggest trying Noxious in case Dad doesn't want to play."


Outside the jet Vandal, Frost, Flame and Acero watched the fight. "This is great." Flame said wishing he had a cup of popcorn.

Frost gave him a shove. "We should help him, shouldn't we?" He asked turning to Vandal.

Vandal raised a brow. "Okay Darklight wants to set things straight, but he's no angel. Do whatever."

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Re: RPG-Superhumans

Chromium and Haze walked off the jet and Chromium withdrew it back into his body. They walked up and joined the group.

"Hold Frost." Chromium said, placing his hand on his shoulder. "At the moment, I think we should wait and see who will emerge victorious. Neither are innocent, so we would only be helping ourselves and the authorities in subduing them. We will only enter the fray if necessary.

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Re: RPG-Superhumans

Desdemona had moved Jack to a quiet rooftop some distance away. As she lowered him to the ground his hair was ruffled by the wind and she noticed just how boyish he looked when sleeping. She found herself smiling despite herself.

Touching a hand to his cheek, Desdemona allowed him to wake. While in the process, Darklight and Void flew overhead throwing punches at each other madly. "Such fury," she whispered to herself quietly.

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Re: RPG-Superhumans

Haze stepped forward, "Frost, I think that you, Acero and Vandal should see if you can find Noxious. We're going to look for my father."

"Yes," Frost said pumping his hand in the air.

"What do you want me to do?" Flame asked.

"Find Oni, see if he knows how to get rid of Harry. If not see if he can help us." Haze told.

Vandal crossed her arms across her chest, "I'm having nothing to do with that sadist."

Haze shrugged, "You don't have to, just ignore him."


Haze and Chromium had walked a few blocks away when Haze heard Chromium's tummy grumble. "Hungry?" she asked.

"Famished," Chromium answered as he placed a hand on his belly. "Sorry about that."

Haze smiled slightly, "I think I can forgive you this time."

Chromium smiled back. They walked in silence for a while until they reached the 'eat street'. "I'll get some food," Haze volunteered as she knew it pained Chromium to return to his natural form.

"Okay, but I'll be watching." He replied.

Haze took a moment to decide, she picked out a kebab shop and returned to Chromium. "Chicken or beef?" she asked as she held up two kebabs.

"I'll have the beef," Chromium answered as he remembered Haze had eaten a chicken meal when she'd dined with Jack. "So did Jack ever pay you back for that meal."

Haze had just taken a mouthful of her kebab and had to chew a moment before she could answer. "No, I doubt I'll see the money."

"Maybe he'll shout you dinner instead," Chromium suggested though the thought niggled at him.

Haze smirked, "Oh I seriously doubt it. That guy sinks of 'I'm afraid of commitment' I just failed to notice initially."

"I might have to shout you dinner then instead." Chromium suggested.

Haze smiled, "I'd like that."

Chromium reached out to remove a shred of chicken that was on the edge of Haze's lip. "You know I've never met anyone quite like you before."

Haze chuckled, "You mean someone who can literally sweep you off your feet?"

"Well there's that, but it's nice to find someone I can talk to." Chromium told.

Haze nodded, "The thought's mutual."

As they finished off their meal Haze realised that she could put off her visit to her father no longer. "Let's get this over with."

"You getting rid of me already?" Chromium said in jest.

Haze shook her head, "I was meaning finding my father."

"I know," Chromium said as he took her hand in his. They walked along for a moment before Chromium spoke, "You didn't mention before that your father was a super."

Haze didn't say anything for a moment, "I didn't know initially. At the time that I attacked him I thought he was human. The way my mother acted you would have thought so too. It wasn't until I was 25 that I found out. My Aunt let it slip. You see she's my mother's sister. That's where Starbright inherited her power from."

"I'm not interested in Starbright, I want to know about you." Chromium added to get her back on track.

"Right," Haze said continuing on. "My mother came to visit my Aunt regularly, I had no idea. My mother has the ability to turn invisible. She can also turn her skin solid. I didn't know this. But apparently that's why Dad had no qualms in hitting her because he knew it wouldn't hurt her. They were only sparring, but it was so violent that I was certain it was domestic violence. I should have realised that she never bruised."

Chromium held her by her upper arms. "Any one would have thought as you did. You wanted to protect your mother."

Haze nodded, "I know. I just felt so dumb when I found out. Worst part is that my parents never approached me to make amends and I don't know why."

"Perhaps they thought they were protecting you." Chromium suggested.

Haze let out a snort. "Oh yeah, let's leave our scarred little girl, who can move things with her mind, in an emotion wasteland."

Chromium brought her close for a hug. "You don't know their reasons. But know that I am here for you."

Haze felt secure in their embrace. "Why didn't I meet you years ago?"

"I was in the lab remember." He said and gave her a gentle squeeze.

"So what's your story?" She asked.

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Re: RPG-Superhumans

Harry had heard the public anouncement calling all supers to gather. He decided this could be a chance to dirty another of his enemies' noses. As Officer Simms, he moved towards city hall.

Supers were all over the place, and the mayor was standing at a podium waiting for more heroes to arrive. Titan, a superhero who could alter his size at will, towered 5o feet tall, and Gecko, who could adhere to any surface ((think Spider-man's wallcrawling)) stuck to a wall. Without even thining about it, Harry "downloaded" these abilities.

When no one was looking, he shifted in Acero, and ambled up to the mayor.

"Acero, good to see you've heeded my ca-aauggh!" The mayor attempted to say something, but "Acero" Gripped him by the throat, snapping the mayor's neck for all to see.

Cops hesitated to open fire, unsure as to whether or not what they just saw really happened. Before any chaos ensued, "acero" performed a super-strength enhanced leap up to the roof of a closeby building. He heard police radios crackle to life after the people had recovered from shock.

Harry shifted to Chromium and dropped from the buidling.

"What h-happened?" 'Chromium' asked Titan, who was trying not to step on anyone as he searched for the mayor's killer.

"Acero...he...he just killed the mayor! Always knew there was something funny about that guy."

"Well,t-tell the mayor I s-s-said hi."

"Wha--" before Titan could finish, a silver spear had prtruded from his chest. 'Chromium' had struck.

"Titan!" Gecko, who had noticed Titan's murder, lept towards Chromium, meeting the same fate.

'Chromium' then took flight, streaking like a comet through the sky.

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Re: RPG-Superhumans

Jack was vaguely aware of things going on around him.  But he was asleep.  Odd.  He felt himself being moved from one location to another.  When he awoke he saw Desdemona standing right over him observing.

"I didn't even get a lullaby!  What a rip."  He immediately noticed Void and Darklight clashing overhead.  Jack resisted the urge to go and pull out his uzis. 

"Are you no going to do something Jack?"

Jack sighed.  "This time this is Darklight's fight.  I must let him finish it.  So I will do my best to stop anyone from interfereing.  If that means giving a long talking to to some friends or kicking the butt of some villain so be it."

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Re: RPG-Superhumans

Frost was excited, looking for people with poison pricklies all over their body was always fun. And it normally meant a rubber bullet through a sniper rifle to the temple of who ever you were trying to capture.

"Okay, dudes and dudettes, where do we want to start looking? Vandal, can't you use your telepathy thing as like, a mind-finder or something?"

"Yeah, I could try that, but Noxious'll have to be within range?"

Frost was curious... "Which is... how big?"

"About 25 miles."

"Oh! Good, well, start thinking, or whatever it is you do."

Vandal concentrated, sifting through thousands of people's minds in minutes. Starting to get mentally exhausted, she found him. "Whoa! This guy is scattered... He's got tons of different thoughts going through his mind at one time. I've never seen anything like it!"

"Ummm, the dude is a psycho.”

"Good point. Let’s go get him."

Acero, who had been quiet up to this point, spoke up, "Where?”

Vandal replied, "Ummm, you guys aren't gonna like this... but he's actually living in a building about a block from the police station, and we can't go back there, Frost is like a wanted criminal.”

“Ummm, dude, so is Acero,” said Frost, looking at a TV in a bar across the street. The TV was showing footage that showed “Acero” walking into the police station, apparently turning himself in, then going up to the mayor, and breaking his neck. Acero, Vandal, and Frost watched in disbelief.

Vandal spoke up first. “Okay, Harry has to be stopped. He’s turning the entire city against us.”

Acero spoke again, “How?”

“Okay, dude, you seriously have to say more…”

“Frost! Stay on topic! We can’t go near the police station, and we’re probably going to have to knock Noxious out before we recruit him, or we won’t come quietly. So we have to knock him out from long range.”

Frost perked up, picking up on Vandal’s subtle hint, “Yes! Sniper time! Okay, let’s go!”
He grabbed Vandal and Acero, then conjuried a trail of ice, and a toboggan on top of it. He shoved them into the toboggan, and ice skated behind it, pushing it. He pushed it into the sky, then hopped in and let gravity power the sled the rest of the 19 miles to a rooftop about a mile away from Noxious’ building.

They all hopped out and the sleigh melted almost instantly, influenced by Frost. While Frost set up his sniper rifle, Vandal looked sceptical. “Are you sure you can make a shot from this distance?”

“Hey, look. Did I doubt you when you found one guy among a city of thousands using only your brain as an organic search engine?

“Fine, you win.”

“Thank you.” Frost loaded is gun with a rubber bullet, then, looking through the scope through the cement valley at the building a mile away, he asked Vandal. “Mind telling me which room he’s in?”

“Oh! Ummmmm, 26th floor, third room from the left” she said after concentrating for a bit.

“Thank you.” Frost found the room, and saw Noxious through the window. Then, aiming at his head, he fired. The bullet traveled fast, but even so, during it’s journey, Frost added layers of ice to it, until it was a baseball-sized sphere, and he kept it on course by manipulating a cold wind behind it, propelling it forward, yet keeping it straight, and avoiding parabolic rotation. Then, at the last second, in order to slow the ball down so he wouldn’t kill Noxious, he briefly made a fan of ice around the ball, inducing a parachute effect. Then, melting it, after slowing the ice-ball down enough, Frost watched it shatter the window, and conk Noxious in the head, slap-stick style. Noxious immediately fell to the ground, unconscious.

“Nice… shot.” said Acero.

“You know, coming from a dude who says, like, three words a day, that means a lot. Thanks, man.”

Vandal, who had watched the shot by putting herself in the perspective of Frost’s mind, said, “Wow, that was… creative. Cool. Now, let’s go get him.”

Frost packed up his sniper rifle, and conjured the toboggan again. They all hopped in, and Frost pushed it along the ice trail suspended above the ground across the expanse and through the shattered window.

“Okay, who wants to pick him up?” Frost quipped.

“Ummm, how ‘bout you encase him in ice first.”

“Good idea.” said Frost, turning Noxious into a block of ice.
Vandal picked up the block, and dropped it in the back of the sleigh. Then Frost got behind, jumpstarted it with a few quick strides, then jumped in and let it glide to where Vandal had found Haze and Chromium with her mind.

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Re: RPG-Superhumans

Darklight was thrown from the duel with a mighty punch from Void.  He crashed into, and knocked over, a streetlight.  With a groan, he stood again, and fired a blast of light towards Void, who nimbly contorted his shape into a “C”, to avoid it.  Void shadowstepped across the distance, and attacked Darklight with a frenzy of tendrils and fists. 

Their duel, now once more on the move, being flanked silently by the watchful Jack, had moved into the street, and through a nearby bar.  Void was thrown through the walls, in a shower of debris.  Darklight followed him, and sent him through the other wall with a light powered blow to the chest.  They continued their duel until they wound up in the centre of the city, surrounded by hundreds of frightened pedestrians who lacked the presence of mind to leave the scene.  One of Void’s attacks sent Darklight soaring into the air, for him to recover by once more activating his field of light, and diving down at Void.  He hit him full on, Void’s tendrils wrapped around Darklight’s body, and his fists pummeling Darklight’s face.  Darklight himself pounded Void’s black form, doing his best to fly the two of them into had objects, also trying to dislodge his unwanted passenger.  A billboard clipped Void’s back, and the man let go, falling to the streets below, splattering on the pavement as he landed. 

Darklight descended, and deactivated his shield.  A pillar of shadow –Void in a completely nonhuman appearance- struck him, and threw him through several streetlights, a stop sign, three taxis, and an apartment building’s lobby, until coming to rest in the city’s large, major intersection, duking it out amid the clamoring of the horns of the cars, and generally destroying a lot of property in their attempts to kill their opponent.
Neither of tehm paid attention to the approaching police cars, or the pedestrians calling on tehir cell phones for larger assistance, namely, the military.

Due to maintenance problems, the light at the end of the tunnel will not be in operation today.  Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

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Re: RPG-Superhumans

(Em, Night, i dont want to be mean but....that was kind of quick. I think Mel intended it to be a little longer so Chromium and Haze had enough time to find Vince. Also, creative ice bullet thingy, but super speed is not one of Frost's powers, so i dont know how he was able to conjure ice on the bullet, blow air at it to influence its flight path, and conjure a parachute ice thing around it so fast. I dont doubt that Frost could do that, but i do doubt that he could do it all faster than a speeding bullet. And what does Noxious look like? Sorry, i just thought everything moved a little fast there. Haze and Chromium havent even started looking for Vince, so is it ok if you stall for a bit?)

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Re: RPG-Superhumans

Flame was running, he was rather good at this.  He had cauterized the wound, but it still hurt, the bullet was still in there, and he he needed to get it out as soon as he got back to Haze and Chromium. He was close to the bar, he vaulted over the police baricade. The reporters were gone. The bar was empty. He began to run in a different direction, seaching with his eyes, and possibly more actively, with his mind.

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