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This is Me and ARC's Star Wars ornament collection.
We have been collecting these most of our lives.
The AT-AT is the newest one.

Lets see yours!


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Re: Star Wars ornament collection

I also noticed that Target has a new 5-piece set of Star Wars ornaments this year, which includes a mini Fett ornament with it.  They also have re-releases of the following porcelain ornaments again, as well, from last year:

And some new ones for this year:

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Re: Star Wars ornament collection

Cool stuff. Alas I have very little in my collection. It's mainly books.

I think I'll have to get one of those M&M Boba's, they're funky.

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Re: Star Wars ornament collection

i have the hallmark Fett the talking vader from last year and the luke and yode 1 from this year along with the clone wars 3 pack..ill post pic soon there on the tree

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