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Boba Fett Caption Contest #25

38 funny, serious, and often very creative fan-contributed captions for Boba Fett images. Add your own.

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Editor\'s Pick Caption Author Date
2Editor's Pick Damn thing slipped into neutral again... Jeremiah 10/21/2011
1 Good thing I remembered to pack the parachute today... cloneapart 10/22/2011
2Editor's Pick I'm so sick of being Vader's puppet... April 10/22/2011
1 "I can see my house from here!" Lee the Flea 11/03/2011
2Editor's Pick I HATE these jet pack scenes! Ezra 11/29/2011
2Editor's Pick I'll never audition for "Spider-Man: The Musical" again... GoodOldBobaFett 01/05/2012
2Editor's Pick Awww man! I ran out of gas again. George! I need a refill! darth mando jedi person 12/17/2011
1 Looking back on this, maybe George and I shouldn't have had that third drink Jedi Cross 12/19/2011
1 Hey Vader! Wanna hang out? ar_fett 02/04/2012
1 now I am sure that George hates me, why else would I be hanging around like an Pinata? Jedi Cross 02/07/2012
2Editor's Pick Director: That's lunch!
Boba: Ha Ha, very funny guys... Now let me down... Guys? Guys?
MoonKnight75 02/16/2012
1 George I have to use the restroom, NOW! Hmmm now how do I get down from this thing? Boba1999 02/28/2012
1 oh crap i put this thing in reverse Victor Vengence 04/10/2012
1 George you better not have any ships behind me Victor Vengence 04/10/2012
2Editor's Pick Hey I can see my house from here! VictorVengence 04/16/2012
1 I drink better when I drive! Bambi 04/22/2012
1 Looks like its going to be a long way down. Nina Molina of Amarillo 11/02/2011
2Editor's Pick "I'm just hanging out, enjoy the view up here." Nina Molina of Amarillo 11/03/2011
1 Out of gas again, how can I be out gas I just filled up, looks like its going to be a long ride down. Nina Molina of Amarillo 01/24/2012
1 No it's a plane, never mind it's just Boba Fett hanging out. Nina Molina of Amarillo 12/14/2011
1 I hoped I don't hit something pointed, while I'm enjoy the view up here. It would so suck if I did hit something. Nina Molina of Amarillo, Texas 12/11/2011
1 i can see down princess Leia`s shirt! Triston of Arroyo Grande 12/10/2011
1 I told you to get Gamorrean guards to hold my wires, but no you hired ugnaughts, now look at me!!! Mike of Baltimore 02/10/2012
2Editor's Pick They said when I sign up for the job... no strings attached...! Rob Juwett of Castricum 11/16/2011
1 "I hope those are logs and not alligators" Dale O'Brien of Citra 01/22/2012
1 okay guys, this is not funny anymore. GET ME DOWN! Jedi Cross of Deerwood 12/09/2011
1 uuugh... I'm sooo dizzy.... bobafettfanatic12 of east bridgewater 12/06/2011
2Editor's Pick I wish I had a stunt guy to do this! Esther of grand rapids 12/03/2011
1 Come on George, I didn't sign up to do the stunts too. This in dangerous! Ezra Moreno of grand rapids 12/04/2011
1 This is the one thing i don't like about being the bounty hunter that falls in the sarlacc. Ezra Moreno of grand rapids 12/06/2011
1 so...hows it hanging? dakota of greenfield 10/27/2011
1 Damn Urban development! Chris Rader of Las Cruces 10/29/2011
1 Ugh...Spiderman....again? Matthias of Philly 10/24/2011
2Editor's Pick Oh yeah, this is how a real Mandalorian does it boys! Bardan Skirata of Point Blank 02/09/2012
2Editor's Pick Boba didn't want to admit that the economy was bad. However, he had to admit he had reached a new low when he willingly agreed to perform as Puppet Boba in The Muppets Movie. Electron Evansford of South City, Vari Star 02/28/2012
1 hesays he likes vader.but
I know hes a tricke
why dose my bother not like th of tayor tx 10/23/2011
2Editor's Pick Jeremy Bulloch: Hey, George! Are you sure these two cables will hold me?
George Lucas:Yeah, it'll hold!
George Lucas (to the crew):Call an ambulance.
Rodrigo Arenas of Thornhill 10/29/2011