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  • Premiere: November 17, 1978
  • Available: Blu-ray Star Wars Release (as of 2011)
  • Voice: Don Francks


  • The weapon Boba Fett uses is called an Amban phase-pulse blaster. This was named in 2008 by Acme Archives for a "character key" print. (Initially called a two-pronged staff.) He also uses a Sacros K-11 blaster.
  • The planet they're on is called Panna.
  • The dragon was recently named an Ichthyodont, according to a cell print published in 2008 by Acme Archives. (Initially called a Panna dragon.)


Spoken by Boba Fett

  • "You are alone."
  • "Maybe I can help you. I am Boba Fett. The ship you seek is nearby."
  • "They are here, friend. And growing more powerful."
  • "Settle down! All they do is eat."
  • "You are foolish to waste your kindness on this dumb creature. No lower life form is worth going hungry for."
  • "I take it you have no love of the empire."
  • "Well neither do I."
  • "It will be easy to find the ship you seek. Follow me, friend."
  • "What did he do to Luke?"
  • "I know this sleeping virus the Empire uses on its enemies. They have a remedy for it in the city."
  • "I could get some for you."
  • "You'll only get in the way! But if you must, come on."
  • "You will stay here... while I get the syrum."
  • "I said stay, friend. Luke trusted me and I'm your only chance of getting out of here alive."
  • "Do you understand me?"
  • "I have made contact with the Rebels and all is proceeding as you wished, Darth Vader."
  • "This time we'll get them all."
  • "I have the syrum. We must leave quickly, friend."
  • "Are you all right?"
  • "We'll meet again, friend."

Spoken about Boba Fett

  • C-3PO: "Boba Fett, no! He's a friend."
  • Voiceover: "Starlog update. Although Boba Fett quickly located the syrum for the sleeping virus, we had no idea of his real plan."
  • Darth Vader: "I see why they call you the best bounty hunter in the galaxy."
  • Han Solo: "Says our friend Boba found syrum for the talisman virus."
  • Luke Skywalker: "Boba, you're a hero and a faithful friend. You must come back with us."
  • C-3PO: "I'm afraid, sir, it's because you said Boba was a friend and faithful ally."
  • C-3PO: "We intercepted a message between Boba and Darth Vader, sir."
  • C-3PO: "Boba Fett is Darth Vader's right hand man."
  • Luke Skywalker: "Boba sure fooled the rest of us."
  • C-3PO: "I beg your pardon sir. Chewbacca suspected all along there was something wroung about Boba."
  • C-3PO: "He just didn't smell right."


Medicom released a Holiday Special Boba Fett Kubrick Figure.

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