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Boba Fett Caption Contest

Boba Fett Caption Contest #12

58 funny, serious, and often very creative fan-contributed captions for Boba Fett images. Add your own.

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Please Note Caption contributions are subject to review or deletion without notice. Posting is moderated and therefore not in real-time for the benefit of being appropriate for our audience. Kids, all fart jokes are ignored. Creative captions get a star.

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Editor\'s Pick Caption Author Date
2Editor's Pick No no no! Haven't you guys ever seen an album cover? You're supposed to be standing in random places, looking away like you don't care! fairyblood 04/24/2007
2Editor's Pick I'm going to count to 10 and when I turn around you better be gone. 10...9... Brandon of fall river ma 04/24/2007
2Editor's Pick Did I leave my keys in the carbon freezing chamber? Dageen of Troy Mass 04/25/2007
2Editor's Pick Wow, the only place where Boba Fett is not camouflaged and the Stormtroopers are. Enforcer of California 04/26/2007
2Editor's Pick Boba: "This is my entourage." Captain Canook of Fort Collins, CO 05/12/2007
2Editor's Pick Boba: Red Light!
Boba: Green light!
guywithhat 05/05/2007
2Editor's Pick Boba Fett and his newly formed band, the Bobettes. The Last Mandalorian of Fort Thomas, KY 04/30/2007
2Editor's Pick Can I keep them? They followed me home. EyeSavedHyrule of farmington, NY 05/14/2007
2Editor's Pick I don't get paid enough to baby sit... Slovok of McAllen/TX 06/01/2007
2Editor's Pick Fett brings in his latest bounty: the band members of Devo. msmando of VA 06/01/2007
2Editor's Pick Walk like a man, talk like a man! Mando Girl 06/10/2007
2Editor's Pick "Crap, this isn't Celebration V. Get back in the ship." Fett II of Tipoca City 06/03/2007
2Editor's Pick Times were tough for Steve Martin. The only roles he could get these days were as extras. He was clearly unhappy. Dave of Cardiff 06/09/2007
2Editor's Pick When I count to ten those cookies better be back in the jar! One... Cecilia 06/21/2007
1 Blue guy on right- Oh geez who let that one?
Blue guy on left- Hey, he who smelt it dealt it dude
Boba and Stormtroopers- Man we're glad we have filters in our masks
Tyson Bradford of Ft Campbell, KY 04/26/2007
1 Bob:*whisper* "Hey Dave"
Dave:*whisper* "Yeah?"
Bob:*whisper* "If Boba finds out you were the one who put the 'kick me' sign on his jetpack you're dead."
Stormtrooper:"Boba Fett why did you put a 'kick me' sign on your jetpack?"
Boba Fett: "What??"
Dave: "Uh, gotta go...."
Gustavo 04/23/2007
1 Boba: 10...9...8... TK-421 you better have a better hiding place than last time! Fetterthanyou of NJ 04/23/2007
1 Say hello to the new Boy Scout Master. draco fett 04/24/2007
1 Boba:"Are those guys looking at my butt?"
Guy in blue to the left: "Are those stormtroopers looking at my butt?"
Guy in blue to the right:"Damn, Boba has a nice butt."
Ryan 04/24/2007
1 Left Blue Suit: Listen, before you get shot in the next scene, I just want you to know, I love you.
StormTrooper: What?
Boba Fett: Shut up and let me think a minute.... ok, all we need now is a puppy....
Chris of Los Angeles, California 04/24/2007
1 Guy in blue on right: I didn't know intergalactic bounty hunters were capable of such smelly flatulence.
Boba: I heard that.
James of British Columbia 04/25/2007
1 Bespin Cloud Guard Dude #1: *Whispering* Since when did we start working for weird bounty hunters who don't even pay us?
Bespin Cloud Guard Dude #2: *Whispering* Quiet you fool... Boba Fett will always be too stupid to know when to pay people.
Boba Fett: *Turns around* I heard that! *Disentigrates BCGD#2*
The True Boba Fett of Tipoca City, Kamino 04/25/2007
1 Fett: "No.....I don't care anymore....If I can't be on the blue team then I'm not playing..."
Blue team member on right: "Yeesh, what a brat!"
Fettish of Slave I 04/25/2007
1 Oh great...I hope they're not checking out my butt! Deborah of Phx,AZ 04/27/2007
1 Boba (thinking): Hmm... maybe I should get that guide book on how to become a Vulcan... I already have no emotion... Vulcan Girl of DON'T ASK 04/27/2007
1 Boba: So guys, uh... Is it just me or does Lobot give you the creeps? Dash of CA 04/28/2007
1 Troopers whispering to blue dudes: "If you stand very still it can't see you and it won't kill you!"
Boba Fett to self: "Oh give me a break."
Amanda Lorian 05/05/2007
1 Fett: Would you call it an identity crisis?
Stormtrooper: Maybe, I feel I'm just fading away.
cujo of oceanside CA 05/01/2007
1 Boba: Great, now I'm alone with those nerds in the blue suits.
Stromtroopers: Hey, what about us?
Griffin 05/01/2007
1 Boba: VADER!! WAIT FOR ME!! great, now I'm stuck here with these losers.
Garuds: Hey, you know you said that outloud?
Boba: I know n00b, no shut up or I will kill you.
ARC Fett of WA 05/05/2007
1 Boba: Who are these people following me? Aarron Brown of U.K 05/13/2007
1 *Boba* "Its a fine day to be in control..." KETforFETT 05/13/2007
1 Guard: Oh right u 2 stormtroopers go and jump that guy in front of us and we'll run
Troopers: oh right hey wait a minute
Kima 05/14/2007
1 And then Vader put Fett in time out with the others. Nervously Anonymous of California 05/15/2007
1 "Is this the Bespin Star Wars Convention?" Slovok of McAllen, TX 05/16/2007
1 can I shoot them now because they were bothering me like I was stupid? aaron of losangeles california 05/23/2007
1 I'm going to see my Agent !!!!
This is the Last Straw, no acting skills here
bats of South West Rocks 05/19/2007
1 Are they looking at me? Is my helmet on straight bats of South West Rocks 05/26/2007
1 what? are you sure it's gone ? sam of wolverhampton 06/01/2007
1 EEE!!! Did I put my deodorant today? bats of Australia 05/28/2007
1 Hurry up! I haven't got all day! green helmeted fett of UK 05/29/2007
1 Boba Fett with his two new bounty hunters, The comilain bothers, with pisoners. Calvin of Pell City, AL 06/01/2007
1 Hey! I get 99.5 here! muffled rock music coming from Boba's helment. Karson Fett of Pell City, AL 06/01/2007
1 Damn, we lost Han again. Karson Fett of Pell City, AL 06/01/2007
1 Looks like Boba's got an entourage. Chris Smith of Flowery Branch, GA 06/12/2007
1 Guy in blue on right:I can't believe that I'm being brought in on a ten credit bounty, this is so humiliating.
Guy in blue on left: It could be worse, he's bringing me in because he needs change for the parking meter.
Stormtrooper: Hey Cody, what are you going to get at the snack machine when Fett pays us.
Jenny of Some random place in the universe 06/03/2007
1 Guard 1: Someone should tell Boba Mandalorian armor is so like, last year.
Guard 2: Yeah, seriously. And check out those guys behind us. All white is so Clone War era.
Valthonin of Miami, FL 06/03/2007
1 Fett: Guys, I can see you making faces at my back. 360 degree field of vision on my HUD.
Guard: I hate Mandalorian battle armor...
Twim c 06/05/2007
1 You guy's are SO mean! I'm not talking to you anymore. **Hmph!** KelSolaar of NORWAY 06/06/2007
1 The more people run from Boba, the more they'll smell when they die! Darth Maul Clone of Iridonia 06/07/2007
1 and to your right, we have the display of Han Solo in Carbonite donated Darth Vader. Som of Ferndale, WA 06/08/2007
1 Why are there always people waiting in line behind me when I'm trying to take a leak. Captain Cohl of St. Catharines, Ontario 06/13/2007
1 left bleu dude to the right blue dude: I think those flying sunglasses are following us rubenfett of Holland 06/16/2007
1 Boba: "Tell me where my bounty is!"
Man: "I can't! If I tell you, you will kill me!"
Boba: "I won't. I promise to let you go if you tell me."
Man: "Ok... it's me."
Boba: "You can go now."
Darth Maul Clone of Iridonia 06/18/2007
1 Fett: I know you want auographs, but I can't while I'm peeing! Zee of Philly 06/25/2007
1 Fett thinking: You guys think that you're sooo classy, but you're not, so TALK TO THE JETPACK!!!!! Bambi of Philly 06/25/2007
1 Alright Guys...Lets Put This Partay, in the ON Position!!! Aaron Stewart of Roseville, MI 06/26/2007
1 So there are brothers in the future... Mic R N Key of Reno, NV 06/28/2007