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Boba Fett Caption Contest #21

37 funny, serious, and often very creative fan-contributed captions for Boba Fett images. Add your own.

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Editor\'s Pick Caption Author Date
2Editor's Pick Boba: To be honest, I don't need any of your help. I just like standing next to all of you because of how good it makes me look. Cecilia 04/28/2010
1 Boba: Seriously, do you guys smell that?
Bossk: Yep.
Tanner 04/28/2010
1 Who's Mr. Deformed Ugly Face behind me? Joba Tett 04/28/2010
1 Who's mr deformed ugly face behind me? Joba Tett 04/28/2010
1 boba: what the **** are you gonna do now, jedi? you're cornered! zeldakatana 04/28/2010
2Editor's Pick How did I end up with these bargain bin rejects? Matthias 04/28/2010
2Editor's Pick Bossk, we're supposed to be intimidating... So stop smiling!! Jake Mitchell 05/12/2010
2Editor's Pick Borderlands 2: Clone Wars Rejects J.t 05/13/2010
2Editor's Pick Why do they always put me with the rejects? Justin 06/01/2010
1 BOBA: why do all the ugly people have to always flock to me in search for respect and fame!? mike 06/03/2010
1 this is boba's gang, after the drug party. jacob 06/04/2010
2Editor's Pick Im so disgusted with myself for parting my hair down the middle. I knew the side part would have been better. d 06/14/2010
1 Boba: what's that smell
Bossk: was that me haha oo a cheescake
Castuss: CALLED IT
Aurra: BOYS stay focused.........while I eat it
Boba 07/15/2010
1 "C' will...never...let" Virulent_messiah 07/20/2010
2Editor's Pick Now we're going to play what <em>I</em> say...And I say we play bounty hunters vs. Jedi! MissChief 07/26/2010
1 Boba: "Bossk, stop smiling. Smiling is a sign of submission in primates. When someone smiles at me, all I see is a chimpanzee begging for its life." Aria'na 07/27/2010
1 This is absolutely THE LAST TIME Boba lets Aurra Sing drive Slave 1!!! fairyblood 07/30/2010
1 ok guys split up! we have to find ALL the Easter eggs pete 08/03/2010
1 Boba : alright aurra,..put the prisoners in the cargo hold and - Bossk!!! dont eat the prisoners!!!

bossk : Sorry....
Logan Rax 08/15/2010
1 Boba: Shab! So that's what happens if you leave a Hutt out in the sun for to long. Guile of @ 07/13/2010
2Editor's Pick I'm not into the whole "rouge assassin" thing, but chicks dig bounty hunters. patrick of colorado springs 05/20/2010
2Editor's Pick Here's a bright idea: how about you guys DON'T look completely pathetic? patrick of colorado springs 05/27/2010
1 Boba: "Did I do that?"
Bounty Hunters: "Yes, you did!"
Sam Houdyshell of Deland fl. 05/02/2010
1 "Now imagine you were in Solo's position here, what would you do?" Fett_II of Funland 04/29/2010
1 BOBA: DAMN! These dudes smell like Banthas! And where did this girl with the pointy chin get over here!? Mandolover<3 of Henderson,TX 05/26/2010
1 BOBA: Wait... Do you see that!?!? What the crap is it!?
BOSK:Oh, that's just some bald guy running around in flames.
ARURA(IDK): Yep. That's exactly what that is...
BOBA:(thinking) *YES!!!
Mandolover<3 of Henderson,TX 05/26/2010
2Editor's Pick Boba: That is the last time I eat a taco from a truckstop. Joe C. of Muncie 07/07/2010
1 See those cookies? I know you want um... No where man... of No Where Land... 06/18/2010
2Editor's Pick Okay everyone, group picture... we need to look as pissed off as possible. Aria'na of Oak Ridge 06/11/2010
2Editor's Pick How can I have a low profile when you guys are always around! Hey, was that a Jedi on fire? mekagnana of Ontario 06/08/2010
1 Nice Lemon-Aid stand,kid. Too bad if something was to happen to it. Don Haas of Port Angeles, WA 05/04/2010
2Editor's Pick Eight years ago a crack commando unit was sent to prison by an Imperial court for a crime they didn't commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Mos Eisley underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire... The B-Team. James Clarke of Rome 04/28/2010
2Editor's Pick Family photos were always a harrowing experience. Samyania of Salt Lake City 08/01/2010
1 BOBA: What the hell is that!?
BOSSK: That's some bald Jedi on fire...
ARURA: *laughs*
BOBA: *whispers* YES!
Mandolover<3 of Somewhere, Texas 05/28/2010
1 they promised me 100 virgins and
look what I got
bats of south west rocks 06/19/2010
1 ok 2 thing 1 how dos boba escape from jail (end of cartoon)? and boba DOES escape from the sarlacc (george lucas says in doc.) jake of Sterling, MA 05/17/2010
1 Lets go find the dead body. Dooku will pay us good money if we bring back the head. Zack Clark of Toronto 08/04/2010