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Boba Fett Costume

Step-by-Step Boba Fett and Mando Costume Guide


Tips from the Pros

Under Clothes

  • Jump Suit (Grey or VERY Light Grayish Blue). COST: $50-70
    Available at Army Surplus stores. This helmet is simpler than the one you saw in the films, but it does the job.
  • Turtle Neck (Same color schemes). COST: $20-40

The Armor

  • Sheet Metal. COST: Price Will Vary
    Available at hardware stores.
  • Instructions:
    (I used Galvanized Steel for mine.) First you need to cut the Sheet Metal. I used Tin Snips and a friends help to cut out the seven pieces for the armor. The seven pieces are: the four pieces of the chest plate, the neck to over the shoulder piece, and the two arm/shoulder pads. All you need is to look at different pictures of the armor right here in The Vault and make your own patterns to fit your size. *You can also make the chest piece into one piece for ease of wear.* Once you get all the pieces cut out take a ballpeen Hammer to it for those nice worn in dents...

    CAUTION!: Metal can be SHARP be sure you file down the edges!

    Tips From The Pros: Flynn O'Connor
    Use rolled aluminum instead of steel. It's cheaper, easier to cut and shape, but just as sturdy. Also holds paint quite a bit better while retaining that "real metal look." Also, you can actually scratch the paint off and the aluminum, being made of different silver shades, looks pretty banged up.

    Use the aluminum over cardboard. Cardboard is obviously easier to cut and shape, to get the right shape down, then cut down the aluminum to the approximate shape and actually "fold" the aluminum edges around the cardboard, thus using the easily cut edges of the cardboard. Also, since you are folding the aluminum and crimping it against the cardboard, it's easy to put a strap in the fold so that the piece of aluminum can be work tight against the body.

    Electricals. Don't be afraid to try and bring a little light to your costume. All versions of my outfit (I'm up to about version 5). Have had the light-up chestplate. Battery-powered Christmas lights, under a colored gel that fits in a hole cut in the chestplate is an effective method. Other methods I have tried: I reverse-engineered a street hazard light (the blinking ones) and had that rigged up for a while. The blinking effect was kinda cool...(but highly illegal). The best electrical unit was off a generic "space gi-joe" or something on the Toys R us value rack that had a little light up blaster rigged to a watch-battery powered pack. That works nicely, and that way I don't have to lug around "D" cell batteries anymore. Still trying to rig up a cost-effective PA/Amplification unit.


  • Spray Paint. COST: $6/can
    4 cans: 1 Moss Green, 1 Flat Black, 1 Aluminum Silver, 1 Yellow.
  • Brush On Paint. COST: $3/can
    2 cans: 1 White, 1 Red.
  • Various Brushes. COST: $5 for 3 brushes

    Tips From The Pros: Flynn O'Connor
    The only color I use for that real Boba Fett green is Testor's Spray Model Paint "SAC Bomber Green," available in most model shops. Also don't use any actual "red" -- it looks too new. use burgundy colors for that right amount of "worn down."


    First off take the different Chest and Neck Pieces and paint them a solid Moss Green. This color is a good match to the helmet color of the Don Post Mask. Paint the Shoulder Pads Yellow. After those coats are dry you can start painting the details. The three main colors you will need are Flat Black, White, and Aluminum Silver. First you need to paint the White Mandalorian Supercommando Symbol in the Upper right corner of the right breast plate. Then you must paint the white box on the upper left corner of the left breast plate and the white line in the center of the center piece. The black is used for all the edges (LIGHTLY) and you can even use a rag to pull some of the black off to make it more worn... Black can also be used for some Carbon Scoring Effects... Spray the black into the dents and QUICKLY use an old brush to spread it out like a blaster mark. The silver should be sprayed directly on the brush and quickly and lightly brushed over the armor for the scratched worn in look... To age the armor further mist over it LIGHTLY with the black from about 4 feet away.

    The shoulder pads now just need to be painted with the Skull Symbol in red and a bit of black for a light border on the edges. Again a fine mist of black over it will give it that aged look. Silver scratches are also a must.

The Cape

  • Cloth Cut Out (Make your own). COST: $4
  • Instructions:
    Cut out a cape and attach it to the left shoulder of the neck piece and use velcro to attach it to the right.

Forearm Units

  • Plastic Shin Guards and Add-ons. COST: $10-20
  • Instructions:
    Take the Plastic Shin Guards and paint them: Red, Moss Green, Yellow... Whatever version you want to make. Then, You can cut the barrels off of some toy guns and paint them black. When they are dry you can Hot Glue them onto the Shin Guards(forearm units). A Credit Card Pocket Calculator painted Moss Green and Hot Glued onto the front of the left forearm unit can also be added for a good computer console pad effect. You can then run tubing from the back of the gun up the sleeve and under a flap of fabric that can be sewn onto the Jumpsuit.

    Tips From The Pros: Flynn O'Connor
    Look everywhere! Since Fett's costume is made of so many odds and ends, it's hard to say where it all comes from, but keep your eyes open wherever you go. Pieces of clear vacuum-formed plastic for toys, hardware supplies, etc. have interesting shapes that look realistic on the gauntlets and kneepads... lots of little curves and shapes. My gauntlets have bits of a hair trimmer package cut, glued and painted to get the right "flame thrower" shape.


  • White Gloves. COST: $5-15
    I used a pair of white gloves with two football handpads (Painted Moss Green) to complete the handwear.


  • Wookie pelts. COST: $2-7

    Tips From The Pros: Flynn O'Connor
    Use pre-braided doll hair.


  • Toy Blaster. COST: $20-200

    Tips From The Pros: Flynn O'Connor
    Ok, so I don't have a great blaster. But then again, when I go places in this thing, (like Halloween) it's often in bars that make me keep it outside anyway. So I haven't even tried to get a good blaster for a while.



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