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Boba Fett Caption Contest #5

77 funny, serious, and often very creative fan-contributed captions for Boba Fett images. Add your own.

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Editor\'s Pick Caption Author Date
1 Dang, Vader's got a nice booty. Moosemushroom 01/28/2006
1 Fett: What if he dies? He's worth a lot to me.
Vader: He won't.
Fett: Are you sure?
Vader: Yes I am.
Fett: But...
Vader: Put Captain Solo in.
Fett: How come no one listens to me?
Boba Fett 945 01/28/2006
1 You lost your arms and legs, and yet you're STILL taller then me... Cecilia 01/28/2006
1 I got my mask on Ebay... where'd you get yours, Vader? Griffin M. 01/28/2006
1 You're taller then me. So what! I have more fans, and I have a better helmet. brett 01/28/2006
1 Fett: "Whew man, was that you?"
Vader: "Who ever smelt it, dealt it dude."
DarthMereel 01/28/2006
1 That better not by your hand on my butt, Vader. BFFC-Mel 01/28/2006
1 In a whiny voice, "The Empire will compensate you if he dies." Yeah right!! Turtle 01/29/2006
1 Fett: Check out the *** on that
Vader: Yeah that Leia sure is something
Fett: Leia yeah...
MaVeRiCK 01/30/2006
1 What are we staring at? TK-227 01/30/2006
1 If Vader wasn't so tall, I could slip him bunny-ears. Darn. draco fett 01/30/2006
1 Fett: "It seems we never see each other like this."
Vader: "Yeah, wanna catch a movie Episode 3 is playing?"
I'mnotaidoit 01/30/2006
1 Vader: "There will be a substantial reward for the one who finds the person responsible for cutting my helmet in this photo. No dis..."
Boba: "I know, I know...No disintegrations."
Rodrigo Arenas 01/30/2006
1 Oh Han, trapped in carbonite. It's so cold. He's stuck in ice. nathaniel 01/31/2006
1 What's Vader staring at? Is he even watching this? Me 01/31/2006
1 So, Boba, Boba, stand by me... Jangodaman 01/31/2006
1 Fett: "So how long does it take to get frozen?"
Vader: "About an hour I guess."
Fett: "What do you want to do until then?"
Vader: "Checkers?"
Mr.Fett 01/31/2006
1 Fett: "Why am I short!?"
Vader: "...are you related to a troll?"
Kasey 01/31/2006
1 This looks awkward, Vader... Spider Fett 02/01/2006
1 Fett: "Who knew carbonate was so orange and bright?"
Vader: "Yeah, and its so shiny that there's a reflection on my helmet."
Aloher 02/01/2006
1 Vader: "You look like a clone I once knew."
Fett: "Noooooo. Really? Boba Fett, a clone? No. Way."
Dr.KittyFett of Phoenix 02/01/2006
1 Boba: *Thinks* He smells like strawberries. Zara Orono 02/02/2006
1 Fett: "I am never using Internet dating again." Michelle 02/03/2006
1 Fett: "You look sexy."
Vader: "Thank you, you look pretty hot yourself Fetty boy."
Haquansha LaFonzo Marquez of Chestertonfieldville, Iowa 02/03/2006
1 Vader: So anyway, I was thinking a nice beige for the living room...
Boba:(Thinking) Wow, I can't see a thing is this helmet.
Maverick 02/04/2006
1 Fett: "Man... did someone expose the film to the light before it was done developing?"
Vader: "Yeah. You'd think we could find a better Dark Room of the Force."
Anonymous 02/05/2006
1 Fett: "Hey Vader, hows it goin'?"
Vader: "Not too bad."
Fett: "So how's the kids?"
Vader: "They're dead! No, I'm just kidding. They're being a pain though. As you can see Leia's boyfriend is about to be turned into a popsicle because of her."
Wook Romano 02/06/2006
1 FETT: "NOOO! Han! I thought you loved ME!! All these years playing hard to get for this! Damn you, Leia, DAMN YOU!!!" Psycho from Planet Ten 02/07/2006
1 Vader: "Does this suit make me look fat?"
Fett: "The day Darth Vader starts doing yoga is the day Solo hits my jetpack with a staff which then will send me flying into the sarlaac pit to strip away half my skin and armour, leaving me helpless until I blow a huge hole through it and escape and be rescued by some idiot named Dengar only to make a partnership that won't last until I drive my ship into a shield generator surrounding a random planet called Byss."
Vader: "The day you shut up should hopefully come sooner."
Ben of Toronto 02/07/2006
1 VADER: "What is this? Where are we?"
FETT: "We're in the *future.* Everything's *shiny* here..."
Darth Revan 02/08/2006
1 Boba: "Seen any good movies?" Downey of Chicago, Illinois 02/09/2006
1 Fett: "Oh great could you next time get a place with a little less fog."
Vader: "It's all we could afford."
Robert Fett 02/10/2006
1 Fett: "Whoa! What is all this, these flickering lights, these props..."
Vader: "Yeah, they used these things called Sets, back when movies were quality, and well thought out, and not absorbed with what they could do with FX."
Tyler of Wooster, Ohio 02/11/2006
1 (Leia and Han start kissing)
Fett: "Whoo! Is it getting hot in here, or is it just me?"
Sabe 02/13/2006
1 "OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!! Han Solos taking his clothes off!!!!!!!!!" adam corona of Portland, Oregon 02/14/2006
1 Fett: "Hey... Vader let me kill him pleez! I won't desentergrate him I PROMISE!!!"
Vader: "Okay."
Nick Serrano of New Jersey 02/14/2006
1 "Dude! Where my ship?!?!?" Joe 02/14/2006
1 I'm not wearing any pants... Kalia Vek of Coruscant 02/15/2006
1 "Oh dear lord! Look at where solos hands are!"
"Well THAT'S one embarrassing pose..."
Matt 02/15/2006
1 Boba: "Can I use the freaking bathroom now?"
Vader: "No not untill you kill Luke."
robert of Alexandria,VA 02/17/2006
1 Boba: "Is bathroom clean?"
Vader: "Jabba used it."
Boba: "Do you have another?"
robert 02/17/2006
1 Jeez, Vader, we don't have to be this close! Jake Ranalli of Norwood, Mass 02/17/2006
1 The fact that my antenna comes up to his head is disturbing. The fact that I'm in high heels and he's still taller than me just goes too far for my taste. Cody 02/18/2006
1 Vader, stop breathing down my neck--your giving me the chills! danger 02/19/2006
1 Darth Vader's NEW apprentice... Anonymous 02/22/2006
1 Fett: (To Vader) "DAMN YOU AND YOU'RE PLATFORM KISS BOOTS!" fairyblood 02/23/2006
1 OOOhh thats gotta hurt. Vincent of Colorado 02/25/2006
1 Fett: "Dude? What's with the suit anyway?"
Vader: "What suit?"
Fett: "You're in denial aren't you?"
Vader: "Am not!!"
Fett: "I teach classes that help this sort of thing.
But it is going to cost you."
Vader: "How much?"
Fett: *Thinking* "Yessssssssss! Score!"
Vincent of Colorado 02/25/2006
1 You know, Leia looks kind of- never mind. You dont need to know. Oh good, Han looks stupid in carbonite! Kina Fett of North Carolina 02/27/2006
1 I hope no one realizes I am actually a girl. Kina Fett of North Carolina 02/27/2006
1 Hmmm... is tonight spagetti or hot dog night? Kina Fett of North Carolina 03/01/2006
1 Fett: "Hmmm... I heard there is a girl named Kina Stormslayer flying around."
Vader: "Duh! She's a bounty. Oh, and she and Lando Calrissian are married."
Fett: "But, I was married to her!"
Vader: "Oh well, better luck next time."
Kina Fett of Durham, North Carolina 03/01/2006
1 Vader: "You don't say much do you?"
Fett: "It come from being from a large family.."
korlex 03/05/2006
1 Vader: How much is Captain Solo worth to you?
Boba: Ummmmm.....He is worth about 200 million, more or less.
Vader: WHAT?!?! That means if he dies during this I have to pay you that!?!?
Boba: Yup. Pretty much.
Vader: *Jumps into the Carbon Freezing Chamber after Han* NO!!!!
Darth Vader's Sister 03/10/2006
1 Vader: Windu killed your father.
Fett: WHAT? You knew it all along? Why didn't you tell me?
Vader: You never asked.
uer 03/10/2006
2Editor's Pick I hope you brought popcorn, Lord Vader. Dean Lake 03/11/2006
1 Fett: "Well, another year, but only 2 of us left for the Battle of Geonosis reunion."
Vader: "Yes..."
Fett: "So what now? What do you want to do?"
Vader: "I don't know, what do you want to do?"
Fett: "I'd like to take that bloody mask off you and watch you suffocate while the ugnaughts make mock wheezing noises."
Dervish of Huntington, New York 03/12/2006
2Editor's Pick Fett: "We look cool."
Vader: "Very cool indeed..."
Kel Solaar of Kamino 03/12/2006
1 Fett: "Woo hoo dance Vader dance!!"
Stormtroper: *thinking* "Man what a jerk,good thing i'm not related to him."
Roodaka of Washington state 03/13/2006
1 (Boba's thought) Darn! He's still taller than me. I wonder if he has platforms in his boots
(Vader) I heard that, and no, i don't have platforms in my boots!
TK-317 of Denton, TX 03/14/2006
1 Boba: *Singing* "Nobody knows the trouble I've caused..."
Vader: "Shut up! You sing horribly!"
Boba: "Well, you need to shut up cause I know something you dont!"
Vader: "Tell me or I'll keep Solo for myself."
Boba: "Okay. Your wife Padme had twins. Luke and Leia. Oh, dang! I spilled the beans."
Vader: "Thank you. Now I will kill them both. Then I will dispose of you!"
Boba: "Damn it!"
Vader: "I rock out loud, baby!"
Jaster Mereel of North Carolina 03/14/2006
1 Boba: "So Vader, why do you wear that outfit?"
Vader: "I lost my arms and legs and got burned by lava."
Boba: "Did it hurt?"
Vader: "What do you think? Of course it hurt!"
Boba: "Well, the only thing I call an injury is falling into a Sarlacc and being almost digested."
Vader: "Well, I think I can arrange that."
Boba: "How?"
Vader: "I will never tell you, stupid kid. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Also, you are waaaaaaaaaaaaaay to short."
Boba: "Damn you, Vader, and your ugly master, too."
Zam Wesell of North Carolina 03/14/2006
1 Fett: "My armor is cooler than yours."
Vader: "Oh yeah? Well mine is shinier."
Fett: "Well Hans is kind of dull gray."
Vader: "What!?"
Fett: "I don't know."
darth fett 03/15/2006
1 Fett: "I'm not Boba Fett, I'm really Jeremy Bulloch, and you're David Prowse."
Vader: "That's what you think...."
darth fett 03/16/2006
1 Fett: "Sometimes I wonder what would happen if..."
Vader: "If what?"
Fett: "If the Clone Wars had never happened."
Vader: "Well, I definately would probably not be Darth Vader."
Fett: "Well, I guess it could have never happened...."
Vader: "What?"
Fett: "The Clone Wars never happening."
Vader: "You confuse me too much..."
Jaster Mereel of North Carolina 03/16/2006
1 Maybe those ugnauts will learn to keep their hands to themselves now... coolkid of massachusetts 03/16/2006
RENATO MARTIN of PERU 03/16/2006
2Editor's Pick Fett: "We so need are own theme music..."
Vader: "Speak for yourself."
Pizza the hutt 03/17/2006
1 Boba: You are starting to smell! Just look behind you! Anthony of Colorado 03/18/2006
1 Fett: "Nice armor.... Did you get to pick it?"
Vader: "What do you think, of course not I was burnt to a crisp!"
Martial Bartsch of Sudbury, Ontario 03/19/2006
1 Boba: One day I will fall into a hole and then get almost killed but blast out before I die.
Vader: Huh?
Boba: Oh, I don't know, sometimes I just say stupid stuff.
Vader: One question.
Boba: What?
Vader: Didn't your dad say not to play near the Sarlacc?
Boba: What?!?
Vader: I can read your mind.
Stormtrooper to another Stormtrooper: I think we should throw them both in the Carbonite freezing chamber.
Other Stormtrooper: Maybe someday...
Mace Windy of North Carolina 03/21/2006
2Editor's Pick Vader and Boba: *singing* Sometimes the stars do shine!
The way we are is just so fine!
(Boba) Han Solo will be mine!
(Vader) The Sith are so divine!
Together: Everything will happen! In time!
*Instrument* Do doo do doo Duh!
Stormtroopers: Bravo!
Leia: Scoundrels.
Chewbacca: RAWR! Roar! Grrl!
C-3P0: The odds of that ever becoming a big hit is 3,201 to 1!
Boba: Vader, can I disentegrate them?
Vader: Not yet.
Boba: Damn.
Vadey Fetta of Ohio 03/21/2006
2Editor's Pick Fett: Hey Vader, do you ever get the feeling that you're trapped in a sort of false reality where a bunch of idiotic and girlfriendless nerds are watching you do the same thing over and over and over again?
Vader: No.
Fett: Oh, well...Ok.
Tristan of Newberg, Or. 03/21/2006
1 Fett: I have a cooler mask than you.
Vader: Well I guess you might....
Fett: Finally I'm right about something!
Vader: Hey, I got another bounty for you.
Fett: Okay.
Vader: You. Your the bounty. Please use disentigrations.
Fett: What? What?
Vader: You heard me.
Fett: Okay.
Vader: I so rock!!!
Danny L. of New York 03/22/2006
1 Fett: What if he dosen't survive? He's worth alot to me.
Vader: The empire will compensate for your losses.
Fett: It had better or I'm sueing big time.
severien 03/23/2006
2Editor's Pick Boba Fett: *on phone with Dengar* Hey, I've got a joke for ya, what do you get when you give a Sith a job at a resturaunt?
Dengar: I've got no idea.
Boba: Simple, you get Darth Waiter!!
Vader: *overhears the joke and walks over*
Boba: *still talking on phone* So, the other day, I saw Vader staring at a beautiful picture of Padmé. You should've seen the look on Luke's face- *notices Vader* WAUGH! VADER!
Vader: Well? I'm dying to hear the rest of your hilarious story, Mr. Comedian. Do share!
Katie 08/19/2013
1 BOBA: Wow. That is a NICE Han Solo toy mold you've got there. LEGOFett 08/23/2013