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Boba Fett Caption Contest #16

110 funny, serious, and often very creative fan-contributed captions for Boba Fett images. Add your own.

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Editor\'s Pick Caption Author Date
1 Jongo - Yeah, i'm cool, and you know it. Thats right, admire the armour... Anonymous 03/16/2008
1 Jango: Hey, what the - Is that small droid looking at my groin? Hellknight 03/16/2008
1 Boba: "Ok. Seriously, whoever took a bite out of the last doughnut and put it back is going to deal with me." Mikhail 03/16/2008
1 C3PO: Are you accusing me of tampering with the methane tanks?
Fett: You sure don't smell like roses.
R2D2: Beep beep bop beep
C3PO: How dare you accuse me of practical jokes, I'm not programmed for that sort of thing.
Fett Claw 03/17/2008
1 boba-hmph its not fair u won at monopoly 3po.
3po-i cheated
boba-what you say pervert!
3po-yo mama so stupid she fell in the sarlacc!
boba-i never had a mother you $#@!
c-3po- rite back at ya!!!!!!!!!!!!
boba thinking- i wonder if i could...nah but still...
Anonymous 03/19/2008
1 "3PO! what did I tould you about teasing your brother R2?" DanDBC 03/27/2008
1 boba-thats right 3po Im dating britney spears and its awesome.
3po-so im dating jabba.
boba-what your gay?
george bjon 04/02/2008
1 BOBA~So I told him "of course I have priviledges above others, Im Figgin BOBA FETT.
C3PO~ So what did he say to that...?
BOBA~ Uh...I don't know... I kinda vaporized him before that...
KetForFett 04/03/2008
1 Fett: You call this a CLEAN floor?! I've seen better in Hutt palaces! Neomeris Fett 06/18/2008
2Editor's Pick C3PO: No Boba, the sign clearly says "please don't feed the animals" Gustavo_Perez (Ova Frett) 07/11/2008
1 boba-Ill give you 5 seconds to give me back my doll.
chew-translated-o no boba its my turn to play.
3po-no its my turn.
boba-give it before i disintegrate you.
1 my god, look at the quality of my shading. some artists just don't care do they? anon 04/10/2008
1 Fett: Your going to wear that? Anonymous 04/11/2008
1 Boba:What are you stareing at metalhead?
C-3PO:A grown man wearing his underwear on the outside of his pants.
Clone Commander Tyler 07/19/2008
2Editor's Pick Boba was never quite the same after working for an afternoon on the Miami Vice set... Hav. 06/17/2008
2Editor's Pick Boba Fett resents the implication that he is a two-dimensional character. samyania 06/26/2008
2Editor's Pick Boba: I ordered these Wookie braids three months ago! I'm glad they're finally here!
C-3PO: Actually, Sir. That is Chewbacca.
Woton 07/23/2008
1 Boba:I hate this 70'S look.
C3P0:Quit whining Fett!
Boba:Shut up Goldylocks!!!
GLOPINO 06/26/2008
2Editor's Pick Introducing Boba Fett, winner of this year's Miss Mandalore's Beauty Pagent! Fett II 06/12/2008
1 Fett.
It means looking cool...
even when you get caught in your underarmour.
Havlock 06/11/2008
1 the wookie strippers are only here on thursdays my friend dntshoot 06/19/2008
1 "Turn, turn...*tsk* No, that fur and bandolier combo is just not working for me." FettFan 06/20/2008
1 Boba:I hate this look...Its so 70'S. GLOPINO 05/31/2008
1 jeeesh! and I thought football uniforms were bad... Tohmia 07/29/2008
1 "No 3po, I will NOT grease up your crevasses!" Robert 06/07/2008
1 Boba: Hmm. Han Solo is taking a long time in that shower.
C-3PO: Oh i understand Sir.
Bobafett 08/19/2008
1 C3P0:I heard you got the results back from the clinic.
BOBBA FETT:Yep...not good..not good at all...phew,yep.
Darran Fett 08/24/2008
2Editor's Pick C-3PO: Boba, I'd like you to meet your real father.
Boba:... What?
Fett II 08/24/2008
1 I don't see why I don't get my own series. Frank 08/25/2008
1 Boba: I'm a barbie girl, in a barbie world, life in plastic, it's fantastic!
3PO: I prefer life in metal myself.
Ittwooyouknow 08/05/2008
1 Boba: Does this out outfit make my butt look big? ittwooyoyuknow 08/05/2008
1 c3po-oh my goodness i cant believe we are in the presence of THE BOBA FETT
r2d2-(in human voice cuzz we cant understand robot)be quite c3po im trying to get my recording system to work so i can video tape this amazing moment
Boba Fett-would you tou stop talking maybe youll be easier too fool then i thought stupid droids no wheres luke? my flamethrowers getting cold ha ha haaa
vinny 08/05/2008
2Editor's Pick Fett: Okay, which one of you flatfoots stole my candybar? Merf 08/07/2008
1 I cross my arms every change I get, it makes me look more baaaaaad Jeremy Schultz 08/13/2008
1 Boba:I swear to God, If you don't stop starring at me I'll blow your freaking head off.
C-3PO:Somebody forgot their coffee this morning...
Boba:(Muffled agreement)
Clone Commander Tyler 08/15/2008
1 C-3PO: Is he awake? I can't tell.
R2-D2: *Beep*
C-3PO: You want me to do what to him?
Boba fett: Yeah, want do you want him to do to me?
The_Fett 08/15/2008
1 "Take a holo, it'll last longer, Goldie." virulent_messiah 08/16/2008
2Editor's Pick C-3PO: for some reason, when I look at Boba, I feel like i should be telling him to "release my people" like in that movie with Charlton Heston... Mando Girl 04/28/2008
1 Fett: I hate fans. They always draw me so CRAPPY! Look at the the details I'm missing! I'm not even coloured right!
C3PO: I look like a cheap bendy-toy thats unauthorized....
R2D2: Beep bloop (Hey, at least you guys don't only have the top of your head in this!)
Cecilia 06/28/2008
1 3PO: Sir, I can't help but notice that your balls are on your hip?
Boba: Zip it 3PO, have you ever been dry humped by a wookie?
Wass 06/29/2008
2Editor's Pick C-3PO: Boba, I'm sorry, I just dont see how your still single.
Boba: Just go away...
adam 06/29/2008
2Editor's Pick Boba: Face it, guys. I'm the only good thing that's coming out of this Holiday Special. Bryan Thompson 07/26/2008
2Editor's Pick After finally apprehending the one responsible for releasing his private dance video-gone-wrong all over the HoloNet, Boba contemplates how a couple new Wookiee-hair braids would complement his armor. FettFan 07/08/2008
1 C3PO: I suggest a new strategy, Master Fett. Let the Wookiee win.

Boba Fett: *Incoherent mumbling*
Slovok 07/10/2008
2Editor's Pick C3PO: Chewbacca, I don't believe this starring contest is going to work. fairyblood 07/10/2008
2Editor's Pick Boba: *sigh* I'm Boba Fett and I have a gambling problem.
Everyone: Hi Boba.
GearFett 07/10/2008
2Editor's Pick Hmph. My first impression on the world of Star Wars, and I look like I've been colored in with the last five crayons that nobody wanted to use. Jeezus 08/03/2008
1 3PO: please daddy, can i keep him please? I promise to take care of him this time!
Fett: Son raising a Wookie is a big responsibility and i just don't know if your ready.
Luc 08/02/2008
1 CPO: Oops?
R2-D2: beeps
Fett: Oops is right, I told you to always Walk the wookie after every meal!
Tshanna Fett 07/15/2008
1 Just look at our colors....honestly, have ANY of these guys heard of reference photos? This is as bad as bringing in the wrong person for a bounty.... Pheonix 05/06/2008
2Editor's Pick C3P0: Holy Sarlacc, who's this?
Boba: I'm Boba Fett, tinnie.
C3P0: That is highly unlikely seeing as how Boba has green armor.
Boba: Yeah well it's at the wash.
Bn Moss 08/08/2013
1 3po:hello Iam c-3p0 human cyborg relations.
boba: I don`t care you stupid droid lookin` for solo seen em` ?
3p0:no sir I hav...(solo walks in )
boba:why it`s solo & the walking carpet chewbacca.
(fires wrist rocket)shoooomm blam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hayden lewicki of bay city,michigan 04/05/2008
1 I could have swore that last time I checked my armor was more of a green..Must be going color blind... Adeptus Astartes of BFFC message boards 03/19/2008
2Editor's Pick C-3PO: Is that you my love?
Fett: Don't bother me. It's Vader you want.
Enforcer of California 03/19/2008
2Editor's Pick I'm sorry. If you don't have a backstage pass you can't come in to see AC/Wookiee... Sev Fett of Canada 03/29/2008
1 c3po:What are yuo doing on are millenium falcon
boba:i lost the slave 1 to greedo it was horrible so i need a home
c3po:Just take your shoes off i just waxed the floor.
Travis of columbus,Ohio 05/02/2008
1 c3po:Hello but aren't yu a bad guy yu know shooting good dudes with the rifle
boba:no i just came here to use the computer
boba:because i love WORLD OF WRACRAFT when jabbas gone i can hunt guys on there with player versus player
travis of columbus,ohio 05/02/2008
1 C-3PO => Thats some mighty big cans of deodorant you have for the wookie mister Fett sir. Karnorjax of Corsham UK 03/25/2008
1 *Boba thinking* I wonder how much the fans would pay me to take that annoying droid out... amanda of corusant 03/16/2008
1 No, just because my junk looks strappingly huge the way I accentuate it, doesn't mean I am into gay golden robots. Who's your little friend? Grim Raven of Delaware, OH 03/28/2008
2Editor's Pick Boba Fett's armor proved that Sarlacc stomach acid can be used as a bleach. Adeptus Astartes of Denial 05/18/2008
1 Do I look even more bad ass folding my arms or not? imkrk of EG 04/15/2008
1 Vador: Bobafett I need you to go kill Luke Skywalker!
Bobafett: Why vador?
Vador: Bobafett I want you to kill him just because he's
not evil!
Bobafett: I don't really feel like it right now.
Vador: I comand you to do it this instant!!!!
Bobafett: NO I DON'T FEEL LIKE IT !!!!!!!!
Vador: If you do it I will let you destroy what ever you want............
Bobafett: Ok I will do it.
Vador: Ok now heres your carbon rifle and now go kill Luke!!!!!
Bobafett: Oh .......... Yeah its killin time now.
Alyse Kennedy of Florida 03/25/2008
1 Bobafett: Im going to kill you!
Luke: No please don't!
Bobafett: But I really want to!
Luke:No please don't you don't need to anyway!
Bobafett: Yeah I know but im going to anyway.
Luke:No please don't
Bobafett:Bye luke just letyou know I didn't get ordered to do this I just was bored and your not evil so I have to kill you bye.
Alyse of Florida 03/26/2008
2Editor's Pick Fett: Y'know, I may be a badass bounty hunter who doesn't fear death or a Sarlaac Pit, but even I can't stand this awful 1970's animation special. Felina of Gaithersburg, MD 05/04/2008
1 *Begins to breakdance and sing, "Cant't touch this! Da dadda doo. Da doo, can't touch this!" A Ninjatrooper of Imperial Ninja Academy, CA 04/02/2008
1 Boba: Crap, someone spilled coffee on my frame. Threepio, clean it up!
C-3PO: Sir, I'm only an interpreter! Besides, it's in pretty deep!
Boba: Do it or I'll feed you to Chewbacca.
C-3PO: But...uhhh, I'll give you the address of who spilled the coffee.
Boba: I'm going to another frame. If you get it out tell me. Chewie, look hungry.
The Fettinator of Jango's house on Kamino 05/05/2008
1 BOBA FETT: your Jealous because im a fn hard ass who can whip cord u in a second .
C3PO: WEll u know ive never though of it that way
BOBA FETT: And just out of curiosity do u ever blink
jake Crawford of kansas 03/15/2008
1 "Alright you punks, where's the bathroom?" Fett II of Kashyyyk 04/05/2008
2Editor's Pick C3PO: Hello, my name is C3PO. I am a protocol droid, and I speak over 7 million---
Fett: Shut it before I fry your circuits.
Venku of Keldabe, Mandalore 03/16/2008
1 C3PO: Why so angery?

Fett: Damn Lucas said he'd only give me better colored armor if he wrote a stupid death scene for me......
Ralin Drakus of Keldabe, Mandalore 05/18/2008
1 Sorry, no oversized, hairy, stinky flea-bitten, retarded bears allowed. Jack Lively of Kent 03/23/2008
1 Boba, thinking: "Man, even in this crappy, washed-out, 1970's holiday special I still am one bad@$$ bounty hunter..." Jodo Kast of Keystone City 05/19/2008
1 3P0: "Congratulations, Mr. Fett! You're a father now!"
Boba (thinking): "Damn! I knew that Aurra Sing was trouble! Okay... Try to look cool for the camera..."
3P0: "It's a boy!"
Boba: "He's worth a lot to me..."
Jodo Kast of Keystone City 05/19/2008
2Editor's Pick I clearly called dibbs first for the Wookiee's piggy back ride. Brent of Lincoln/Nebraska 03/16/2008
2Editor's Pick Fett: Now, Chewbacca, repeat after me. IN BASIC: I love Boba Fett.
Chewie: Ruur uuuuur rrur urur.
Fett: Damn, this is hard!
Marcus Starwind of Mandalore 04/25/2008
2Editor's Pick No, YOU put Captain Solo in the cargo hold! Slovok of McAllen, TX 05/08/2008
1 Fett: What? Don't look at me, I didn't steal his Wookiee braids Slovok of McAllen/TX 04/18/2008
1 C3PO: Get in the corner for a time out MR. You know the rule, no bounty hunting after bed time!
Boba: You suck.
Ethan of Michigan 04/28/2008
2Editor's Pick I am not the Mandalore you are looking for. Tracyn of norwich 04/10/2008
2Editor's Pick Boba: Aargh! I hate it when I'm poorly animated.
C-3PO: Well at least they didn't put some weird nose thing on you and give you giant hips!
Mordred of Oklahoma 03/16/2008
1 Bobafett:you know guys, i really appreciate the fact that you trust me.
C-3po:we dont, your just some mandalorian working for the empire persuading luke to trust you, we hate you.
Bobafett: so in a sense, im lame?
C-3po: no, just because i dont trust doesnt mean i dont look up to you.
Fett: Sweet! i knew i was the baddest of bad!
Antonio Rocha of Olathe,Kansas 03/20/2008
1 Boba: And there you have it, kids. Now you see what can happen to you when you do drugs. Zack of Oregon 04/19/2008
1 does this look infected to you? matt of palmyra, NY 03/31/2008
2Editor's Pick *Sigh* "Yeah, the Wookiee will bring a high enough bounty, but...the value of gold metal, particularly for droids, has gone up lately." FettFan of Pana, IL 04/04/2008
1 "Yup, that's a--that's a Wookiee alright. But, I asked for an Ewok." FettFan of Pana, IL 04/04/2008
1 Fett: OMG, Wrath of the Mandalorian was better animated than this, and it was fan-made! Chibisnake of Parkland, FL 04/24/2008
1 Boba:look at that city slicker with his fur coat and big black shades.
3po:that's a tawn-tawn...
Boba:i still don't like him!
Zee of Philly 03/24/2008
1 3po:my sensors indicate that u r very depressed.
Bambi of Philly 03/24/2008
1 fett:*mutters*yeah, its gonna b a gig at a club, yeah, stupid vader & his little security jobs... HEY! WHAT'RE U LOOKIN' AT??? Bambi of Philly 04/03/2008
1 Boba: "What are you looking at, fuzzball?" Fett II of Pwnsville 03/17/2008
1 Boba, the idol of cool. Fett II of Pwnsville 03/21/2008
1 "Arrrrrrrgh."
"Chewbacca! That's nothing nice to say about our guest!"
"Shut up, droid."
Fett II of Pwnsville, NY 03/15/2008
2Editor's Pick 3PO: Excuse me, but are you the Maker? I can't seem to remember...
Boba: Deal with it. We all have father issues.
helas of riverside, california 03/21/2008
1 Yipes!!! You are bigger in Person bats of soth West rocks 03/23/2008
1 Throw a pink highlight here and there and you will be all set Sam Lennon of South Portland ME 04/11/2008
2Editor's Pick Fett: Hold it right there, everyone. I have an important announcement to make.
C-3P0: What's that?
Chewbacca: Ruuuur?
Fett: I only have three fingers on each hand.
Fett II of Tatooine 04/25/2008
2Editor's Pick Boba: See if i fold my arms like so, I look cool.
C-3PO: I'm a walking piece of bling is that enough?
Cujo of Twilight Zone, CA 03/16/2008
1 Boba is playing rock paper scissors with chewie........

Boba: Rock..paper..scissors!
Chewie: Euueeerr?
Boba: You know.....we were playing rock paper scissors?
Chewie: Urrrrrrrgh!!
Boba: Fine then! I'll play on my own, you furry gasket!
Chewie: Ur-ROARGH!!!
Boba: shut up!............

Stonps angrily away.
Masterchief of UK 03/22/2008
1 Boba: it seems my schedule for this clip has already been taken..
Others: ????
Boba: I'll see you at KFC, Luke.

Flys off..........
Masterchief of UK 03/19/2008
1 To the editor of the show )

Boba: Ummmmm, excuse me? Where's my jetpack? I need it for drastic measures and YOU FORGOT IT!

Runs away crying....
Masterchief of UK 03/19/2008
1 Boba: Heyyyyyyyyy! Nice ammo belt, Chewie! Damn it! I wish I were a wookie, then again, I have my honour, dignity and reputation.......unlike you! Masterchief of UK 04/07/2008
1 Boba: If you continue to piss me off, I'll have to take extreme measures.........

C-3P0: What?! How can you? You're a cartoon!

Boba: Oh, I thought I was the real Boba.

Walks away.....

C-3P0: And those weapons are too!

Boba: Blah! Blah! Blah!
Masterchief of UK 04/10/2008
1 C-3PO: Oh, hello master Boba, i am C-3PO, human cyb--
Luke: There's no one in it... It is just a costume, Boba's getting a new outfit.
C-3PO: Oh..
Masterchief of UK 04/13/2008
1 C3P0:u know u don't look cool doing that
Boba: yes, well... SHUT UP!
glutius maximus of uranus 03/24/2008
1 3po:hello. im c3po, and id love to help u in any way possible...
fett:uh, ok fruitcake, how 'bout u leave me alone?
3po:if i could cry i would be bawling right now! (runs off)
fett:oh thank God
glutius maximus of uranus 03/26/2008
2Editor's Pick Fett: I don't know why Jabba gave him to me. judi johns of victoria 05/18/2008
1 Boba: "...and You're both getting paid how much!.., hmm..I'd better look for another agent." jeffjester of Victoria, Australia 04/19/2008
2Editor's Pick CP30: Is it me or do my sensors detect burnt womp rat?
Boba: One of the benefits of a flamethrower: BBQ anytime.
Frankie of Waterloo NY 04/22/2008
1 C3P0: What's the matter Fett, cat got your mask?
BOBA: Damn droids.
GLOPINO of Wilkes Barre/PA 04/19/2008