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Battlefront II: More Updates

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Fans are on top of it: Fett is a playable hero in the new video game for all platforms.
Battlefront II - Boba Fett

Special thanks to Manji_Ninja on the BFFC > Sarlacc Bar Message Boards for passing along the following information!

Battlefront II - Boba Fett

Primary Attack A: E-3 Blaster Rifle
Primary Attack B: Flamethrower
Secondary Attack A: Wrist Rocket
Secondary Attack B: Detpack
Maps: Kashyyyk, Utapau, Felucia, Yavin, Jabba’s Palace

Battlefront II - Jango Fett

Primary Attack A: Westar-34 Blaster
Primary Attack B: Flamethrower
Secondary Attack A: Wristrocket
Secondary Attack B: Time Bomb
Maps: Kashyyyk, Felucia, Yavin

Sources: Battlefront II – Official Site,

More news on Battlefront II and Fett’s involvement has been in our recent news reports on October 2 and September 29.

Also, the game is available for pre-order from and other online vendors:

Battlefront II for PC

” Playstation Portable

” Xbox

” Playstation 2

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