Well.  Once again after about a month's hiatus I am back.  With some news.  Someone showed this trailer that debuted at comic-con methinks.  It features Boba and Vader discussing a certain girl that has ties to Starkiller.  Well just watch it and see.

http://www.usatoday.com/tech/gaming/201 … 2_ST_N.htm

Oh boy.  Is that me or is it Dee Bradley Baker the generic clone trooper voice from Clone Wars?  I knew that would happen.  As much as I didn't want it to.  This for me seems to have killed whatever faith I had left in the Star Wars fandom.

((Okay Val just letting you know I am going to be extremely busy until Sunday.  We have convocation then dry grad.  Then I am busy all Saturday.  So the earliest the post would be is Saturday night.  But hold me too that!))

Barulian led his 5 hand picked Kubaz warriors to the surface.  For safety he had chosen the secondary entrance to the hive.  With a quick perimeter sweep he headed back inside and motioned for the Queen and her two attendants to follow. 

"Mcuh too hot above the surface."

"Yes my queen.  It is quite humid.  I have never loved the surface.  The cool tunnels is where I belong."

"Let us go."

"We will be vigilant my Queen."  The party began their trek from the secondary entrance to the town.  As they approached the miners and others began giving them angry stares.  The contempt on the surface was unparalleled.  And Barulian returned their glares growing more and more infuriated.  As they approached the Czerka mining headquarters one man barked at the group of Kubaz.

"Get off my planet hose nose!  No one likes your kriffing kind here."  Barulian snapped his head in the direction of the taunt.  Queen Ka'Bae remained ignorant and aloof.  Barulian tried to do the same.  But the onlookers were emboldened by this man's comment.  They all seemed to jeer and taunt the Kubaz as they headed through.  The feelings of tension especially among the miners who clashed most with the Kubaz were not amicable.

"I'd send you all back to your kriffing hell hole then put a few neuroagents in there and listen to you all scream."  The one who instigated seemed to step forward from the crowd.  Or stumbled rather.

"Typical human.  Intoxicated.  Does your kind even do anything productive besides slaughter our innocents?"  Barulian stepped forward from the rest.

"Innocent?!  Cause of your digging I lost 7 of my mates in a tunnel collapse!"

"They were sticking there noses where they shouldn't have then.  May their corpses rot where they lie."  The Queen shot Barulian a look.

The humans roared in response.  The drunk took this and awkward leaped towards Barulian.  INstead of leaping to action Barulian waited until the last possible moment and lowered his shoulder and drove himself into the man's abdomen.  His momentum carried the man right over his shoulder where the man awkwardly landed on his stomach.  Barulian casually placed a boot on the man's shoulder grabbed his arm and wrenched.  It popped out with a sickening pop. 


He turned back to his Queen who stood.  "We must not return their foolish taunts with violence.  Now come.  We will discuss your punishment later."  Barulian lowered his head and stepped in line.  He followed his Queen into the three story building and up to the receptionist.  She did a small double take when she saw the Kubaz party.

"We wish to see your king."

"Mr. Heyurk is busy.  Shall I tell him you are here."

"Yes please.  Thank you."

"Very well.  Please wait in that room over there."

The Queen and the party head to the waiting room and she and her handmaidens took a seat while Barulian's guard stationed themselves around the room.  Things were about to get interesting.

Name: Barulian
Species: Kubaz
Gender: Male
Appearance:  Doesn't look to be anything different from a normal Kubaz
Occupation: He is the leader of the warrior drones for Hive Drenade.
Brief History:  Was born into Hive Drenade and was bred for the warrior drones.  He was promoted leader when he saved the Queen from an assassination attempt.  Now he has distanced himself from her as he views her methods of attaining peace are much too 'peaceful'.  His idealogies for the Kubaz are quite atypical.  He tends to shy away from the hidden warfare and is much more confrontational.
Weapons:  Various knives hidden around his person.  His blaster isn't anything special.

Barulian stepped into the Queen's quarters in her hive and quickly bowed to one knee before abruptly standing.

"Tell me what happened Barulian."  The sadness that seem to weigh in her voice was apparent even to Barulian.

"The Czerka miners somehow tunneled into the Northeast portion hive my Queen.  We retaliated.  We lost.  Simple as that."  Barulian paused as she took a deep breath and seemed to consider what happened and he continued on. "So shall I organize a counter-strike my Queen?"

"For the time being just leave them be."

"But my Queen!  If you would only give me permission to mount a full force against them there we would sur-"

She cut him off with a wave of her hand.  "No Barulian.  I am trying to avoid a full scale war."

"Whether you like it or not my Queen, this will escalate.  Once the humans have their hands in something they do not like to let go.  How long is it before they fully enter the hive?  Would you have them take the nurseries?  Do you want the blood of the young on your hands?"

"Enough!  I will not let it get to that.  For now I need you to accompany me to the surface.  We have to go to the human government to appeal on this.  And I hear a Jedi is coming.  Bring a small group of your men.  We will meet this Jedi.  But I warn you right now we will not let this become a war.  Do you understand what I am saying?"

Barulian turned his eyes away.  "Yes my Queen."  He bowed once more and turned out of the room to go don his  surface clothes.  A jedi.  The word seemed like a poison on his mouth.  He wanted no human to control the Kubazian affairs.  Things must be done.  Changes must be made.

I just got 501st for my birthday.  Slightly depressing that this one will be the last of the RC novels.  I have been slightly starved of reading material and I mention that to two people and all of sudden I have over 10 different books to read.  Now if only school would end faster so I could get to reading these series.


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Ah it's been awhile once again since I have perused the boards.  But I turned 18 on March 18.  In BC, Canada, age of majority is 19.  So it really didn't mean much for me.  Besdies university next year.

http://www.mtv.com/videos/movies/475337 … clip.jhtml

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Here's a brief clip from the next episode.  Minor spoilers ahead.  This basically confirms what all you have been staying.  Death Watch are confirmed.  That's been established.  But Again this one is painfully obviously but I just noticed it as well.  The video says he is talking to 'Previsla'.  Well I dunno about you but the symbol on his helmet seems to resemble Vizsla's helmet symbol.  So we'll see how this works out.


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I did something similar.  Applied at the Royal Military College in Canada.  Passed the aptitude test.  So we'll see how this pans out.


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If it's relevatn the Zombieland writers have been chosen to pen the script for the upcoming Deadpool movie.  We'll see how that pans out.


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My Bio teacher's cats are named Yoda and Obi.  I'm told Obi is extremely fat and lazy.  Any corrolation?  Hmmmm...

The area they were in now was a small hallway.  Avlynn began walking the tunnel.  This place would be his doom.  Fen did not like being sequestered in a tomb.  The indoors made him agitated.  He always thought of himself as more of a free spirit. 

"I feel so cramped in here.  Never was good with small spaces."  Fen found himself panting in the dank tunnel.

Avlynn chuckled.  "There was that one time when some hunters managed to capture you Fen.  I recall them sticking you in a cage.  When I managed to track you down and break you out, you almost took my hand off you were so upset."

Fen muttered under his breath, "Slept outside for the next few weeks."  The three continued their walk down the hallway.  Fen kept eyeing the walls.  Suddenly he thought he saw the wall budge an inch.  He stopped and did a double take.  Sure enough the walls on either side.

"The walls are closing in!"

Emmeline tisked.  "Do not let your fears get a hold of you now Fendren."

"No you stupid Vampire, the walls are moving!"  Emmeline and Avlynn both looked at the walls which were now moving faster.  What was 6 feet was now 5.

Avlynn looked down the hallway not seeing an end and screamed, "Run!"

Mandal_ShadowWarrior wrote:

I was holding out for a BattleFront III...Guess not though.

Now now don't be hasty Master Mandal.

http://kotaku.com/5425347/casting-direc … evelopment


http://www.gametrailers.com/video/star- … e-tv/59816

Or yesterday.  Looks pretty cool.  We'll see if it builds off of some of the faults of the last game.

You heard it right.  Just announced and previewed was TFU 2.  The trailer showcases The Apprentice (looking completely normal) walking out in an arena and facing this massive beast with tusks.  He wields 2 blue lightsabers.  Looks interesting. 

Can't find any of that trailer online quite yet.  But they will come. 

Anyone have any thoughts to offer?


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I thought it was very intruiging.  I went and saw it and thought the animation was very good.  It was also nice to here Elijah Wood.  My problem is that I found the plot quite predicatable.  I dunno.  It was good but came out slightly bored at the end.

Have to wait until 8:30 PST in Canada...


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Fringe is very good. 

Speaking of TV, regular season Hockey starts tonight.  Very excited.  The summer hockey withdrawal is almost too much to handle.  It will all be over soon...

Fen pulled a gun on this newcomer. 

"Who the hell are you?"

"Please, allow me to introduce myself,"

"Thats what I was asking for."  Fen growled his response and cocked his revolver.

"My name is Walter Drogan. And I am a vampire."

"Whats in the bag?"

"Ah, now that, my friend, is the question isnt it? Of course to tell you would be to lose any upper hand I may or may not have. Simply put, that's for me to know, and you to find out."

Another new vampire.  This was making Fen uncomfortable.  And Fen didn't like this package he carried with him.  It could be a bluff.  Was he bluffing?  Fen was having a hard time telling.  He lowered the gun and was about to attempt to close the door when he looked outside. Fen spied a lone figure walking towards them.

"Eyes up.  We have another visitor."

The man wore a hoodie and walked as if he was human.  Fen sniffed.  Not fully human.  Vampire.  Another damn vampire.

"What are you doing here?"


"No.  Him."  Fen pulled a pistol and shot a zombie approaching up behind the stranger.  "Of course you.  Give me one good reason why I shouldn't kill you right now.  One less vampire in the world would make my life a lot easier."

Two words.  Senior year.  I do try to keep up with the RPG that's currently going on.  I may have to make a post soon...


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Well usually myself and some friends go out and collect cans instead of candy for the local food bank.  I went as Rorschach and got some interesting reactions from little kids.

But anyway, this year I'm going to a Skillet concert on Halloween.  So the only sort of that stuff will be the song "Monster".  tongue

Fen yelped in surprise as flames suddenly sprang up the dagger in his hands.  He dropped it on the ground where it extinguished itself.  He realized he had his scimitars strapped on his back.  He pulled one of them out and  it ignited as well.  He watched as the female vampire sliced a zombie with her sword and it caught on fire, moaning and flailing while it burned.  Finally it fell to the ground dead...deader than it was before.  Fen tossed Avlynn's dagger back to her.  He pulled out his second scimitar and gave her that as well.

"Here.  Take my other blade.  Yours don't exactly give you a reach advantage."  Fen slashed out at the zombie coming up behind him.  The head fell to the ground and they body fell as well. 

Lev laughed. "Just like my old boxing coach used to tell me.  Where the head goes the body will follow."

Fen glided his blade from one target to the next.  The dead flesh parted and immediately caught flame.  Fen took the time to survey the scene.  Undead were everywhere and still coming out of the ground.

"There are a lot of them."  Avlynn cut one from shoulder to groin.

"We're in a graveyard.  What do you expect."

Fen grunted and continued cutting two undead in one stroke.  This might take awhile.

Fen had once again picked up the scent of the vampire with the amulet.  He seemed to be heading for Griffon Park.  Fen directed Dan to it and him and Lev followed.

It didn't take long for them to arrive at the main entrance to the cemetery.  The gate looked as if someone with superhuman strength had forced it open.

"Pff, doesnt get much sketchy-er than this." Lev said climbing out of the semi.

"Mmm...well I've seen worse." Fen said with a loud canine-like sniff.  This cemetery had always reminded him place where he last saw his parents...

Mary and Aros Kalman sprinted off through the forest with their young son Fendren in tow.  The waxing gibbous moon loommed overhead.  The frantic cries of the human lynch mob led by the slayers could be heard behind them.  The had been separated from the rest of their pack and were running out of options.

"Ma?  Where are we going?  Why are they after us?"  The young Fendren looked up at his mother, his deep green eyes searching for an answer.

"Away from the humans.  They hunt us because we are different.  Most of us mean them no harm.  But they don't care.  They just kill."

"Oh."  Fendren didn't really understand what was going on but he just nodded as if he understood every word.

Aros grunted.  "Here.  This graveyard.  The locals are quite superstitious.  They wouldn't come in here at this time of night."  Two stone angels stood over the archway as if guarding all the souls that were buried here.

After some searching Aros found a dug out grave.  No casket.  Yet.  The three climbed in shivering in the night.  The yells and the screams grew louder as each minute passed.  Mary stiffened as the front gate creaked.  They were here.

"I've got to get them away from here."  Aros made to stand up but Mary hauled him back down.

"You can't!  They'll kill you for sure!"

"I might convince them I'm not a wolf.  It's worth a chance."

"Then I'm coming with you."  Mary turned to Fendren.  "Listen Fen.  I need you to stay here.  There are some bad men after us.  We need to hide."

"Are we playing hide and seek?"

"Yes.  You could say that.  Now you hide here and don't let them find you."

"Ma!  My teeth hurt!"  His mother quickly inspected his mouth.  His eye teeth tapered off into deadly looking points.  "Aros!  He's approaching his first transformation."

"Sounds about right.  He's almost 6 human years.  Full moon is tomorrow I believe.  Come on.  We must go."

"Now remember my little wolf, don't come out until morning.  Unless we find you.  We'll be back.  And be quiet!"

Fen whispered his agreement, "Okay!"  His mother nodded and gave him a hug hiding her tears from her son.  Fen's parents silently slipped out of the hole.  Fen sat alone in the darkness trying to hide his giggles.  Suddenly shouting was heard and two shots rang out and Fen quieted his giggles.  Something was wrong.  But he remembered what his mother told him and stayed in his hole slowly drifting off to sleep.

Fen awoke in the morning to the sound of a voice.

"My God!  There's a child in here!  Come on boy!  Grab my hand!"  Fen gingerly reached for the hand as he was pulled out.

"I'm Charlie, the undertaker.  What's your name boy?  What were you doing down there?"

"Fendren.  I was playing hide and seek with Ma.  Where is she?"

"I wouldn't know Fendren.  Come on, let's get you cleaned up."  Fen followed the undertaker out of the cemetery and into town.  As they approached the city Fen saw in the distance people laying down on the ground outside the city.  The closer they got the more curious Fen became.  He looked at the people lying on the ground and realized they were all dead.  And Fen looked upon two corpses he would never forget.  His mother and father.  Tears welled up in his eyes.

The undertaker noticed him looking and pulled him away.  "It is a terrible sight.  Some slayer came into town and enlisted the townsfolk into wiping out a pack of werewolves that were living near here.  They'll all be burned by morning.  Now come on, let's get you a bath."

Fen spent the day with the undertaker after getting washed.  Finally night came.  Fen was just heading inside when he looked up.  The last thing he remembered before blacking out was the full moon staring at his face.

Fen woke shivering.  He was propped up against a tree, his clothes tattered.  Fen looked down at his hands.  Blood covered his arms.  Fen gasped as the events of last night came back to him.  The undertaker and his wife.  Dead by a six-year-old werewolf's hands.  But Fen didn't care.  They took them away from him.  And for that, they would all pay.

Fen trudged on through the cemetery.  He remembered the feeling that night.  The power.  What it felt like to be the hunter, not the hunted.  The joy and exhilaration it had given him.  He still reveled in it to this day.

Dan, the stones."

"I know. Too bright right now...they must be-"  Fen smelled them before he could see them.  Avlynn. And two vampires?!

Fen sniffed again. "Avlynn, what the f-"  She cut him off.

"Down boy...they're with me. This is Ronsom, and Emeline. Two vampires who also want to fix this universal problem we have."

Fen tuned out the rest of the conversation.  Fen was reeling inside.  Twice today Avlynn had betrayed him.  As much as he hated the humans he tolerated her living with them.  But befriending the slayers?  Now vampires?!  Avlynn seemed to be inviting everyone into her life but kept turning her back on him.  Why did it always hurt like this?

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Stupid slayers.  Always ruining his fun.  Even when it came to one single human.  And this shirt smelled heavy of cheap alcohol and greasy food.

"I don't trust you Fen, and it's out of character for me to show this much mercy on a were' such as yourself. I would have put a bullet in your skull without a second thought, but something inside me said no. I pray it wasn't a mistake on my part."  He picked up the trucker's pistol and placed it in front of him.  It didn't even contain any silver.  Lev floored the semi and drove off leaving plumes of smoke.

"For cinematic effect."  Lev narrowly missing a man sprinting across the street.  The one who had first inspected their hummer crash.  Fen had a feeling he may be seeing him again.  Before Lev could shift it into second Fen whipped out his scimitar and levelled the blade at his throat.  Lev stiffened and eyed his gun but Fen laughed and withdrew his weapon. 

"I love the smell of fear in a human.  It's very...intoxicating.  Humans reek of it in their final seconds."

But something was different about his smell.  Human...but not.  He filed it as information for later.

"You're one sick puppy."

Fen feigned offense.  "Please.  I'm one sick lycan.  But you said you don't trust me.  Probably no more than I trust you.  And I'd like it to keep it that way.  But right now I'm looking at the bigger picture.  You wouldn't want any past interactions to cause any reason for you to backstab me.  You know what they say about your enemys' enemy."

"Yah yah my enemys' enemy is my friend."

"Well I was thinking more on the lines of lunch but I guess friend can work out."  Fen gave him a grin.  "So.  How many of my kind have you killed slayer?"

Hey.  I see we have a Valve fan here.  Right away I am going to suggest this link for you.


Very funny half-life 2 stuff.  Anyway.  Welcome to the boards here and hope you enjoy the Fett atmosphere around here.

Fen had the life of this vampire in his hands.  It would be so easy to separate the head from the shoulders and be done with it.  He pulled the sword back but didn't notice the mages once again materialize.  He was clipped by an impact spell that sent him spinning.  He managed to swing his sword and gash the vampires arm.  But he was immediately assailed by one of the mages.

Fen ducked and rolled as spells came flying in.  He zeroed in on the one mage who was focusing on him.  Fen ran to the wall and leapt off, scimitar slicing through the mage before he had a chance to create a shield.  Fen eyed the new Slayer and Dan diving behind a truck.  He quickly sprinted over taking cover with them. 

"Listen.  As much as I want to splay open your throats where you stand, I believe it would be beneficial for all of us to help one another out.  Alright slayers?"