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Most viewed - Dark Empire I and II (1992 - 1995)
de-05.jpg Dark Empire I #4: Caught in the Crossfire436 views
darkempire-03.jpg Dark Empire #3 - Cover (1992)274 views
de-03.jpg Dark Empire I #3: "A Mr. Fett Here to See You"269 views
darkempire2-02.jpg Dark Empire II #2 - Cover (1995)248 views
de-02.jpg Dark Empire I #3: Slave II shown before we know it contains Fett and Dengar209 views
de4-cover.jpg Dark Empire #4206 views
de-01.jpg Dark Empire I #3: Slave I cameo as space junk outside Nar Shaddaa196 views
de-09.jpg Dark Empire I #4: Slave II Approaches the Security Shields196 views
de-08.jpg Dark Empire I #4: Chasing the Falcon185 views
de-06.jpg Dark Empire I #4: Boba Fett's wrist rocket accidentally kills a Hutt185 views
de-07.jpg Dark Empire I #4: Boba Fett and Dengar approaching Slave II179 views
de-10.jpg Dark Empire I #4: "Fett, You Idiot!"176 views
dark-empire-spread.jpg Two-panel artwork from Dark Empire collected trade paperback (1995)144 views
dark-empire-4-greetings-solo.jpg Dark Empire I #4: "Greetings, Solo"100 views
dark-empire-ii-04-16.jpg Dark Empire II #4: Slave I Missing Its Wing80 views
dark-empire-ii-02-18.jpg Dark Empire II #2, Slave I vs. Millennium Falcon65 views
dark-empire-ii-02-23.jpg Dark Empire II #2: Chewbacca Unmasks Boba Fett65 views
darkempire2-02-page-6.jpg Dark Empire II #2, "We Know Everything About You"48 views
darkempire2-04.jpg Dark Empire II #4 (1995)42 views
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