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Most viewed - The Frozen World of Ota (1980)First newspaper comic strip appearance of Boba Fett.
05.jpg 274 views
04.jpg 217 views
cover~0.jpg "The Early Adventures" Re-Print, Cover by Kilian Plunkett (1995)216 views
09.jpg 201 views
06.jpg Luke Skywalker and Boba Fett in "The Frozen World of Ota"186 views
03.jpg 174 views
13.jpg 174 views
10.jpg 171 views
17.jpg 170 views
12.jpg 162 views
15.jpg 156 views
11.jpg 155 views
16.jpg 155 views
02.jpg 151 views
01.jpg 151 views
19.jpg 149 views
08.jpg 146 views
18.jpg 146 views
07.jpg 143 views
14.jpg 142 views
20.jpg 138 views
frozen-world-of-ota-1980-06-19.png Boba Fett's First Appearance (June 19, 1980)75 views
boba-fett-newspaper-1980-07-13.JPG Newspaper Release (July 13, 1980)73 views
boba-fett-newspaper-1980-07-27.JPG Newspaper Release (August 27, 1980)73 views
boba-fett-newspaper-1980-07-06.JPG Newspaper Release (August 6, 1980)66 views
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