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Boba Fett Caption Contest #6

55 funny, serious, and often very creative fan-contributed captions for Boba Fett images. Add your own.

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Editor\'s Pick Caption Author Date
1 (in unison): What's on the floor? Vincent of Colo Spgs 05/05/2006
1 Boba: Wanna here a joke I made? It's about you, OK?
Jabba: Sure!
Boba: What's the only thing that stopped you from robbing the bank?
Jabba: I'm stumped,what?
Boba: The DOOR!!! HA HA HA HA!
Jabba: Very funny...NOT!!!
u-haul of Encinitas/ca 04/06/2006
1 Boba: EWWW!!! Is that mold growing on your arm?!! True Warrior of Laurel, Maryland 05/09/2006
1 Jabba: Is that still alive?
Boba: Yes.
Jabba: How much will you give me to eat it?
Boba: Nothing.
Jabba: It looks good. I think I'll eat it anyway.
Boba: That's just gross....
Tel 05/15/2006
1 "Did you know that she could do THAT?!!" TB3414 of Holly Springs, NC 04/20/2006
1 Jabba: "Fett!"
Boba: "What?"
Jabba: (Points to Leia) "Dude, I think that chick really digs me."
Boba: (Sighs) "Dude you think all the chicks dig you. Besides, she totally dates that Jedi guy."
Jabba: (Looks at Boba in shock) "No... wait... Jedi?? I thought all the Jedi got killed off in Episode III?"
Boba: "Nah, I think he took a class at the Community Collage or online or something."
Jabba: "Dude, she's totally into me, and I'm going to talk to her. Besides if she were happy dating him why would she come to a bar in that metal bikini?"
Boba: "Fine. Whatever. Just don't get mad if she turns you down."
Jabba: "Dude... I got this. Watch and learn!"
Steve Williams of Apex 05/11/2014
1 Boba: if you look closely, you'll notice he's not wearing shoes.
Jabba: o...k....
Smokey McPot of las vegas, nevada 04/10/2006
1 ... My GOD!! What did you eat!? Savagewulf 03/29/2006
1 Boba?
Be careful where you shoot.
Ryan Yarnoff of Alexandria, VA 04/30/2006
1 Jabba: Boba, you are my kind of bounty hunter -- fearless and inventive.
Boba: Wipe your mouth, Jabba.
Rodrigo Arenas 03/24/2006
1 Jabba: Okay, I may have shot the jedi.
Boba: Luckily Tatooine's Lawless
Jabba: *Giggle* Want to take off his clothes?
Boba: *Chuckle* Yeah, thet'll give the Rancor something to hurl about!
Oscar Harding of Bristol 04/12/2006
1 Boba: Do you have a body like THIS? Do you wish that you were skinnier and better looking? Well, now it's possible!
Jabba: Tell us how!
Boba: With our new Bo-baflex system, you can work all that extra slimy fat away in no time!
Jabba: How much does this amazing product cost?
Boba: Only $19.95 plus shipping and handling!
Jabba: So order your's today, or I'll feed you to my rancor!
Nagawaki Sakai 05/10/2006
1 You know what Jabba? I think this Luke figure might just be a jedi! Moose of South Berwick, ME 03/27/2006
1 Boba: MY BACKPACKS GOT JETS! i dont give a **** -- yo mamma is a *****!
jabba: Yo mamma just won a thousand dollars in cash muuuny... now go defend my title as the ORIGINAL GANGSTA!!!!
Monica of Kansas 05/13/2006
1 Jabba: Boba.
Boba: Yes?
Jabba: Now presenting on stage live, Boba the Hutt and Jabba Fett, two people from a planet called Earth.
Boba: Whatever.
Misty Skywalker 04/20/2006
1 Boba: (thinking) I wonder how long I can pull of the illusion of not looking at Jabba.
Jabba: Boba... Boba!
Boba: What!?
Jabba: I can read your mind. I know that you ain't looking at me.
Boba: Oh, damn. I knew that even this helmit could not hide it.
Jabba: What?
Boba: Nothing, Jabba. Nothing at all
Misty Skywalker of Durham, North Carolina 04/20/2006
1 Boba: sure you don't need like a...napkin or something?
Jabba: No, I'm good.
Boba: Really, cause you got a little...
Jabba: Really, man, it's cool.
Boba: Really? Cause I got one right here if you need it or anything...wipe off that mouth, you know.
Jabba: It's all good. Trust me...
miss fett 04/23/2006
1 Jabba will eat that, he eats everything Mike 04/27/2006
1 "DROID?! Get the mop, the slug just couldn't be helped to get up... Jabba, is that a squirrel? That ain't right..."
Michael Parzych of Brampton, Ontario 05/08/2006
1 apparently the space smurfs fett brought to the party failed to amuse jabba matt 04/09/2006
2Editor's Pick Jabba: "Keep an eye on Solo for me ok?"
Fett: "Ya, as if a man frozen in carbonite is going to walk right out of the palace..."
Martial Bartsch of Lively, Ontario 04/14/2006
2Editor's Pick Fett: Couldn't I have found a better date for the prom? MandalorianManhunter 03/30/2006
1 Boba (thinking): I have so got to get a better job. This fat slug thinks he owns me.
Jabba: (As translated by C-3P0) I will pay you 1 million credits to kill Salacious Crumb for me. He annoys the crud out of me!
Boba: As you wish, O Mighty Jabba!
Boba: (thinking) Darn it all! Now I will never get back to Slave 1!
Kina Kenobi of North Carolina 03/24/2006
1 Boba: Jabba?
Jabba: Yeah?
Boba: When was the last time you took a shower?
Jabba: What's a shower?
Boba: Uh... TAKE ONE!!!!
Joshua of Blaine, TN 05/06/2006
1 Fett: Oh great.
Hutt: What's wro... oh!
Fett: Third time this week Jabba.
Hutt: Yeah I know.
Fett: All over my boots yet again.
Hutt: My stomach just does'nt agree with those swamp critters. Sorry Fett
Fett: Sorry does'nt clean my boots now does it.
Jodo Outkast of Victoria, Australia 05/02/2006
1 Jabba: Doowa oh doo nah. Ho ho ho.
Boba: Sir if you were to swallow your food first I could understand what you're saying.
Jana Miller of Tallahssee, fl 04/18/2006
1 Oh dear. You shouldn't have eaten all that Bantha steak. James Proctor of Wolverhampton 04/24/2006
1 Boba: That has to be the most hideous thing I've ever seen.
Jabba: I don't know, I sort of like it.
Boba: That's because you are a giant slug.
jake 04/02/2006
1 Next up tonight..Boba Fett and Jabba Hutt!
Jabba: OH, #&$% that was tonight!?
I'mnotaidoit of IL 04/27/2006
1 Boba: This is not how I imagined my life at 10 years old. I could have been a dancer. Stupid dad forced me to be a bounty hunter, "Don't shame the family he said, you've got a reputation to up hold he said."
Jabba: Geez... what a b*tch...
Guy 03/30/2006
1 Boba: You ever think about going about going on the Krispy Kreme diet?
Jabba: I have.
Boba: ....Of course you have!
Griffin M. of IL 04/27/2006
1 Boba from behind a door: Good thing I put that dummie next to Jabba, I would probably die from those fumes! draco fett 04/14/2006
1 Damn, I feel sorry for Oola Darth Fett 03/29/2006
1 Boba: I told you this dancers rocks! Now close your mouth or you will dry yourself. Dark Hunter 03/29/2006
2Editor's Pick Jabba: Boba, you really need to find Han Solo.
Boba: I already did.
Jabba: Damn you to Star Wars Hell!
Boba: What is Star Wars?
Jabba: I have no idea. It just sounds cool.
Leia: Losers!
Boba: Shut up!
Jabba: What he said!
Daniel Logan of California 04/15/2006
Boba-Hey,(snickers) at least I don't die by the hot chick.
Jabba-At least I don't die by some bird in the ground and listen to some burnt dude who has a butt-ugly master.
Christian Sanchez of Rowland Heights, CA 05/03/2006
1 Jabba: See owning the rights to make the toys for this film was a good idea!
Boba: Stuff that, what you smoking
chris wilkinson of Oxford, England 04/19/2006
1 Jabba: Mmmmm, I smell more credits in the future!
Fett: I smell things that I don't WANT to mention, nor do I want to know how they're getting through my filters. For cripes sake Jabba, EAT A BREATH MINT ONCE IN A WHILE!!
Cecilia 03/29/2006
1 Boba: "I'm not cleaning that up." brett of florida 04/03/2006
2Editor's Pick jabba: "i like pie"
boba: "i like it too"
boby 04/14/2006
1 That'll be 500 for the stain on my shoes. bobathekid of Texas 03/29/2006
1 Man this guys packin some serious weight i wonder what...*flipps on X-ray vision* he's been eati GOOD LORD oola?
Jabba:WHAT! man/womans gota eat?
Boba:Ya but jabba?
bobaJoe 04/26/2006
1 Losers. If they just let me hit the pinyata... bobaJoe 04/25/2006
1 Boba: You know, you and George W. Bush have alot in common.
Jabba: How so?
Boba: Well, you are both influential yet disliked. Also you both had a choking incident that everybody knows about. AND, you both need numerous translators for anyone to understand what you're saying!
Jabba: I see!
Boba2.0 04/30/2006
1 Boba: (thinking) I wonder how old Jabba is? He is quite old.
Jabba: I am turning 604 next week. Go get me a wife.
Boba: As you wish you fat slug you.
Jabba: What?!?
Boba: I sad as you wish your Supreme Huttness. Yeah, just that.
Jabba: Good thing I barely understand your language, Fett.
Boba the Fett of California 04/11/2006
1 That's no wart, it's a Jabba the Hutt! Boba joe 03/27/2006
1 And all of a sudden, Boba Fett activated his laser vision and Jabba the Hutt is no more. *Boba Fett wakes up* Why does Jabba always have to take me to the his executions? Well, I best go save him from Luke. Man, I could use an energy drink. Boba joe 03/30/2006
1 Jabba: *BURP!!!* WOW!!! That was a good one!!
Boab: Wow!!! Jabba! Two word.....Breath-mint!!! Oh wait two more words...nap-kin!!
Boba Girl 04/12/2006
1 Boba (to himself): I have always Jabba a boy or a girl???
Jabba: Did you say something?
Boba: No nothing....good thing he's not a Jedi
Boba Fett's wife 03/30/2006
2Editor's Pick Jabba: Mmmm, give me your cape, my mouth needs a wiping.
Boba: As you wish...
Boba Baggins 03/30/2006
2Editor's Pick JABBA - Fett!
JABBA - Your shoelace is untied!
BOBA FETT - Oh! Thank you. Salacious Crumm got me again.
Blake Shimshock of Riverside California 05/03/2006
2Editor's Pick Boba: "No that's not my foot you sat on."
Jabba: "Ah, you don't think it was that Thermal Detonator do you?"
BFFC-Mel 04/09/2006
1 Jabba? Jabba? HEY JABBA!!!! omg hes dead! FINALLY!! ARC Fett 04/12/2006
1 I don't remember eating that Boba! Ajax of Melbourne 03/30/2006
1 Boba: God your ugly! If you didn't pay so good I woulda been outta here before you could say 'Bantha PooDoo'. -The Punisher- of California 04/13/2006