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"Think Bounty Hunter," McCallum Says of Star Wars TV

May 26, 2006

Star Wars producer Rick McCallum tells SciFi.com that the Star Wars TV series on the horizon will take place between Episode III and IV. Could this be why Boba Fett wasn't old enough for an appearance in Revenge of the Sith?

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More Clues of Fett TV in UK Mag

December 11, 2005

"We'll have to wait until late 2006," says one of our message board members. The issue of Zoo Magazine includes images, but not from the cartoon yet. There is still no confirmation of a Boba Fett TV cartoon.

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TV: "Popular, Less Highlighted Character"

October 08, 2005

Boba Fett? Where? One blog is reporting a few quote leaks from Skywalker Ranch regarding the two television projects for Star Wars, which we know as one live-action and one animated. The press is starting to ask questions again, since the Revenge of the Sith DVD junkets started last Thursday, and someone got Emperor Palpatine to talk.

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Live Action, Maybe Fett

June 13, 2005

USA Today reports that George Lucas, at his recent AFI Life Achievement Awards gala, is considering Daniel Logan's character of Young Boba Fett for the live action Star Wars television series!
Steven Spielberg, left, presents the lifetime achievement award to George Lucas at the American Film Institutes Life Achievement Awards. / Getty Images

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Boba Fett's Most Wanted

January 12, 2005

Will a shorter-than-expected Boba Fett cartoon series based on the trashy America's Most Wanted series be the best route for the future of Boba Fett on the cable circuit? Broadcasters are signing up for Boba, says one source.

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