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Boba Fett Caption Contest #8

74 funny, serious, and often very creative fan-contributed captions for Boba Fett images. Add your own.

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Editor\'s Pick Caption Author Date
1 People of Coruscant! I have gone out into the dessert and spoken with LUCAS! Humorbot5 06/19/2006
2Editor's Pick *monk's chanting*
And George Lucas so loved the fans, that he gave them his only Mandalorian.
Veni-Vici-Fett 06/18/2006
1 Bulloch - Bbbbut I'm afraid of heights!
Lucas - Calm down its all right, and... ACTION!
Hamill - No Jeremy, don't wet yourself, this is our only take!
Humorbot 06/19/2006
1 Lucas: Okay Bulloch, now here's the part where you fall into the pit and supposedly die.
Bulloch: What's my motavation???
Lucas: I'll sick the wookiee on you if you don't!
Bulloch: Aw crud.
bubba fett 06/19/2006
1 Behind the scenes footage of "Passion of the Mandalorian." BoBaFaN 06/19/2006
2Editor's Pick Director: Aaaand---Action!
(Boba accidentally falls off his spot into the Sarlacc)
Director: BRILLIANT!
I'm Amanda Lorian! 06/19/2006
1 Boba: Who the heck are these people??? Mando Girl 06/20/2006
2Editor's Pick Jeremy: Can we re-negoatiate my contract? I can say more than 4 lines. Really I can. Please don't kill off my character. R. Arenas 06/21/2006
1 Is the Sarlacc evil, Lucas? Misty Kina Fett Boggs 06/21/2006
1 If we have to do this scene one more time, I'm gonna punch everyone! Sylux 06/21/2006
1 Shoot! My iPod fell in the Sarlacc! Sylux 06/21/2006
1 i'm tellin you... i'll jump! aaron S. 06/22/2006
1 Who are you people and what have you done to me?!? Randy Boggs 06/23/2006
1 Boba: I didn't sign up for this to die, Lucas!
George: Boba, you have to! Now get ready for your death!
Boba: What the- Agggggh!
George: Cut! Perfect... now how do we get him out of there?
Randy Boggs 06/22/2006
1 Boba: MOUSE! MOUSE! Commander Ordo 06/22/2006
1 What? you want me to what?!?!?! No way i'm not stadin next to that living carpet! I'm stadin up here where I'm safe!! ARC Fett 06/25/2006
2Editor's Pick "You're writing me out in the first 30 minutes of the movie?! And I thought it was bad enough we actually WENT to the desert to shoot...." Cecilia 06/26/2006
1 "I'm not falling in the sarrlac again... unless Darth watches me do it." jastermando 06/26/2006
1 Now this movie shold be more about me so when I fall into the Sarlacc I come right back out and everyone is like ahhh then my dad comes in Jango fett then we whoop butt then Mace Windu comes in and I give him a purple nurple and Jango gives Mace a wet willy then we give him a wedgie by attaching his underwear to our jetpacks at full speed then he falls into the sarlaac and after that we shoot everyone and loot them. Then the emperor blows up my home planet kamino then we go over there and give palpatine a swirlie in jabbas toilet. then after a while Mace gets out of the sarlaac and then Jango gives him a swirlie too exept that he won't get the ice cream cone look. so who likes my idea and I dont care if you dont like it because were going with it and if you dont I'll shoot you so lets film. stuart 06/26/2006
1 Boba: "I can't stand this life anymore!! I'll jump!" Darth Maul Clone 06/27/2006
1 What am i standing on? Anonymous 06/30/2006
1 Hey, director! Why has the Sarlaac got a beak? Bob Fett 07/04/2006
1 Why do I have to die? Why can't it be that carpet? Bob Fett 07/04/2006
1 Hmmmm...I wonder who's hotter? Me or the wookie? Bob Fett 07/04/2006
1 Jeremy: Why do we need a spotlight in broad daylight? The Man With No Name 07/05/2006
1 Look, up in the sky!
It's a mynok!
It's a TIE fighter!
Mando Girl 07/05/2006
1 I have the greatest urge to sit on Luke's head... fairyblood 07/14/2006
1 Wow! I just realized I'm afraid of heights! mara jade 07/16/2006
1 I'm not sure this volunteer modeling shoot was such a good idea with this wind!!!!!!!!! anna 07/16/2006
1 What do you mean by "it doesn't bite?" BFfan 07/22/2006
1 Boba: Hey you down there give me back my gun!!!
Dude: I have to make it look dirty though.
Boba: I don't care! Give it back to me!!
Dude: NO!
Boba: I'm going to kill y.... wait I CAN;'T MOVE MY LEGS!!!!!!!!!
ARC Fett 07/21/2006
1 LIGHTS! CAMERA ! BOBA!!!!!!! hannah 07/19/2006
1 One side of me says "do it," but the other side says "don't." I'm so confused. mara jade 07/26/2006
1 Hey, I can see Slave I from here, Echo.......Echo Commander Teff 07/28/2006
1 What's my motivation? There's no enemy, just a blue screen! hunter man4 07/28/2006
1 Boba: *to Han* You know I'm not gonna die, right?
Luke: *pushes Boba into sarlaac* Are you sure?
Boba: ARGH! STUPID JEDI! You had to ruin my life, didn't you! As if WINDU wasn't enough!
Shadow of ...Malachor V 07/06/2006
1 boba:is this thing sure?
richard marquand: yeah , yeah, is sure..
peter mayhew:grrrr little girl, is just a sarlacc
lord sith_mex of aguascalientes 07/11/2006
1 this caption are the best in the mandalorian world Angel of Aguascalientes, Ags. 07/11/2006
1 Sarlacc: Hey, he looks like a Boba. Hey Boba, I'm gonna eat you. Get into my belly! I'm higher in the food chain. Get in!
(singing) I want my Boba back, Boba back... ribs.
Dash of Alameda, CA 06/27/2006
1 I told you; Boba Fett does not kill Solo until he gets his mocha latte. What?! You say you don't need ME? I guarantee that this franchize will go to the crapper if you kick me off. Stop laughing! Michael Parzych of Brampton, Ontario 06/28/2006
2Editor's Pick Director: OK, this time we try it without the blaster.
Fett: That doesn't make any sense.
Director: Niether did blasting the last 5 cameramen I hired!!
Lastspartan00 of Brick, New Jersey 06/24/2006
2Editor's Pick (Bulloch) "Hey Richard, this is the part where I fly in, rope up that Luke guy and kill the rest right? Right? You wouldn't be planning on doing anything stupid to my character would you?" Sharpy of Brisbane, Australia 06/26/2006
1 As you can see, not only am I taller than everyone, by the armor and cape flowing in the wind, I am much cooler than you as well. Dustin Peterson of Buckhannon, WV 07/10/2006
1 Is this legal? tsu of cal. 06/23/2006
1 Boba: "I see old people." brett of florida 06/25/2006
1 I'mm guessing now is a bad time to tell all of you I'm afraid of heights. brett of florida 06/26/2006
1 Boba: The only reason you want Han to kill me is because I had an affair with Leia, isn't it?
Lucas: Hey! I didn't know you had an affair with Leia! That's all the more reason to kill you off!
Boba: Aw, man!
Kina Jackie Sparrow Fett of Hidden City, Monstropolis 08/02/2006
1 Hey! Give me my blaster back! CassusJangoBoba of Kamino 07/13/2006
2Editor's Pick Does this make me look Fett? alvaro hernandez of los angeles ca 06/23/2006
Lucas: *smacks forehead* I knew we shouldn't have hired Leonardo DiCaprio...
The Raven of Mandalore 08/04/2006
1 Lucas: Ok Fett, in this scene you're going to fly down and put up a weak fight against Luke, then despite all your sensory equipment, masterful reflexes, and years of Bounty Hunting experience; You will be accidently struck in the jetpack by Han Solo who is just 2 feet behind you, setting you off careening you into the sailbarge, then fall helplessly into the Sarlaac Pit.

Boba Fett: ... WHAT THE %$#@!!?
Slovok of McAllen, Texas 07/29/2006
2Editor's Pick Expanded Universe, here I come! Slovok of McAllen, Texas 08/01/2006
1 Lucas: I'm sorry we couldn't pay the fake Sarlacc, so we are using a real one. It's possible you don't survive.
Fett: Sorry, there's a lot of noise. Can you repeat that?
Lucas: Oh, nothing important!
lucas DBC of Mexico 08/06/2006
1 Ok guys, I'm gonna do double front flip...*jumps, hits the side of sail barge and screams* James of MO 06/26/2006
1 I get paid 20 dollars a day to fall into a pit? Randall Boggs of New Orleans, Louisiana 08/05/2006
1 Boba: I can fly,I can fly, I can... fall... into the Sarlacc... draco fett of new york 06/25/2006
1 Director: Yes Boba the over-sized light IS necessary. Fetterthanyou of NJ 07/13/2006
2Editor's Pick "Are you sure this jetpack is gonna work like its supposed to? Cause I have a really bad feeling about this take." Ray Ramirez of NY 07/06/2006
1 No, that's OK guys. I don't need a push
... (How can I get out of this? It's lookin' a little high...)
reble scum of ny 07/15/2006
2Editor's Pick I've had it up to here! I'm all Fett up! Fett Fan 16 of Ohio 07/11/2006
1 Boba Fett+Jetpack=BAD IDEA Fett Fan 16 of Ohio 07/11/2006
1 dang this suit is hot, am i almost done i dont see any of you idiots up here sweatin your but off, chewy shut up i see you smerkin over there jango 24 of ohio 07/12/2006
1 Boba: "Alright, now I'M the director, get that ladder out of the frame. No, no, no--the barge is supposed to lean like that. And would someone PLEASE take a comb to the Wookiee??" Darth Taiter of Pana, IL 06/26/2006
2Editor's Pick Boba: "Am I going to stand here all day? You know, all this blowing sand DOES find it's way into this armor, and I'm not going to begin to tell you how uncomfortable that is!" FettFan79 of Pana, IL 06/26/2006
1 Chewie: Prepare to have your cloak eaten, Fett! FOR HAN!!!
Fett: This is why I don't like spice...
Anargil of Rivendell, Middle Earth 08/04/2006
1 Boba: Hey, I dropped my ice cream! Blake Shimshock of Riverside California 08/02/2006
2Editor's Pick i'm not coming down till i get my mocha latt'e aaron of roseville 06/21/2006
1 how long do i have to stand here...? my blasters are starting to poke my sides mandalorian bountyhunter aaron of roseville mi 08/03/2006
1 Listen, Wookiee, umm Chewy: the Wookiee hair on my sholder represents nothing. OK, just don't tell George. I'm afraid he will kill off my character. madaliorian_bounty_hunter2000 of Rosville, MI 07/24/2006
1 Wow, I can see everyones heads instead of the other way around! devin heinle of sidney mt 06/30/2006
2Editor's Pick Boba :"You want me to do a double sumersault with a full pike... IN THIS OUTFIT?!" twizzle of thetford/norfolk/UK 08/06/2006
1 *BANG!!!*
Crew: AAAA!!!
Lucas: I said shoot Luke!!!
Boba: Not untill I get my Jabba'cheino!
Anthony Borders of Thornton,Colorado 07/06/2006
2Editor's Pick Boba Fett: Umm... George? I can't move my arms...
George Lucas: Get over it! You are the best bounty hunter in the galexy! Remember that!.
Boba Fett: Well, I guess you're right.
Boba Dude of Tumwater, WA 07/17/2006